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The vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are healthful, and very popular. This list is a sign of that. We found these names on the internet from a variety of sources, such as articles, biographies, and interviews (we have not verified them all), as well as in print media, TV, and radio. Please feel free to contact us for additions or corrections. Please also feel free to pass on web addresses of home pages for those listed below.

Revised 2/17/2018

Paula Abdul Singer, actor, producer, choreographer, birthday 6/19/1962, IMDB
  Abnegation Punk rock band out of PA, vegan
James Abourezk Former Senator of S. Dakota
John Abraham Actor, IMDB, birthday 12/17/1972
Bryan Adams Singer, musician, composer,, vegan, birthday 11/5/1959, IMDB , interview.
Carol J. Adams Feminist, author, The Sexual Politics of Meat, vegan
Scott Adams The Dilbert guy!
Casey Affleck Actor, vegan, birthday 8/12/1975, IMDB
Christina Aguilera Singer, songwriter, birthday 12/18/1980, IMDB
Jhené Aiko Singer, songwriter, vegan, birthday 3/16/1988, IMDB
Keith Akers Author of various books about vegetarianism and Christianity, "A Vegetarian Sourcebook", "God's Last Offer: Negotiating for a Sustainable Future"
Mikko Alanne Screenwriter, producer, documentary filmmaker, vegan, birthday 12/16/1972, IMDB
Rose Alba Singer, musician
Damon Albarn Lead singer and keyboards for blu, birthday 3/23/1968, IMDB
Louisa May Alcott Writer, "Little Women"s
Eliana Alexander Actor, vegan, birthday 12/14/1969, IMDB
Olivia Alexander Actor, vegan, birthday 5/17/1988, IMDB
Grant Aleksander Actor, birthday 8/6/1959, IMDB
Kim Alexis Actor, birthday 7/15/1960, IMDB
Rick Allen Def Leppard
  Amala Actor, birthday 9/12, IMDB
Jeff Ament Musician, drummer, Pearl Jam, birthday 11/1/1963, IMDB
Enrica Brunilde Amici Filmmaker, producer, vegan, birthday 10/25, IMDB
Vanessa Amorosi Australian singer,, Interview:
Hans Christian Andersen Writer
Dee Anderson Singer, musician
Laurie Anderson Actor
Pamela Anderson Actor, cinematographer, producer, vegan, birthday 7/1/1967 IMDB
Diana Angelson Actor, writer, vegan, IMDB
Adam Ant Singer, musician
Piers Anthony Writer
Susan B. Anthony 19 century Suffragist, on the (old) $1 coin
Fiona Apple Singer, actor, composer, vegan, birthday 9/13/1977, IMDB
India Arie Singer, songwriter, (India.arie, born India Arie Simpson), birthday 10/3/1975, IMDB
Stephen Arlin Raw food vegetarian, weightlifting authority
Joan Armatrading Singer, musician
Pamela Armstrong UK TV newsreader
Billie Joe Armstrong Actor, composer, musician, Green Day, birthday 2/17/1972, IMDB
Crystal Arnette Actor, vegan, IMDB
Andrea Arnold Children's TV
Alison Arngrim Actor, birthday 1/18/1962, IMDB
Debbie Arnold Actor
Rosanna Arquette Actor, director, producer, birthday 8/10/1959, IMDB
John Astin Actor, director, producer, birthday 3/30/1930, IMDB
Nava Atlas Cookbook author, “Vegetarian Celebrations” “Vegetariana”, “Vegetarian Soups for All Seasons”, “Vegatarian Express”, “Great American Vegetarian”, “Pasta East to West”
  B52's Band, singer/songwriters
Barbara Bach Actor, spouse of Ringo Starr, birthday 8/27/1947, IMDB
Richard Bach Writer, IMDB
Amitabh Bachchan Actor, birthday 10/11/1942, IMDB
Anette Badland Actor, birthday 8/26/1950, IMDB
Erykah Badu Singer, actor, composer, birthday 2/26/1971, IMDB
Joan Baez Singer, songwriter, birthday 1/9/1941, IMDB
Alec Baldwin Actor, director, writer, producer, birthday 4/3/1958, IMDB
Emily Barclay Actor, vegan, birthday 10/24/1984, IMDB
Brigitte Bardot Actor, birthday 9/28/1934, IMDB
Janet Barkas Writer
Bob Barker Actor, producer, host of The Price is Right, birthday 12/12/1923, IMDB
Travis Barker Drummer, Blink-182, actor, composer, vegan, birthday 11/14/1975, IMDB
Gary Barlow Singer, songwriter, "Take That", birthday 1/20/1971, IMDB
Dr. Neal Barnard Writer, Psychiatrist, vegan
Angus Barnett Actor, Square Deal, IMDB
Cathy Baron Actor, vegan, birthday 6/7/1982, IMDB
Clare Barrett Obis Writer, chef
Paul Barrett Obis Writer, chef
Senator Andrew Bartlett Australian Democrats representative in the upper house of federal parlieament. Interview:
Kim Basinger Actor, birthday 12/8/1953, IMDB
Jules Bass Producer, director, author “HERB, The Vegetarian Dragon”
Shirley Bassey Singer, musician, birthday 1/8/1937, IMDB
Alexandra Bastedo Actor, birthday 3/9/1946, IMDB
Dr. Ruth Bates Presbyterian minister
Meredith Baxtor Actor, producer, birthday 6/21/1947, IMDB
Maureen Beattie Actor
Jeff Beck Singer, songwriter, actor, birthday 6/24/1944, IMDB
Victoria Beckham Actor, singer, composer, Spice Girls "Posh", birthday 4/17/1974, IMDB (Victoria Adams)
Alan Beckwith Actor, writer
Harriet Beecher Stowe Writer
Ed Begley, Jr Actor, vegan, SoyStache Interview , Ed's World, the official website for Ed Begley Jr.
Stephanie Belding Actor, singer, songwriter, vegan, birthday 8/28/1971, IMDB
Kristen Bell Actor, birthday 7/18/1980 IMDB
Tetchena Bellange Actor, IMDB
  Beloved, The Singers, musician
Dirk Benedict Actor, A Team
Andre Benjamin (Dre) from the hiphop group Outkast, vegan, birthday 5/27/1975, IMDB
Marissa Berenson Actor
Jan Berenstain (Bears)
Stan Berenstain (Bears)
Candace Bergen Actor, producer, birthday 5/9/1946, IMDB
Sandra Berkin Actor
Elizabeth Berkley Actor, birthday 7/28/1972, IMDB
Milton Berle Comedian
Prof. Mark Matthew Bernstein Author: “Radical Vegetarianism”, vegan and art historian
Rynn Berry Author, Famous Vegetarian, Famous Vegetarians and their Recipes, Pious Vegetarians, historian, “Food for the Gods: Vegetarianism and the World's Religions”, “Famous Vegetarians and Their Favorite Recipes”
  Beyoncé See Beyoncé Knowles
Mayim Bialik Actor, vegan, birthday 12/12/1975, IMDB
Traci Bingham Actor, Baywatch, birthday 1/13/1968, IMDB
Thora Birch Actor, birthday 3/11/1982, IMDB
Tony Blackburn Actor, birthday 1/29/1943, IMDB
Josh Blacker Actor, vegan, IMDB
Linda Blair Actor, producer, vegan, birthday 1/22/1959, IMDB
Christopher Blake Actor
Norman Blake Teenage Fanclub
Gayle Blakeney Neighbours
Gillian Blakeney Neighbours
Orlando Bloom Actor, IMDB, birthday 1/13/1977
Peter Bogdanovich Director, vegan, birthday 7/30/1939, IMDB
Michael Bolton Singer, songwriter, actor, (aka Michael Bolotin), birthday 2/26/1953, IMDB
Surya Bonaly Actor, birthday 12/15/1973, IMDB
Lisa Bonet Actor, director, The Cosby Show, birthday 11/16/1967, IMDB
  Bono (Paul David Hewson) Singer, musician, songwriter, vegan (with wife, Ali Hewson), birthday 5/10/1960, IMDB
Blueberry Borovnisa Borovnisa Blervaque, actor
Victoria Boutenko Author, raw food advocate, "Raw Family," "12 Steps to Raw food," "Eating Without Heating"
David Bowie Singer, songwriter, actor, birthday 1/8/1947, IMDB
  BOYAA T.R.I.B.E Samoan L.A Rap Act
Billy Ray Boyd Author, "For the Vegetarian in You"
Annalise Braakensiek Aussie supermodel, Interview:
Tracy Brabin Actor
Cathryn Bradshaw Actor
Michelle Branch Singer, actor, vegan, birthday 7/2/1983, IMDB
Russell Brand Actor, birthday 6/4/1975, IMDB
