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Natural Weight Loss

Free "diet" information. We sell NO diet products, but do understand the following natural diet,
for the overweight, leads to natural weight loss, as well as other benefits.

SoyStache: A unique project promoting an awareness of the many benefits of a plant-based (vegan) diet.

"As long as the human body continues ingesting 'food' not designed for the body,
then maintaining a healthy weight is much more likely to be a struggle!"

Most of us are raised to eat a certain diet by our parents. For most of us, that includes eating meat and dairy, and most of our food is cooked. We are brought up on fast foods. We eat fried foods, baked foods, sautéed foods, steamed foods. We eat foods with preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. Now, many even eat fake fats!

There is a new "fad" diet that people all over the world are embracing. However, as this "diet" is far more natural than the standard American diet (standard western diet) and brings us back to our roots of eating raw plant-based foods, it may not pass too quickly as "fads" tend to. Long before our ancestors discovered fire and weapons (spears, bows and arrows, etc.), when we "hunted and gathered" it meant hunting for edible plants and fruits and then gathering them! This is the way we lived for, by far, the greatest part of our evolution. Before fire and the advent of cooking, we ate everything raw. All animals in nature eat raw foods. We are the only animal on the planet which cooks its food. Animals in nature don't seem to have the extensive list of diseases that humans do, including obesity. Note: The consumption of cooked food causes digestive leukocytosis (sometimes spelled leucocytosis,) which is the sudden increase of white blood cells in the bloodstream after consuming cooked food. The presence of digestive leukocytosis suggests that consuming cooked food is foreign to the human body. It also suggests that the consumption of cooked food compromises the immune system! (It's no wonder so many raw foodists are healthy!)

People who have shifted to a raw vegan (plant based) diet have experienced natural weight loss, improved health, increased energy, and a variety of other benefits. Many have experienced weight "just slipping off!" It seems that when we return to a diet natural for our bodies, they work more efficiently, and health returns to us. It is common for "raw foodists" to eat all they want, as long as it is raw, and still enjoy weight loss. Friends of mine have lost as much as 100 pounds, with more possible, depending on the starting weight. While this diet has not been well studied, common sense tells us that before we learned to cook with fire, we were eating raw foods. Over the centuries we continued eating much raw food. In the last century, in our most recent generations, we have been eating more and more cooked, preserved, and processed foods, including canned and other packaged foods. Cooking foods is known to destroy enzymes, as well as destroy or reduce many other nutrients. It should be no surprise that diseases have been on the rise, and obesity is an epidemic.

Since I was not overweight before moving to an all-raw food vegan diet, I cannot confirm first hand the weight loss experienced on this diet, although I have experienced other benefits. At one time I had experienced high blood pressure, I had gastritis/ulcer, and I was plagued by migraines, among other things. As I moved towards a plant-based diet, much of this was eliminated. I still had several colds/flues a year and had high blood pressure only at high altitudes (7000+.) After going 100% raw, when I visited Colorado and checked my blood pressure, it was just below normal. My family and I visited the top of Pike's Peak. I seemed to be the only one who was not affected by the altitude (14,000+feet,) other than being a little more out of breath. I stopped getting colds and flues. I have plenty of energy. I have all the energy I need for exercising and find myself more motivated to do it! In the past, when I started exercise programs, I would usually get colds or flues. That has not happened to me since being raw. My "immune system" does not get "run down." I feel great and look forward to even better health!

Victoria Boutenko is one person who had considerable weight loss, as well as health benefits, after switching to a raw food diet. She has documented her and her family's journey in her book Raw Family.

I initially wanted to create this page after hearing of more and more people resorting to gastric bypass surgery, as well as countless "diets" to help them improve their lives. The surgeries, while possibly saving lives, has some great risks and creates a permanent change in the digestive system. Once the surgery is done, no meal can ever exceed about two ounces. Our stomachs were designed for a specific diet. The stomach's size and shape are designed for this specific diet, as well as a specific volume. Once the stomach is changed, it will never supply the body normal nutrition again. If you are considering such a surgery, please, please, please consider trying a raw vegan diet. It costs you nothing but the food you purchase from the store. Take control of your life and treat yourself to radiant health!

Jeff Rogers


Raw weight loss testimonial:
Philip McCluskey


Things to consider:

Of the millions of species of living organisms on the planet Earth, how many of them cook their food??? Answer: 1 (one)

Animals in nature do not experience problems with obesity, as well as so many other diseases common among humans.

If we discovered fire around 400 thousand years ago, then we would not have begun cooking foods till at least then. That was the first evidence of a fire, not the first evidence of cooking. We likely would not have cooked food immediately and would have made that transition very gradually and would have continued eating a majority of raw foods, if available. If the first evidence of humans was from at least 35 million years ago, then cooked food would have been only a very tiny part of our evolution, especially considering we would have been on raw foods long before the "first evidence of humans!"

When we eat cooked food, our white blood count increases. That does not happen after consuming raw food. That tells us that our bodies are threatened by cooked food. Our bodies consider cooked food to be foreign.

Dietary fiber is a very important part of human health. Cooking destroys fiber!


If you have had a positive experience with raw foods and weight loss and would like to share your comments on this web site, please email us! We'd love to share your testimonial. We'll even share your before and after pictures if you have them.

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Vegetarian Organizations - Find veg organization in your area to learn more about raw foods. Many groups have potlucks and other events. If they are not specifically "raw," feel free to contact them and ask if they have members into raw foods.

Vegetarian Dining Guides - These "guides" primarily help people to find veg restaurants, but more importantly, also help people find health food stores. Health food stores usually have wonderful organic (raw) produce. They may also know of raw food groups and potlucks in your area.

I Beat Obesity with Raw Living Foods!

Raw Food Boot Camp for the Obese.

The Raw Network of Washington (previously Seattle Raw Foods Community) - One of the largest raw food communities in the U.S. If you are in the Pacific Northwest, bookmark this site! (Of course, everyone interested in raw foods is welcome!)

The email list for the Raw Network of Washington(anyone may join!)

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Weight-Loss Ads are Big Dairy’s Latest Way to Trick Consumers

by Neal D. Barnard, M.D, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Articles Found in the Media
Regarding Vegan Diets

(Take it a step farther and go RAW!)

Researchers endorse the vegan diet for its weight loss potential

Oct 4, 2005

George Washington University researchers have found that the vegan diet, supplemented with B12 vitamins, is an effective way to lose weight and seems to confirm the end of an era predominated by low-carb diets.

Vegan diet 'helps women to lose weight'

Eben Harrell,
Wed 14 Sep 2005

WOMEN who follow a vegan diet, while eating as much as they want when they want, are more likely to lose weight than women on traditional diets, a new study has found.

Researchers from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington DC examined 59 overweight women over 14 weeks, with about half on a traditional weight-loss diet and the other half on a diet which allowed them to eat as much as they desired, but without meat, cheese, milk or heavily oily foods such as chips.

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'Vice Cream'-
Recipes for
"ice cream"!
(Includes raw recipes!)

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