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by Jeff Rogers

Summer turns into autumn, then into winter and into spring.  Once we complete the cycle, we then start all over again.

Transitions are a constant thing, they happen every day.  Knowing I should expect them makes it easier along the way.

The only thing that is constant in life is the inevitability of change.  To have a life lacking in change, to me, would just seem strange.

These changes that I go through, actually teach me lessons in my life.  As I go through these changes and look for the lessons, it helps reduce my strife.

I realize these lessons in life help me become stronger or wiser, or both.  Initially, I may not understand exactly how, but they help me in my growth.

I've learned while some may have their own agenda, I know God has a plan.  There is always something-greater going on, which takes precedence over man.

Instead of condemning those around me and making an attempt to judge, I trust God to do his job and try not to hold a grudge.

While trusting God to do his job, I still must do my part.  The way to know if it's the way to go is whether it comes from my heart.

When I listen to my heart and know this is the thing to do, then it's up to me.  It's trust I need.  To my guidance I must be true!

When I follow higher guidance, things seem to be at peace.  It's when I stray and go the other way that things are not at ease.

Changes are the way to go.  They keep me on my toes.  They help me learn my lessons and see myself within my foes.

If I choose to never accept change, it's diversity I lack.  It's the transitions that I find in my life that help me stay on track.

Transitions are not options, but necessity, I see.  The more I realize their value, the more they set me free.

The fear of change may cause some to complain.  It may keep them from their goal.  It may seem strange and it may cause pain, but it liberates the soul.

It is God who leads the strings of life, we just make the choice.  I suggest we can make it easier on ourselves if we just follow His voice.

To the leaves of autumn that slowly die it is time to surrender.
To those who view the dying leaves they are things of amazing splendor!

Have a Blessed Holiday Season

©2001 Jeff Rogers


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