Les Brandt Actor, birthday 9/7/1968, IMDB
Julie Brar Actor, IMDB
Berkley Breathed "Bloom County" cartoonist
Jim Brewer Of the Cleveland Cavaliers
Christie Brinkley Model, actor, birthday 2/2/1954, IMDB
Connie Britton Actor, vegan, birthday 3/6/1967, IMDB
Joel Brody Actor, vegan, IMDB
Peter Brock Australia's most successful and famous motor racing driver. Interview:
Brandon Brooks Actor, vegan
Elkie Brooks Singer, musician
Brigid Brophy Actor
Faith Brown Actor
Josef Brown Australian Ballet artist, member of Sydney Dance Company, Interview:
Julie Brown "Downtown", former MTV 'veejay'; actor, composer, director, writer, producer
Nicola Bryant Actor
Peter Buck REM guitarist
  Buddah Spiritual leader
Robert Burns Writer
Ellen Burstyn Actor, producer, birthday 12/7/1932, IMDB
Peter Burwash Tennis champion
Kate Bush Singer, songwriter, birthday 7/30/1958, IMDB
Lauren Bush Fashion model, designer, niece of President George W Bush
Brett Butler Actor, writer, producer
Terry "Geezer" Butler Musician, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne Band, vegan, birthday 7/17/1949, IMDB
Tim Butler Actor
Mel C Singer, Spice Girls, actress, birthday 1/12/1974, IMDB
Montserat Caballe Great Soprano Opera singer
Adriane Cade Actor, vegan, IMDB
Andreas Cahling Weight lifter
James Cameron Writer, producer, director, best known for "Titanic", vegan (Oct. 2012). IMDB BD 08-16-1954
Kirk Cameron Actor, birthday 10/12/1970, IMDB
Chris Campbell Olympic wrestler
T. Colin Campbell Author - "China Study", physician, vegan, starred in "Forks Over Knives"
Vivian Campbell Def Leppard
Dyan Cannon Actor
Aviva Cantor Writer
  Captain and Tennille Singers, songwriters
Ben Carey Actor
Belinda Carlisle Singer, musician
Mercedes Carolina Actor, model, IMDB
Austin Carr Sports
David Carradine Actor, producer, Kill Bill, Kung Fu, birthday 12/8/1936, IMDB
Lynda Carter Actor
Shaun Cassidy Actor, writer, producer, singer
Dan Castellaneta Actor, Voice of Homer Simpson, birthday 10/29/1957, IMDB
Field Cate Actor, lifelong vegetarian, birthday 7/22/1997, IMDB
Iris Chacón Actor
Wilson Chandler Professional NBAbasketball player, Denver Nuggets, vegan, birthday 5/10/1987
Cynthia Chanin Actor, vegan, IMDB
Marian Chanter TV
Tracy Chapman Singer, songwriter, musician, birthday 3/30/1964, IMDB
Greg Chappell Australian cricket legend
Chevy Chase Actor, writer, comedian, birthday 10/8/1943, IMDB
Heather Ashley Chase Actor, dancer, vegan, IMDB
Jessica Chastain Actor, birthday 3/24/1977, IMDB
  Cher Actor, singer, songwriter, birthday 5/20/1946, IMDB
Margaret Cho Actor, producer, writer, comedienne, vegan, birthday 12/5/1968, IMDB
Abra Chouinard Actor, birthday 12/19/1975, IMDB
Hanna Lena Christensen Actor, model, vegan, IMDB
Claudia Christian "Babylon 5"
Julie Christie Narrator of "Animals"
  Chyna Actor, vegan, birthday 12/247/1970, IMDB
Greg Cipes Actor, musician (Cipes and the People), vegan, birthday 1/4/1980, IMDB
Gary Clail Musician
Joan Beth Clair Unitarian minister
Stephen Clark, PhD Author, philosophical historian
Margi Clarke Making Out with Margi -- Margi's Christmas VegSocUK
John Cleese Actor, writer, producer, comedian, Monty Python member, birthday 10/27/1939, IMDB
Jay Clifford Actor
Chelsea Clinton Daughter of the former President, birthday 2/27/1980, IMDB
Aaron Coady Actor, drag star "Sharon Needles", birthday 11/28/1981, IMDB
Jessica Cody Vocalist for Brunswick Spirit
Katie Cofield Actor, birthday 10/31/1982, IMDB
Madeleine Coghlan Actor, vegan, IMDB
Leonard Cohen Canadian poet and musician
Robert Cohen Writer, Anti-dairy advocate, Completed 200 day hunger strike,
Sandra Cóias Actor, vegan, birthday 8/25/1972, IMDB
Stephen Colbert Actor, writer, producer, comedian, vegan (for 17 days 7/10/17 - ), birthday 5/13/1964, IMDB
Barbara Colby Actor, birthday 7/2/1939, IMDB
Melissa Jourdana Cole Actor, vegan, birthday 7/18/1986, IMDB
Paula Cole Actor, composer
Sam Coleman Actor, vegan, birthday 9/26/1996, IMDB
Phil Collen Def Leppard, vegan
Toni Collette Actor, vegan, IMDB, birthday 11/1/1972 (Antonia Collette)
Kelly Collins Actor, director, writer, editor, producer
Tim Commerford Musician, songwriter, vegan, IMDB
Jennifer Connelly Actor, vegan, birthday 12/12/1970, IMDB
Billy Connolly Actor, composer, birthday 11/24/1942, IMDB
Toy Connor Actor, producer, birthday 4/7, IMDB
Rachael Leigh Cook Actor, producer
Christina Cooks Chef PBS
Phil Cool Comedian, UK
Julian Cope British singer/songwriter
Bo Corre Eldorado
Elvis Costello Singer, songwriter, actor, birthday 8/25/1954, IMDB
Gabriel Cousens, MD Author, Founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, "Conscious Eating, Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet", "Sevenfold Peace, Tachyon Energy: A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing" and "Depression-Free for Life," raw food advocate.
Norman Cousins Writer
Sarah Cracknell St Etienne
Beverley Craven Singer, musician
Earth Crisis Hardcore Band, vegan
James Cromwell Actor, star of 'Babe', 'Star Trek', and 'L.A. Confidential', vegan, birthday 1/27/1940, IMDB
Sara Crowe Actor
Penélope Cruz Actor, birthday 4/28/1974, IMDB
Alan Cumming Actor, producer, writer, director, vegan, birthday 1/27/1965, IMDB
Mary Cummins Freedom of speech activist, animal rights activist, real estate expert, vegan, birthday 12/17/1965, IMDB
Peter Cunnah Ream
Peter Cushing Actor
Miley Cyrus Singer, songwriter, actor (Hannah Montana), vegan, IMDB, birthday 11/23/92
Leonardo da Vinci Artist, engineer, birthday 5/2/1519, IMDB
Dick Dale King of surf
John Dankworth Singer, musician
Ted Danson Actor, best known for Sam on Cheers, vegan, birthday 12/29/47, IMDB
Charles Darwin Naturalist
Dr. Dasu Pathologist
Angela Daun Actor, producer, director, IMDB
Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick Actor, vegan, birthday 12/29/1998, IMDB
Alan Davies Actor, writer
Dave Davies Kinks
Kimisha Renee Davis Actor, vegan, birthday 2/21/1986, IMDB
Patti Davis Daughter of former President Ronald Reagan
Doris Day Actor, producer
Lorraine Day, MD Author, speaker
Alphonse de Lamartine Writer
Portia de Rossi Actor, birthday 1/31/1973, IMDB
Danny DeVito Actor, director, producer, comedian, birthday 11/17/1944, IMDB
Richard DeAngelis Actor, IMDB
Carol Decker Singer, musician
Danica DeCosto Actor, director, vegan, birthday 8/24/1976, IMDB
Ellen DeGeneres Actor, writer, producer, comedienne, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, birthday 1/26/1958, IMDB
Thomas Dekker Actor, vegan, birthday 12/28/1987, IMDB
Guillermo del Toro Actor, director, writer, producer
  Demian Actor, director, writer, videographer, vegan, IMDB
Cathy Dennis M, VegSocUK
John Denver Singer, musician
Esha Deol Actor, IMDB, birthday 11/2/1981
Bo Derek Actor, producer
Moraji Desai Former Prime Minister of India
  Des'ree British pop singer
Emily Deschanel Actor, vegan, Birthday 10/11/1976, IMDB
Blanche Devereaux Actor
Andy Dick Actor, director, writer, vegan, raw foodist.
