2004 Jeff Rogers

Angel image

Sky Art!
by Jeff Rogers

Is it an angel? Is it a flame?
Is it the Master playing a game?

Perhaps it is a beautiful angel feather...
Produced by God playing with the weather.

It looks like a geyser, rising through the air.
Only God is the wiser, painting with flair!

All I know is it is an amazing sight.
It is a thing of beauty filled with light!

It's a dramatic painting complete with "God Beams,"
Full of beauty and color; inspiring dreams.

God is the originator of, and master of, Art!
His wonderful work comes straight from the heart.

I see constant reminders of the divine above
In the form of a cloud or snow-white dove.

In this Holiday Season let us remember:
Whether it is March, July, or even December...
God is always with us through the day and through the night,
Helping us to honor Him and guiding us to do right.

Let us trust Him with our hearts and with our souls.
When we do this He will help us to be whole.

With Him we can have love, harmony, happiness, and mirth.
Remember: to men of good will comes peace on Earth!

©2004 Jeff Rogers


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