God is like a fire hydrant

God is like a Fire Hydrant


God is Like a Fire Hydrant...
by Jeff Rogers

God is like a fire hydrant... there all the time, but - for many - only called on in emergencies.

The cleansing, purifying, and healing waters are there for the asking; ready to flow. Many people only seem comfortable in tapping into the waters when desperation is present. God is with us 24/7 as tutor/guardian/teacher/friend (and fire fighter). The more we allow Him/Her to be one with us (and allow ourselves to be one with Him), the more we excel in our lives and the more the road of our life’s journey becomes smoother and easier to travel. The road of life does not have to be filled with blockages and obstacles; only tests yet to be completed; challenges yet to be overcome! Every “obstacle” is a lesson in disguise! Just as every cloud has a silver lining, every challenge is a lesson waiting to be discovered! Knowing this allows us to approach the “obstacles” (challenges) with confidence, knowing that we would not be in this situation if we did not have the ability to succeed at overcoming this challenge and realizing the lesson! We are in this situation, exactly because we ARE able to meet the challenge, overcome it, and learn the lesson. There WILL be non-smooth roads on life’s journey, without a doubt. Realizing this early on in the journey allows us to be ready to meet such challenges head on and be in the best position and frame of mind - and heart - to solve the puzzle of this challenge and be successful, not just in surviving, but in thriving, as we overcome the obstacles and move swiftly forward! The more adept that we become with this process, the more the bumps in the road smooth out!

God’s healing waters are not just abundant, but unlimited! The plugs that are in place, we have put in place and they can be removed and His waters allowed to flow freely; allowing us to bathe in the water, be healed, cleansed, and nourished! As we open up the channels for his love, wisdom, and guidance, we become wiser and more agile in the flow of life. With God as our co-pilot, we can navigate life’s passages, whether narrow or wide, shallow or deep, stormy weather or calm, meeting the challenges that arise as a confident and centered team.

God truly is like a fire hydrant – able to help us quickly put out life’s fires, as well as cleanse us, cool us, and quench our thirst! Oh, yes… if the hydrant’s plugs are rusty, it’s time for some spiritual WD-40!

I hope you create an amazing holiday season and an even better new year!

Make it a great one!

© 2009 Jeff Rogers

Cover photo of fire hydrant and building (JR): Cripple Creek, Colorado, US
Text background image (JR): Garden in Freeway Park in Downtown Seattle, WA

From Merriam-Webster Online:

Main Entry: hy·drant
Function: noun
Date: 1806
1 : a discharge pipe with a valve and spout at which water may be drawn from a water main (as for fighting fires) —called also fireplug
2 : faucet

Jeff taking pictures near
Cripple Creek, Colorado

Photo by Paul Rogers


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