Amanda Dickinson Actor
Peter Dinklage Actor, vegan, birthday 6/11/1969, IMDB
  Diogenes Writer
Mike Dirnt (Michael Ryan Pritchard) Singer, musician, Green Day, birthday 5/4/1972
Madhuri Dixit Indian Actor
Alesha Dixon Singer, rapper, dancer, choreographer, Britain's Got Talent, birthday 10/7/1978, IMDB
Jenny Donnison Actor
  Donovan Singer, musician, birthday 5/10/1946, IMDB
Michael Dorn Actor, director, vegan, birthday 12/9/1952, IMDB
Lord Dowding Chief air marshal
  Dre (Andre Benjamin) from the hiphop group Outkast, vegan.
Corinne Drewery Swing Out Sister
Julie Dreyfus Actor
Betty Driver Actor
Dr Janez Drnovsek President of Slovenia, vegan
David Duchovny Actor, director, writer, star of the X-Files
Meagan Duhamel Olympic pair skater & four-time world champion, vegan, birthday 12/8/1985, IMDB
Esther Dukes Activist Attorneys
Michael Clarke Duncan Actor, The Green Mile, Two and a Half Men, birthday 12/10/1957, IMDB
Eliza Dushku Actor, producer, vegan, birthday 12/30/1980, IMDB
Dave Dutton Actor
Ariel Durant Writer
Will Durant Writer
Leslie Durso Actor, vegan, birthday 5/21/1980, IMDB
Bob Dylan Singer/songwriter
  Earth Crisis Vegan Straightedge hardcore band
Clint Eastwood Actor, director, producer, vegan
Barbara Edwards BBC TV first woman weather forecaster
Samantha Eggar Actor
Albert Einstein Theoretical Physicist
Michael Eisner CEO, Walt Disney Co
Christine Elise Emily Valentine on B.H. 90210, Harper Tracy on ER
Joe Elliot Vocalist for Def Leppard, actor, composer,
  Elvira (Cassandra Peterson)
Ralph Waldo Emerson Writer
Caldwell B. Esselstyn Author, physician, olympic athlete, vegan, starred in "Forks Over Knives"
Will Estes Actor
Emilio Estevez Actor
Melissa Etheridge Singer, actor, composer
Kevin Eubanks Actor, composer
Chris Evert Actor
Dr. Fanibunda Of Bombay, awarded by Intl Brotherhood of Magicians for new magic technique
Corey Feldman Actor, producer, director, composer, birthday 7/16/1971
Marty Feldman Actor
Barbara Feldon Actor, best known for role on Get Smart
Julie Felix Singer, musician
Pamelyn Ferden Actor, vegan, birthday 2/4/1959
Rachelle Ferrell Jazz singer, vegan
Pam Ferris Actor, VegSocUK
Pamelyn Ferden Actor, vegan, birthday 2/4/1959
Frances Fisher Actor, "Titanic", birthday 5/11/1952
Schuyler Fisk Actor, vegan, birthday 7/8/1982, IMDB
Wacka Flocka Flame Composer, rapper, actor, vegan, birthday 5/31/1986, IMDB
Jerome Flynn Actor, "Soldier Soldier", vegan, birthday 3/16/1963, IMDB
Lyndsy Fonseca Actor, vegan, birthday 1/7/1987, IMDB
Bill Ford CEO, Ford Motor Co.
Philippa Forrester Children's TV VegSocUK
J.D. Fortune Singer, musician, INXS, vegan
Jorja Fox Actor, musician, songwriter, birthday 7/7/1968, IMDB
Michael J. Fox Actor, producer, birthday 6/9/1961, IMDB
Rhona Fox Actor, vegan, birthday 11/2/1979, IMDB
Peter Frame Music historian-rock
Gary Francione Activist Attorney, author, founder: Rutgers University Animal Rights Law Clinic
Benjamin Franklin For most of his life before Paris, including that time in which he charted the Gulf Stream and discovered electricity
Michael Franks Jazz singer
  Frenzal Rhomb Australian band. Three vegetarians and one vegan! Interview with Lindsay:
Kathy Freston Author, Quantum Wellness, vegan. Influenced Oprah Winfrey to try 21-day vegan cleanse!
Bruce Friedrich People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, director of vegan outreach
Justine Frischman Lead singer of Elastica Source: Seventeen magazine
Augustine Frizzell Actor, vegan, birthday 7/27/1979, IMDB
Sadie Frost Actor, producer
Daisy Fuentes Actor, vegan, birthday 11/17/1966, IMDB
  Fugazi Musician
Michael John Fuller Actor, vegan, IMDB
Fiona Fullerton Actor
Edward Furlong Actor
Peter Gabriel Singer, songwriter, birthday 2/13/1950, IMDB
Roger Galvin Activist Attorney
Dr. Gandee Owner of Natural Innovations
Maneka Gandhi Daughter in law of Indira Gandhi,
Mohandas Gandhi Indian Nationalist Leader
Gordon Gano Actor
Jerry Garcia Singer, songwriter, Grateful Dead, birthday 8/1/1942, IMDB
John Gardiner Mime and spiritual storyteller (
Janeane Garofalo Actor, producer
Jennie Garth Actor, director , producer, "Kelly Taylor" on Beverly Hills, 90210, vegan
Pieter Gaspersz Actor, producer, writer, director, birthday 3/20/1979, IMDB
David Gedge Wedding Present
Uri Geller World famous psychic, vegan for 28 years now
Sabrina Gennarino Actor, vegan, birthday 1/20/1978, IMDB
Boy George Singer
Robin Gibb Singer, musician, member of the Bee Gees, vegan, birthday 12/22/1949
Mel Gibson Actor
Dudley Giehl Writer
Sara Gilbert Actor, director, writer, vegan, birthday 1/29/1975, IMDB
Mona Gillen Actor, vegan, birthday 9/12/1973, IMDB
Dizzie Gillespie Musician
Elizabeth Gillies Actor, vegan, birthday 7/26/1993, IMDB
Indigo Girls Singer, musician
Sheila Gish Actor
Geoffrey Giuliano Actor, once was a Ronald McDonald, now vegan, IMDB, birthday 9/11/1958
Gary Glitter Singer, musician
Kevin Godley Singer, musician
Bernie Goetz New York City mayoral candidate, New York City "Subway Vigilante."
Oliver Goldsmith Writer
Bobcat Goldthwait Actor, comedian
Mayor Goode Former Mayor of Philadelphia
Linda Goodman Who sold 60 million books on the Star of Bethlehem and other topics
Albert Arnold "Al" Gore, Jr. Politician, 45th Vice President of the United States, environmentalist, vegan, Birthday 3/31/1948, IMDB
Martin Gore Depeche Mode
Goose Gossage Of the S.D. Padres
Fidelia Grace Actor, vegan, IMDB
Jenny Grace Actor, vegan, IMDB
Doug Graham Author of "Nutrition and Athletic Performance"," Grain Damage," and "The Perpetual Health Calendar," raw food advocate.
Rev. Franklin Graham Evangelist, son of Rev. Billy Graham, actor, vegan, IMDB, Birthday 7/14/1952
Ariana Grande Singer, vegan, birthday6/26/1993, IMDB
Fred Grandy Actor, birthday 6/29/1948, IMDB
Deborah Grant Actor
Eddie Grant M, VegSocUK
Eddy Grant Singer, songwriter, actor, birthday 3/5/1948, IMDB
Christopher Gray Actor, vegan, IMDB
Estelle Gray Cross country cyclist
Tamyra Gray Singer, actor, writer, vegan, birthday 7/26/1979, IMDB
Jane Grayson Actor
Jill Greenacre Actor
Patricia Greenberg Author “The Whole Soy Cookbook”, nutritionist, owner/operator “The Fitness Gourmet"
Alex Greenwald Actor, vegan, birthday 10/9/1979, IMDB
Dick Gregory Who ran across the United States on a fruitarian diet
Merv Griffin Actor, producer
Lucia Grillo Actor, director, vegan, IMDB
Andrew Günsberg Actor, vegan, IMDB
Bob Gunter Screenwriter, Sandlot, vegan
Yana Gupta Actor, model, IMDB, birthday 4/23/1979
Nina Hagen Singer, songwriter, actor
Larry Hagman Actor
Malynda Hale Actor, vegan, IMDB
Lewis Hamilton Actor, Formula One driver, vegan, birthday 1/7/1985, IMDB
Kirk Hammet Guitarist with metallica
Daryl Hannah Actor, vegan, birthday 12/3/1960, IMDB
Tiffany Hannam-Daniels Actor, vegan, birthday 11/12/1994, IMDB
Valerie Hardin Goth poet, artist, children's e-book writer, nonfiction writer, and Gothic fiction.
