A Christmas Poem

by Jeff Rogers

Christmas is a happy time, a time of peace and love.
Of little children laughing, and snow white turtle doves.

A time to help your neighbor, a time to help your friend.
A time to give your love away, for the source will never end.

A time to help the homeless, the jobless, and the poor.
A time to see the best in them, and help them to have more.

A time to forgive your enemies: for they are just like you.
We are children of the exact same God: we are siblings it is true.

God's love for us is unconditional: His forgiveness is divine.
He leads us by example, with Him we should align.

As I sit here with the water so calm, and the night remains so still,
I think of what a heavenly host once said: "Peace on Earth to men of good will."

To me this truth is a vivid one; it stands out in my mind.
How simple is the message, a better one we'll not find.

It puts the responsibility back where it belongs.
Upon the shoulders of you and me, so we may right our wrongs.

Let us take this seriously: on this day we shall begin.
Let us all do the best we can and help each other win.

All of us must do our part: this is very clear.
When we can work together, the goal of peace is near.

Why should we be generous on only this one day?
To reserve our kindness all year long, is selfish I would say.

At every opportunity we should show the kindness in our heart.
For some this may be difficult, for some this is an art.

There is a simple trick to help you in this quest.
I can only offer you help; you must do the rest.

Think of what may warm your heart and turn this right around.
Do it to another soul: this can be profound.

Make this day special to someone: this should be the goal.
Allow yourself to touch one's heart, making one feel whole.

Open up your heart and be caring to a person: you don't need a reason.
I hope you have enjoyed my poem, have a blessed holiday season.

1999 Jeff Rogers

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