Vijay Hariharan Drummer for Puritan, vegan
Shalom Harlow Actor
Woody Harrelson Actor, producer, vegan, website: VoiceYourself, birthday 7/23/1961, IMDB
Dr.William Harris, MD Physician, author, "The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism"
George Harrison Singer, musician
Josh Hartnett Actor
Polly Jean Harvey Rid of Me; To Bring You My Love
Julianna Hatfield Musician
Davey Havok Actor, vegan, birthday 11/20/1975, IMDB
Richie Havens Actor
Connie Hawkins Sports
Kirsty Hawkshaw Opus III
Nigel Hawthorne Actor, producer, VegSocUK
Holly Hazard Activist Attorney
Lena Headey Actor, birthday 10/3/1973, IMDB
Chris Hedges Author, journalist, activist, Presbyterian minister, vegan, birthday 9/18/1956, Wikipedia
Tippi Hedren Actor, producer
Ruth Heidrich, PhD Vegan. Ironman triathlete, marathoner, winner of more than 700 first place trophies in racing. Named "One of the Top Ten Fittest Women of 1999" by Living Fit Magazine, "Athlete With The Veg Edge" by Vegetarian Times. Author of "A Race For Life" and " The Race For Life Cookbook."
Henry Heimlich M.D. Heimlich maneuver
Mariel Hemingway Actor, vegan, birthday 11/22/1961, IMDB
Liam Hemsworth Actor, vegan, birthday 1/13/1990, IMDB
Marilu Henner Actor, producer, author. Elaine on "Taxi". SoyStache interview.
Doug Henning Magician, illusionist, birthday 5/3/1947, IMDB
  Herodotus Writer
  Hesiod Writer
Sherrie Hewson Maureen in Coronation Street
Tony Hicks Hollies
Simon Hickson Live & Kicking
Vanessa Hidalgo Actor, vegan, birthday 3/1/1980, IMDB
  * *Adolf Hitler was apparently NOT a vegetarian. It is our understanding that, because of health issues (such as flatulence) and his doctor's advice, he ate vegetarian food yet, on occasion, would eat his favorite flesh foods, such as squab, so does not qualify as a vegetarian. He was more of a "Famous Flexitarian"!
Dustin Hoffman Actor, producer, birthday 8/8/1937, IMDB
Susannah Hoffs Singer, songwriter, actor, Bangles, birthday 1/17/1959, IMDB
Amanda Holden Actor, Briton's Got Talent, birthday 2/16/1971, IMDB
Alexandra Holder Actor, vegan, IMDB
Nicole Holland Actor, producer, vegan, IMDB
Hans Holzer, PhD Author, paranormal expert, vegan, birthday 1/26/20, IMDB
  Hook Actor, musician, songwriter, vegan, IMDB
Anthony Hopkins Actor
Babs Hopkinson Actor
Penny Horner Actor
Bryce Dallas Howard Actor, director, vegan, B-Day 3/2/81, IMDB
Sean Hughes Irish comic, VegSocUK
Hennie Huisman Holland's most popular showmaster
Noah Huntley Actor, vegan, birthday 9/7/1974, IMDB
Andrew Hurley Musician, songwriter, actor, vegan, birthday 5/31/1980, IMDB
Aldous Huxley Writer, birthday 7/26/1894, IMDB
Chrissie Hynde Singer, musician, with The Pretenders, vegan, birthday 9/7/1951, Interview, IMDB
Billy Idol Singer, musician, actor, birthday 11/30/1955, IMDB
Carrie Ann Inaba Actor, dancer, birthday 1/5/1968, IMDB
Jack Irons Pearl Jam
Eddie Jackson Bassist for Queensryche
Joe Jackson Singer, musician
Jonathan Jackson Actor, director, writer
LaToya Jackson Singer
Rep. Andrew Jacobs Of Indianapolis
Mick Jaggar Singer
Reina James Actor
Wendy James Transvision Vamp
Louise Jameson Actor
Chris Jarecki Musician, S.T.U.N. lead singer, boyfriend of Alicia Silverstone, vegan
  Jesus of Nazareth See: SoyStache article on Jesus (Yashua). Also, home of the Essene Teachings: Fascinating text of Jesus speaking of vegetarianism. See the sections on “Jesus on the Eating of Animals”,
Joan Jett Singer, musician, actor, vegan, birthday 9/22/1958, IMDB
Václav Jirácek Actor, vegan, IMDB
Steven Jobs Computer wiz, founded Apple computers, birthday 2/24/1955, IMDB
Skyy John Actor, vegan, birthday 1/2/1978, IMDB
Daniel Johns Singer/guitarist of Silverchair, vegan, birthday 4/22/1979, interview, IMDB
Breann Johnson Actor, vegan, birthday 12/16/1986, IMDB
Greg Johnson Of Australia, runner
James M. Johnston Producer, writer, director, vegan, IMDB
Kathy Johnson Olympic gymnast
Seba Johnson Actor, Olympic alpine skier, vegan, IMDB
Captain Alan Jones Who did 17,003 consecutive pushups
Gareth Jones Children's TV
Howard Jones British singer/songwriter
Orlando Jones Actor, writer, producer, birthday 4/10/1968, IMDB
Diane Louise Jordan Former presenter BBC tv's 'Blue Peter', now Producing own programmes for the BBC
Declan Joyce Actor, vegan, birthday 10/14/1970, IMDB
Ashley Judd Actor
Gina Juliet Actor, vegan, IMDB
Penny Junor Journalist, UK
Jeannine Kadow Author, Burnout, Blue Justice
Franz Kafka Writer
Richard Kahan Actor, vegan, birthday 5/15/1980, IMDB
Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam President of India, scientist, birthday 10/15/1931
Roberta Kalechofsky, PhD Author, various books about Judaism and animal rights, “Haggadah for the Liberated Lamb”, “Haggadah for the Jewish Vegetarian Family",
Kimmi Kappenberg Actor, birthday 11/11/1972, IMDB
Casey Kasem D.J., actor, birthday 4/27/1932, IMDB
Jean Kasem Actor, and wife of Casey
Dr. Marvin Katz Fruitarian, fired from a NE Ohio University with 5 of his peers for taking a stand against the war in Vietnam
Andy Kaufman Actor, writer
Martin Kaufman Author, “Dust to Dust"
Kenneth Kaunda Former President of Zambia
Tonya Kay Actor, dancer, vegan, raw foodist, danger artist, IMDB
Diane Keaton Actor, director, producer, birthday 1/5/1946, IMDB
Ele Keats Actor, vegan, birthday 8/24/1973, IMDB
Ian J. Keeney Writer, vegan, birthday 9/10/1981, IMDB
Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Inventor of Kellogg Cereals (originally made only with whole grain and fruit sugars such as corn syrup)
Matthew Robert Kelly Actor, producer, vegan, birthday 12/22/1972, IMDB
Diane Kemp Gardeners World, Britain
Gary Kemp Spandau Ballet
Martin Kemp Spandau Ballet
Louisa Kendrick Actor, vegan, IMDB
Cheryl Kennedy Actor
Robert Kennedy Jr. Lawyer, publisher
Nik Kershaw Singer, musician
Hollind Kevo Morningside Co-President
Anthony Kiedis Red Hot Chili Peppers
Masta Killa Singer, songwriter, rapper, birthday 8/18/1968, IMDB
Billie Jean King Tennis champion
Shaun King Writer, journalist, civil rights activist, Black Lives Matter advocate, vegan, birthday 9/17/1979, Wikipedia
Nastassja Kinski Actor
Kristin Kirgan Actor, vegan, birthday 3/24/1983, IMDB
Dr. Michael Klaper Vegan author
Gladys Knight Singer, musician, birthday, 5/28/1944, IMDB
Beyoncé Knowles Singer, songwriter, and actor, vegan, birthday 9/4/1981, IMDB
Killer Kowalski Wrestling star, birthday 10/13/1926, IMDB
Marion Kracht Actor, vegan, birthday 12/5/1962, IMDB
Till Kraemer Actor, vegan, birthday 8/18/1977, IMDB
  Kraftwerk Musician
Lenny Kravitz Singer, songwriter, composer, actor, birthday 5/26/1964, IMDB
Judy Krizmanic Author, “A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian”, former editor: Vegetarian Times
  KRS-One Rapper
Dennis J. Kucinich Congressman from Ohio
Anil Kumble Professional cricketer (cricket player), birthday 10/17/1970
Richard Joseph Lafond Jr. Actor, birthday 7/21/1959, IMDB
R D Laing Psychiatrist (and his wife Peggy Mason)
Evlin Lake Actress, vegan, IMDB
Ricki Lake Actor, talkshow host, birthday 9/21/1968, IMDB
Gov. Lamm Former Gov. of Colorado
Lindsey Landers Actor, vegan, birthday 7/3/1989, IMDB
Tina Landini VegSocUK
K D Lang Singer, composer, actor
Linnea Larsdotter Actor, producer, vegan, birthday 9/19/1983, IMDB
Tony LaRussa Oakland A's Manager
Jude Law Actor, director, IMDB, birthday 12/29/1972
Rita Laws, PhD Author, Native American,
Lindy Lawton Actor
Fenix Lazzaroni Actor, vegan, IMDB
Yasmin Le Bon Actor, birthday 10/29/1964, IMDB
Cloris Leachman Actor, birthday 4/30/1926, IMDB
Alyssa LeBlanc Actor, vegan, IMDB
Jon Lee Actor, composer, birthday 4/26/1982, IMDB
Pitcher Lee Of the Boston Red Sox
Kimberly Leemans Actor, IMDB
Sedona Legge Actor, vegan, IMDB
Jarrett Lennon Young actor, in "Social Studies", UPN; formerly on "Cheers" as "Ludlow" etc) (vegan
Julian Lennon Singer/songwriter, musician, birthday 4/8/1963, IMDB
Annie Lennox Singer/songwriter, Eurythmics, birthday 12/25/1954, IMDB
Téa Leoni Actor, producer, birthday 2/25/1966, IMDB
Phil Lesh Bassist for the Grateful Dead, birthday 3/15/40
Jared Leto Actor, vegan, birthday 12/26/1971, IMDB
Marv Levy Olympic runner and long-jumper
Carl Lewis Olympic Champion, vegan (only when training)
Leona Lewis Singer, songwriter, vegan, birthday 4/3/1985, IMDB
Jacklyn Lick Actor, adult film, birthday 5/20/1974, IMDB
Dr. Jonathan Lief Psychiatrist, of Boston who vegetarianized the cafeteria at a Boston hospital, Lemmuel Shattuck Hospital
Christina Lindberg Actor, birthday 12/6/1950, IMDB
Jennie Linden Actor
Rachel Lindsay Actor, Sammy in Brookside, birthday 2/18/1972, IMDB
Cody Linley Actor, vegan, birthday 11/20/1989, IMDB
Andrew Linzey Professor - Oxford University
Sabrina Lloyd Actor, birthday 11/20/1970, IMDB
Lisa Loeb Singer, actor, composer, birthday 3/11/1968, IMDB
Dave Lounder Actor, vegan, birthday 10/15/1963, IMDB
Lexi Love Actor, vegan, birthday 12/23/1980, IMDB
Lene Lovich Singer, musician
Monique Marissa Lukens Actor, vegan, IMDB
Joanna Lumley Actor, producer, birthday 5/1/1946, IMDB
Howard Lyman vegan, Author of “Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat”, President of EarthSave Int'l, past President of the Int'l Vegetarian Union. Co-Defendant in Veggie-Libel case with Oprah Winfrey.
Evanna Lynch Actor, "Harry Potter" series, vegan, birthday 8/16/1991, IMDB
Jane Lynch Actor, Birthday 7/14/1960, IMDB
Anni-Frid "Frida" Lyngstad Singer for Abba
Melanie Lynskey Actor
Willy M London Beat
Cal Macaninch The Advocates
Caroline Macey Actor, vegan, IMDB
John Mackey CEO, Whole Foods Market Inc
Kathleen Mackey Actor, vegan, IMDB
Gavin MacLeod Murray on Mary Tyler Moore
Patrick MacNee Actor
  Madhavan Actor, IMDB, birthday 6/1/1970
Maurice Maeterlinck Writer
  Magpie Singer, musician
Tobey Maguire Actor, birthday 6/27/1975, IMDB
Bill Maher Actor, writer, producer
Bridget Malcolm Model, vegan, birthday 11/20/1991, IMDB
Patty Malcolm Actor, vegan, IMDB
Wendie Malick Actor, Just Shoot Me, birthday 12/13/1950
Kate Mara Actor, vegan, birthday 2/27/1983, IMDB
Rooney Mara Actor, producer, vegan, birthday 4/17/1985, IMDB
Vanessa Marcil Actor
Erik Marcus Vegan author, "vegan: The New Ethics of Eating” inventor of the "VeggieCard"
James Marcus Writer
Cheryl Marek Cross country cyclist
Julianna Marguiles Actor
  Marilyn Singer, musician
Bob Marley Singer, actor, composer
Johnny Marr Singer, musician
Jean Marsh Star of Upstairs Downstairs
Catherine Martel Actor, vegan, IMDB
Charlotte Martin Susan Carter in The Archers
Chris Martin Musician, lead singer for Coldplay, vegan, spouse of Gwyneth Paltrow.
Ricky Martin Singer, actor, composer
Steve Martin Actor, writer, comedian, musician, songwriter, birthday 8/14/1945, IMDB
Richard Marx Singer, composer, vegan, birthday 9/16/1963, IMDB
Dalya Massachi Writer
Samantha Mathis Actor
John Matton Actor, vegan, birthday 6/22/1985, IMDB
Ray May Of Denver Broncos
Bill Maynard Actor
Alberta Mayne Actor, vegan, birthday 11/10/1980, IMDB
Rachel McAdams Actor, birthday, 11/17/1978, IMDB
James McCartney Son of Linda and Paul
Linda McCartney Singer, musician, photographer, birthday 9/24/1941, IMDB
Paul McCartney Singer, songwriter, musician, artist, vegan, birthday 6/18/1942, IMDB
Stella McCartney Fashion designer, actor, vegan, birthday 9/13/1971, IMDB
Rue McClanahan Actor - Golden Girls, Meatout cosponsor, birthday 2/21/1934, IMDB
Johanna McCloy Actor, vegetarian activist.
Paul McGann 8th Doctor of Doctor Who, vegan
Glenda McKay Emmerdale
Nellie McKay Singer, actor, vegan, birthday 4/13/1982, IMDB
Ian McKellen Actor, writer, producer, birthday 5/25/1939, IMDB
Virginia McKenna Actor
Sarah McLachlan Singer, songwriter, actor, birthday 1/28/1968, IMDB
Don McLean Singer, songwriter
Amanda Mealing Actor
Angela Means Actor, producer, vegan, IMDB
  Meatloaf Singer, musician, actor, writer
Caroline Mehki Actor, vegan, IMDB
  Melanie Singer
Xuxa Meneghel Actor
Yehudi Menuhin Violinist
Natalie Merchant Singer
Virginia Messina, RD Author, books about soyfoods and nutrition, "The Magic Soybean", “The Simple Soybean and Your Health”
Lea Michele Actor, singer, birthday 8/29/1986, IMDB
Kristina Michelle Producer, actor, vegan, IMDB



Actor, producer, birthday 12/19/1972, IMDB
Eustace Miles Former tennis champion
Nevin Millan Actor, vegan, birthday 2/17/1979, IMDB
Larry L Miller Writer
Spike Milligan Actor
Hayley Mills Actor
Heather Mills Activist, vegan, previously Mrs. Paul McCartney, Dancing with the Stars, birthday 1/12/1968, IMDB
Louise Milwood Haigh Jodie in The Lodge
Dannii Minogue VegSocUK
Kamali Minter Actor
Carmen Miranda Actor
Lea Michele Actor, birthday 8/29/1986, IMDB
  Moby Musician, actor, composer, director, vegan, birthday 9/11/1965,, IMDB
Daniella Monet Actor, vegan, birthday 3/1/1989, IMDB
Shaun Monson Director, actor, vegan, IMDB
Anna Moore Actor, vegan, IMDB
Darren Moore Actor
Demi Moore Actor, producer, raw vegan, birthday 11/11/1962, IMDB
Frances Moore Lappe Author of Diet For A Small Planet
Mary Tyler Moore Actor, director, producer, birthday 12/29/1936, IMDB
Victoria Moran Writer
Alanis Morissette Actor, composer, birthday 6/1/1974, IMDB
  Morrissey Singer, (The Smiths), composer, vegan, birthday 5/22/1959, IMDB
Steve Morse Guitar player of the Dixie Dregs, the Steve Morse Band, and Deep Purple.
Edwin Moses Olympic hurdler
Carrie-Anne Moss Actor, vegan, birthday 8/21/1967, IMDB
Kate Moss Actor, vegan, birthday 1/16/1974, IMDB
Malcolm Muggeridge Writer
Larry Mullen Jr. Drummer for U2
Lillian Müller Actor, vegan, birthday 8/19/1951, IMDB
Leilani Münter Professional rece car driver, actor, vegan, birthday 2/18/1974, IMDB
Jessica Muschamp Actor, writer
  Mutabaruka Singer, musician
  Mya (Mya Marie Harrison) Singer, actor, vegan, birthday 10/10/1978, IMDB
Mikey Myers Director
Ralph Nader Consumer advocate, 2000 Presidential Candidate for the Greens/Green Party USA
Kathy Najimy Actor, writer, producer, birthday 2/6/1957, IMDB
Bif Naked Singer, songwriter, actor, birthday 6/15/1971
Dave Navarro Guitar player with Red Hot Chili Peppers, formerly of Janes Addiction, vegan
Martina Navratilova Tennis star, athlete, sports commentator, birthday 10/18/1956, IMDB
  NE-YO Singer, songwriter, actor, vegan, birthday 10/8/1982, IMDB
Kevin Nealon Actor, writer, comedian, birthday 11/18/1953, IMDB
Marr Nealon Actor, vegan, IMDB
Helen Nearing Writer
Scott Nearing Writer
Jawaharlal Nehru First Prime Minister
Dr. Neiman Who collects veg. cookbooks for his patients
  Nelly Rapper, hip-hop artist
Melanee E. Nelson Actor, IMDB
Petra Nemcova Actor, model, vegan, birthday 6/24/1979, IMDB
Theresa Neumann Catholic stigmatist
Paul Newman Actor, producer, director, spouse: Joanne Woodward, vegan, birthday 1/26/1925, IMDB
Sir Isaac Newton Some lapses
Olivia Newton-John Singer, songwriter, actor, birthday 9/26/1948, IMDB
Stevie Nicks Singer, musician
  Nico Actor, composer
Friedrich Nietzsche German philosopher and writer
Vaslav Nijinsky Dancer and choreographer
Hayley Marie Norman Actor, vegan, birthday 3/3/1989, IMDB
Stephen North Actor
Chris Novoselic Nirvana
Jhonny Obando Actor, vegan, birthday 8/12/1981, IMDB
Conor Oberst Singer, songwriter, Bright Eyes, vegan, birthday 2/15/1980, IMDB
Simon O'Brien Actor
  Octapussy Actor
Hazel O'Connor Actor
Sinead O'Connor Singer, vegan, birthday 12/8/1966, IMDB
Maureen O'Farrell Actor
Shaunna O'Grady Bev in Neighbours
Sandra Oh Actress, vegan, birthday 7/20/1971, IMDB
Bree Olson Actor, vegan, birthday 10/7/1986, IMDB
Kate O'Mara Actor
Jason Orange Singer, "Take That"
Aylam Orian Actor, vegan, birthday 9/4/1968, IMDB
Dean Ornish, M.D Cardiologist and author
Michael Orock Magician, (clown) and his wife
Ozzy Osborne Singer, musician
  Ovid Latin Poet, 43 BC - 18 AD
Mark Owen Singer, "Take That"
Catherine Oxenberg Actor
Joseph W. A. Pace Canadian author and researcher “Changing the World One Bite at a Time”
Anthony Padilla Producer, vegan, IMDB
Ellen Page Actor, producer, vegan, birthday 2/21/1987 IMDB
Cortney Palm Actor, model, vegan, birthday 2/20/1987 IMDB
Teresa Palmer Actor, vegan, birthday 2/26/1986, IMDB
Gwyneth Paltrow Actor, singer, producer, birthday 9/27/1972, IMDB
Anna Paquin Actor
Anne Parillaud Actor
Dr. Owen Parrett Writer, “Diseases of Animal Flesh”
Leslie Parrish Actor (aka Marjorie Helen, Leslie Bach) IMDB
Charles Patterson Animal rights author “Animal Rights,” "Eternal Treblinka"
Alexandra Paul Actor, Baywatch, Melrose Place, vegan, birthday 7/29/1963, IMDB. - SoyStache Interview
Ron Paul

Congressman, presidential candidate, vegan

Ru Paul Actor, Drag Queen, birthday 11/17/1960, IMDB
Allen Payne Actor, vegan, birthday 7/7/1968, IMDB
Guy Pearce Actor
Bill Pearl Mr. Universe and bodybuilder
David Pearl Actor, IMDB
  Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, and Jack Irons are vegetarian.
Doris Pearson Five Star
Alisha Peats Actor, writer, vegan, IMDB
John Peel VegSocUK
Lisa J. Pellegrene Actor, vegan, IMDB
Eddie Pepitone Actor, comic, vegan, birthday 11/5/1958, IMDB
Anthony Perkins Actor
Polly Perkins Trish in Eldorado
Rhea Perlman Actor
Linda Perry 4 Non Blondes
Steve Perry Lead singer Journey
Mandy Perryment Actor
Jim Peters Cinematographer
Cassandra Peterson Actor, writer, producer, 'Elvira'
Lori Petty Actor, director, writer, producer
Tom Petty Singer, musician
Michelle Pfeiffer Actor, vegan, birthday 4/29/1958, IMDB
Chynna Phillips Actor, singer (Wilson Phillips), vegan, birthday 2/12/1968, IMDB
Joaquin Phoenix Actor, producer, vegan, birthday 10/28/1974 IMDB
Liberty Phoenix Actor, vegan, birthday7/5/1976, IMDB
Rain Phoenix Actor, musician, vegan, birthday 11/21/1972, IMDB
River Phoenix Actor, vegan, birthday 8/23/1970, IMDB
Summer Phoenix Actor, vegan, birthday 12/10/1978, IMDB
Fr. Ron Pickarsky Who has developed soyburgers for international chains
Fanny Pierre Actor, vegan, IMDB
  Pink Singer, songwriter, vegan, birthday 9/8/1979, IMDB
Chauntae Pink Actor, vegan, IMDB
Dan Piraro Internationally syndicated award-winning cartoonist, author, and stand-up comic. Author of Bizarro. vegan
Brad Pitt Actor, producer, birthday 12/18/1963, IMDB
  Plato Promoted vegetarian diet in The Republic
Martha Plimpton Actor
  Plutarch Writer
Tracey Pollen Family Ties
Alexander Pope Actor
  Porphyry Writer
Natalie Portman Actor, strict vegetarian since the age of 8, vegan, birthday 6/9/1981, IMDB
Monica Potter Actor, birthday 6/30/1971, IMDB
Jim Povolo Actor, musician, vegan, IMDB
Pamela Power Bread, UK TV
Lisa Marie Presley Singer, songwriter. Mentioned on ET 3/28/05 being organic vegan. Birthday 2/1/68
  Prince Singer, songwriter, actor, birthday 6/7/1958, IMDB
Michael Ryan Pritchard (See Mike Dirnt)
Richard Pryor Actor, writer, producer, comic, activist. birthday 12/1/40
  Pythagoras Greek philosopher and mathematition, 6th cent. BC
Linnea Quigley Actor, producer, birthday 5/27/1958, IMDB
Jackie Quinn Singer, musician
Tom Raber Writer
Leonard Rack Psychiatrist, who lived ascetically, serviced the poor of 4 hospitals and funded many charities
Mark Raffety Actor, vegan, IMDB
  Raffi Singer
Katherine Ramdeen Actor, vegan, IMDB
Phylicia Rashad Actor, birthday 6/19/1948, IMDB
Amy Ray Indigo Girls'
Stacey Raymond Actor, vegan, IMDB
Ron Reagan Actor, dancer, radio personality, vegan, IMDB, birthday 5/20/1958, Son of President Ronald Reagan
  Rebel MC Singer, musician
Jacqueline Reddin Actor, birth - 1956, IMDB
Pat Reeves Vegan power lifter has won British masters for 8 years
Perrey Reeves Actor, lifelong vegetarian, birthday 11/30/1970, IMDB
Joe Regalbuto Frank Fontana on Murphy Brown Source: Vegetarian Times
Linda Regan Actor, birthday 11/5/1949, IMDB
Prof. Tom Regan, PhD Animal rights activist, author, “The Case for Animal Rights”, "The Struggle for Animal Rights," "The Yes Generation”
  Rekha Actor, birthday 10/10/1954, IMDB (Bhanurekha).
Dawn Richard Singer-songwriter, actor, vegan, birthday 8/5/1983, IMDB
Eric Richard The Bill, UK TV
Little Richard Singer, musician, birthday 12/5/1932, IMDB
Susan Richardson Actore, Eight Is Enough, birthday 3/11/1952, IMDB
Jessica Rizo Actor, vegan, birthday 6/8/1983, IMDB
Linus Roache Actor, has appeared in West End, London
John Robbins Author: Diet for a New America May all be Fed, Diet For A New World, Reclaiming Our Health. Recipient of the 1994 Rachel Carson Award. Founder of EarthSave Int'l
Alisa Robinson Actor, vegan, IMDB
Craig Robinson Actor, producer, vegan, birthday 10/25/1971, IMDB
Smokey Robinson Singer/songwriter, musician, actor, birthday 2/19/1940, IMDB
Marisa Robles Singer, musician
Rikki Rockett Drummer for Poison, vegan,, Interview:
A$AP Rocky Rakim Mayers, rapper, actor, birthday 10/3/1988, IMDB
  Rodin Artist
Dennis Rodman Athlete
Aneliese Roettger Actor, vegan, birthday 3/29/1984, IMDB
Fred Rogers Actor, composer, producer, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood and former Presbyterian minister
Abigail Rokison Darling Buds Of May)
Romain Rolland Writer
Henry Rollins Singer, writer, actor, publisher, birthday 2/13/1961, IMDB
Stephen B. Ronan Author, International Directory of Humane and Sustainable Agriculture
Tal Ronnen Chef, started Veg Advantage, has worked with top restaurants, hotels, PETA, and Oprah Winfrey.
Alice Rose Actor, vegan, IMDB
Joanne Rose Actor, vegan, SoyStache interview, IMDB
Murray Rose Olympic swimmer
David Rosen Former Chief Rabbi of Ireland
Charlotte Ross Actor, NYPD Blue, birthday 1/21/1968, IMDB
Lisa Roumain Actor, vegan, IMDB
Daniel Rovira Actor, vegan, IMDB
Leesa Rowland Actor, vegan, birthday 5/1/1965, IMDB
Carol Royle Actor, birthday 2/10/1954, IMDB
Rick Rubin Actor, director, writer, producer, birthday 3/10/1963, IMDB
Mark Ruffalo Actor, director, producer, birthday 11/22/1967, IMDB
Campy Russell Of the Cleveland Cavaliers
Annamarie Russo Actor, vegan, birthday 7/10/1986, IMDB
  RZA Rapper, composer, actor, producer, Wu-Tang Clan, birthday 7/5/1969, IMDB
John Salley Actor, retired pro basketball player, NBA champion, vegan, birthday 5/16/1964, IMDB
Henry Salt Writer
Sandra Sanchez Actor, birthday 3/29/1981, lifelong vegetarian, IMDB
Samuel Sandweiss Psychiatrist, of San Diego
Vincent Santamaria Actor, vegan, IMDB
Steve Sapontzis, PhD Author, animal rights Philosopher, Founded the Hayward Friends of Animals Humane Society
Kadia Saraf Actor, vegan, birthday 11/9/1976, IMDB
Lorna Sass, PhD Author, culinary historian, "Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure", "Recipes for an Ecological Kitchen," Lorna Sass's Complete Vegetarian Kitchen
Lori Saunders Actor, vegan, birthday 10/4/1941 IMDB
Doug Savor Singer for Puritan)
Samantha Schacher Actor, producer, vegan, birthday 8/6/1983. IMDB
André Schneider Aactor, writer
Fred Schneider Singer, songwriter, actor, B-52's, birthday 7/1/1951, IMDB
Tom Scholz Mastermind behind the rock-n-roll band Boston, vegan
Arnold Schulman Screenwriter
Dr. Richard Schwartz Jewish vegetarian activist
Dr Albert Schweizer German musician, philosopher, theologian, physician and missionary
Dave Scott 6 time Iron man triatholon winner
Dave Scott Bassist w/ Reach, vegan
Steven Seagal Actor, director, writer, producer
Jenny Seagrove Actor
  Seal Singer, songwriter, actor, birthday 2/19/1963, IMDB
Jerry Seinfeld Comedian, actor, writer, producer
Peter Sellers Actor
  Seneca Writer
Captain Sensible Singer, musician
Rick Sessions Sports
Alexis Savino Actor, producer, vegan, birthday 5/11/1981, IMDB
Claudia Schiffer Actor, producer, birthday 8/25/1970, IMDB
William Shakespeare Some lapses
  Shamen, The Singer, musician
William Shatner Actor (narrator of the film Vegetarian World)
Emily Shaules Actor, vegan, IMDB
George Bernard Shaw Writer
Martin Shaw Actor, vegan, birthday 1/21/1945, IMDB
Sandi Shaw Singer, musician
Ally Sheedy Actor
Charlie Sheen Actor, producer, birthday 9/3/1965, IMDB
Mary Shelley Author of Frankenstein
Percy Bysshe Shelley Writer
  Shelter Krsna-core band
Dr. Herbert Shelton Writer
Dax Shepard Actor, birthday 1/2/1975, IMDB
Nancy Shevell Lady McCartney. Third wife of Paul McCartney, VP of New England Motor Freight. b-day 11/20/1959
Brooke Shields Actor, producer, birthday 5/31/1965, IMDB
Cathy Shipton Actress, "Casualty", birthday 3/27/1957, IMDB
John Shirkey Methodist minister
Jackie Shroff Actor, birthday 2/1/1957, IMDB
  Sia Singer, songwriter, composer, actor, vegan, birthday 12/18/1975, IMDB
Anna Silk Actor, vegan, birthday 1/31/1974, IMDB
Harvey Silver Actor, vegan, birthday 4/12/1976, IMDB
Cathy Silvers Actor, vegan, birthday 5/27/1961, IMDB
Alicia Silverstone Actor, producer, "Clueless", "Miss Match", vegan, birthday 10/4/1976, IMDB [SoyStache: Alicia definitely has a clue!]
Sadie Sink Actor, "Stranger Things", vegan, birthday 4/16/2002, IMDB
Karolina Sivas Actor, vegan, birthday 8/23/1988, IMDB
Russell Simmons Producer, director, actor, composer, vegan, birthday 10/4/1957, IMDB
John Simpson TV journalist
Lisa Simpson Cartoon character
John Gordon Sinclair Actor
Dalip Singh Wrestler, power lifter, actor, aka: Dalip Singh Rana
M'laah Kaur Singh Actor, vegan, birthday 12/22/2002, IMDB
Isaac Bashevis Singer Author, Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature
Peter Singer Author, “Animal Liberation”, “Ethics into Action” and numerous other books
  Sinitta Singer, songwriter
Siouxsie Sioux Singer, songwriter, actor, birthday 5/27/1957, IMDB
Marina Sirtis Star Trek
Glenn Skolnick Former Steeler and NY Giant
Grace Slick Singer, songwriter, actor, vegan, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, birthday 10/30/1939, IMDB
Heather Small M-people, vegan
Robert Smith The Cure
Scott S. Smith Author, books about Christian vegetarianism
Shaka Smith Actor, vegan, IMDB
Taran Noah Smith Actor, vegan, birthday 4/8/1984, IMDB
Jimmy Somerville Singer, musician
Debbie Spaet Herring Georgia State power lifter
Rob Spendlove Actor
Sy Sperling President of the Hair Club for Men
George Spitz Marathon runner
Dr. Benjamin Spock Writer
Keni St George Singer, musician
Susan St. James Actor
Ilona Staller Actor, vegan, birthday 11/26/1951, IMDB
Terence Stamp Actor, VegSocUK
Valerie Stanley Activist Attorney
Ringo Starr Singer, songwriter, "The Beatles, spouse: Barbara Bach, vegan, birthday 7/7/1940, IMDB
Todd Stashwick Actor, birthday 10/16/1968, IMDB
Imelda Staunton Actor, birthday 1/9/1956, IMDB
Gloria Steinem Actor, producer, writer, birthday 3/25/1934
  Steve-O (Stephen Gilchrist Glover) Actor, "Jackass", vegan, birthday 6/13/1974, IMDB
Jon Stewart Producer, actor, writer, previous host of The Daily Show, birthday 11/28/1962, IMDB
Ben Stiller Actor, comedian, writer, producer, vegan, husband of Christine Taylor, IMDB, birthday 11/30/1965
  Sting Singer, songwriter, actor, birthday 10/2/1951, IMDB
Michael Stipe Actor, singer, songwriter, producer, REM, birthday 1/4/1960, IMDB
Eric Stoltz Actor , director, producer
Lynda Stoner Actor, Animal rights activist, Australia.vegan! Interview:
Michaela Strachan VegSocUK
Victoria Summer Actor, vegan, birthday 12/15/1981, IMDB
Dirk Summers Actor, director, producer
Vic Sussman Writer
Hillary Swank Actor
Gloria Swanson Actor
Loretta Swit Actor, M*A*S*H star, vegan, birthday 11/4/1937, IMDB
Jenna Talackova Actor, model, vegan, birthday 10/15/1988, IMDB
Geoff Tate Vocalist for Queensryche, vegan
Jenna Dewan Tatum Actor, vegan, model, dancer, birthday 12/3/1980, IMDB
Christine Taylor Actor, vegan, wife of Ben Stiller, IMDB birthday 7/30/1971
James Taylor Singer, musician
John Tesh Singer, musician
Lisa Tharps Actor, vegan, birthday 4/5/1973, IMDB
  The Smiths Singer, musician
David Thewlis Actor
Tiffani-Amber Thiessen Actor, producer
Anna Thomas Director, writer, editor, producer, author "The Vegetarian Epicure"
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Actor, Randy on Home Improvement, birthday 9/8/1981, IMDB
Marlo Thomas Actor
Philip Michael Thomas Actor, birthday 5/26/1949, IMDB
Tanjareen Thomas Actor, vegan, birthday 5/30/1979, IMDB
Richard Thompson Singer/songwriter
Henry David Thoreau Writer
Courtney Thorne Smith Actor
Niels'polleke' Tijssen (the dutch epuivalent of Corky (the mentally challenged actor)) (vegan
Tanita Tikaram Singer, musician
Leo Tolstoy Writer, birthday 8/28/1828, IMDB
Phoebe Tonkin Actor, vegan, birthday, 7/12/1989, IMDB
Peter Tork Actor, composer, director, writer, producer
Allison Nichole Torres Actor, vegan, birthday 7/10/1992, IMDB
Mariana Tosca Actor, vegan, birthday 12/28/1971, IMDB
Dave Lee Travis Actor
Fini Tribe Singer, musician
Laura Ann Tull Actor, vegan, IMDB
Anthea Turner VegSocUK
Wendy Turner Vegan – Absolutely Animals, Pet Rescue
Wendy Turner-Webster Actor, vegan, IMDB
Rita Tushingham Actor
Mpfo Tutu Daughter of Bishop Tutu
Mark Twain Writer
Shania Twain Singer, songwriter, actor, birthday 8/28/1965, IMDB
Liv Tyler Actor
Nik Tyler Actor, director, writer, vegan, birthday 4/25/1984, IMDB
Mary Tyler Moore Actor, director, producer
Cicely Tyson Actor, birthday 12/18/1924, IMDB
Mike Tyson Professional boxer, actor, vegan, birthday 6/30/1966, IMDB
Dr. Joan Ullyot Sports medicine MD in San Francisco, recommends vegetarian diet
Carrie Underwood Singer, 2005 American Idol winner, vegan, birthday 3/10/1983, IMDB
Jean Ure Children's author
Steve Vai Guitarist, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, Frank Zappa
Amber Valletta Actor
Noach Valley Rabbi
Corinne van den Heuvel Actor, vegan, IMDB
Vincent Van Gogh Artist
Matthew Vaughan Emmerdale
Vince Vaughn Actor, producer
Eddie Vedder Actor, composer, Pearl Jam, birthday 12/23/1964, IMDB
Suzanne Vega Singer
Jane Velez-Mitchell News journalist, Celebrity Justice, Jane UnChained, birthday 9/29/1956, IMDB
Meredith Vieira Actor, producer, co-host The View, host Millionaire, vegan, IMDB, birthday 12/30/53
Tim Vincent Children's Ward
Ambrogio Vittadini Writer
  Voltaire Writer
Kristina Wagner Felicia on General Hospital, Source: Health Magazine
Lindsay Wagner Actor, vegan
Irving Wallace Writer
David Wallechinsky Son of Irving Wallace
Barbara Walters Actor, producer, news anchor, talk-show host
Bill Walton Basketball star formerly with the Portland Trailblazers
Bill Ward Musician, songwriter, drummer for Black Sabbath, vegan, birthday 5/5/1948, IMDB
Maitland Ward Actor, birthday 2/3/1977, IMDB
Sophie Ward Actor, vegan, birthday 12/30/1964, IMDB
Vanessa Warwick MTV VJ, VegSocUK
Sarah Washington Singer, Musician
Emma Watson Actor, vegan, birthday 4/15/1990, IMDB
Tom Watt Actor
Charlie Watts Actor, producer, drummer - Rolling Stones, birthday 6/2/1941, IMDB
Naomi Watts Actress, producer, birthday 9/28/1968, IMDB
Keenen Ivory Wayans Actor, comic, writer, vegan, birthday 6/8/1958, IMDB
Dennis Weaver Actor, composer, director, producer
Alex Weed Actor, vegan, birthday 5/11/1980, IMDB
Jane Weidlin Ex Go-Go's
Bob Weir Singer, songwriter, Grateful Dead
Johnny Weissmuller He broke 6 world swimming records as a vegetarian
Tico Wells Actor
Billy West Actor, vegan, birthday 4/16/1950, IMDB
Forrest Whitaker Actor, producer, director. Business partner in raw vegan restaurant: The Taste of the Goddess Cafe
Mike White Actor, vegan, birthday 6/8/1970, IMDB
Persia White Actor, vegan, birthday 10/25/1972, IMDB
Vanna White Actor, best known for Wheel of Fortune, birthday 2/18/1957, IMDB
Ruth Whitehead Emmerdale Farm
Olivia Wilde Actor, vegan, birthday 3/10/1984, IMDB
Alan Wilder Depeche Mode Singer, songwriter, actor, vegan, best known for The Black Eyed Peas, birthday 3/15/1975, IMDB
Dar Williams Folk singer/songwriter who co-authored The Tofu Tollbooth, a guide to finding veg-friendly cuisine on the road.
Robin Williams Actor, writer, comedian, vegan, birthday 7/21/1951, IMDB
Serena Williams Professional Tennis Player, raw vegan
Spice Williams-Crosby Actor, stuntwoman, singer, vegan, birthday 4/26/1952, IMDB
Trevor Williams British, Going Live
Vanessa Williams Actor, producer, vegan, birthday 5/12/1963, IMDB
Vanessa Williams Singer, actor, birthday 3/18/1963, IMDB
Venus Williams Professional Tennis Player, raw vegan
Wendy O Williams Actor, singer
Carnie Wilson Singer, actor, vegan, birthday 4/29/1968, IMDB
Nicole Wilson Actor, vegan, birthday 6/21/1985, IMDB
Josh Wink Famous DJ
Alexis Wolfe Actor, vegan, IMDB
Cecil Womack Singer, songwriter, Womack &Womack, birthday 9/25/1947, IMDB
Linda Womack Singer, songwriter, Womack &Womack, birthday 4/25/1953, IMDB
Stevie Wonder Singer, songwriter, musician, actor, vegan, birthday 5/13/1950, IMDB
Victoria Wood Actor, comedian, VegSocUK, birthday 5/19/1953, IMDB
Joanne Woodward Actor, producer, spouse of Paul Newman, birthday 2/27/1930, IMDB
William Woollard Actor, birthday 8/20/1939, IMDB
William Wordsworth Poet
Emma Wray Actor, birthday 3/22/1965, IMDB
Gretchen Wyler Broadway and television actor, birthday 2/16/1932, IMDB
"Weird" Al Yankovic Singer, actor, composer, director, writer, producer, vegan, birthday 10/23/1959, IMDB
Amy Yasbeck Actor, birthday 9/12/1962, IMDB
Adam Yauch Singer, rapper, MCA, Nathanial Hörnblowér, founder-Beastie Boys, became vegan to battle cancer, birthday 8/5/1964, IMDB
  Yazz Yasmin Marie Evans, singer, musician, vegan, birthday 5/19/1960, IMDB
Thom Yorke Actor, composer, birthday 10/7/1968, IMDB
Bellamy Young Actor, producer, vegan, birthday 2/19/1970, IMDB
Tobias Yrys Actor, vegan, birthday 5/31/1978, IMDB
Pandeva Zagar Writer
Ahmet Zappa Singer, producer, musician, birthday 5/15/1974, IMDB
Diva Zappa Singer, musician, birthday 7/30/1979, IMDB
Dweezil Zappa Singer, musician, birthday 9/5/1969, IMDB
Moon Zappa Singer, musician, birthday 9/28/1967, IMDB
Benjamin Zephaniah Actor, vegan, birthday 4/15/1958, IMDB
Ephrem Zimbalist Actor, birthday 11/30/1918, IMDB
Stephanie Zimbalist Actor, writer, birthday 10/8/1956, IMDB
Ethan Zohn Actor, birthday 11/12/1973, IMDB

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