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We hope this page will help to demonstrate the popularity of vegetarian diets. It may also help people to connect with other vegetarians. We hope you will take a moment and show your support and submit your request to be listed here (if you are vegetarian). If you are not vegetarian, please tell your vegetarian friends of this page so they may be listed here (and consider switching to a plant-based diet).

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Vegan or


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EX: Bill Amey Honolulu, New York, Rome, LA, Athens, Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong, Possum Hollow Vegetarian - 16 years knot_knot7 at

Double Knot Spy! Int'l Federation of Double Knot Spys Granny's Mock-Ham Hocks and Mustard Greens RULE!!!

EX: Jeremy Vegi Terrian

Kentucky, USA

Vegan (20 years!)

favorite website:

Organic Farmer

KY Vegan


Eat Veg!

EX: Phillip


Vegetarian, 3 years.

Give me time!


Ski instructor


Veg. Soc.

Pray for snow!

EX: B Greenplant

Miami, Florida Vegetarian 10 yrs.,

Vegan 6 months! Certified Nutritionist EarthSave

Int'l veg Society

The sooner we all go vegan,

the better off we are!


Who's Next???


Robert Cohen


Plant-based diet (I

hate the "v" words)

i4crob at


Dairy Educ.



Sorry... Mr. Cohen has been moved! Mr. Cohen is no-longer "Not-So-Famous". He can now be found on the "Famous Vegetarians" pages.

Rick and Alison Scarfe

Newport News, VA


hrv at


advocate +++

Hampton Roads Vegetarian Community

Vegans Make Better Lovers!

John Robertson

Veganline, Freepost Lon10506, London SW14 1YY, UK

Vegan but not perfect

nude at

vegan shoe shopkeeper


hullo there


Leeds, UK


website consultant


go vegan!

Simon Wright

London, England



The Organic Consultancy


Emily Rose Schadler

the College of Wooster (Wooster, OH)

Vegetarian for 5 years, vegan for 3 months (it feels SO good!)

eschadler at

current student, up and coming environmental activist

Greenhouse (our campus environmental activism group! :)

"Mind essence loves everything because it knows why everything is." Jack Kerouac (who sadly enough was NOT a vegan)

Trevor Murdock

  Victoria, Canada

Vegan (10 years)

 info at


 Programmer Analyst, Climate Science

Canadian Institute for Climate Studies 

How It All Vegan is my favourite cookbook 

Michael Tucker 


  Raw Foodist


O.D. Idol, N.D.


Vegan with an 75 to 85% raw diet for past 6+years


Living and working in NC in the field of nutritional and lifestyle educator


The God-given inate healing intelligence of the body is remarkable when the ideal conditions of healing are maintained

Matthew Berry

Naperville, IL, USA


mjberry at



Stacy Watts

Urbana, IL USA




Honolulu, Hawaii



"All Life is of the same creator. Respect to the right of life of other beings/critters that think and feel, also honors the creator that is present in all beings." Reverend Pame

Bryan Los Angeles, CA. vegetarian bryangl at Applications Consultant and Territory Manager for a communications firm.   I celebrated my 10th anniversary as a vegetarian on January 2, 2000, and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Christa Trueman Vancouver, British Columbia Vegan for 15 months! (a recipe site) retail sales, wife and mommy Organization: almost none Happy, healthy and proud to be vegan!
Nelly North-West Province South Africa     Artist    
Serena Forster Cottage Grove, Oregon Vegetarian for 5 years serenatea at      
Hannah Lee Roseville, MN Vegetarian (1 year), semi-Vegan [not pure yet] (6
cdhgm at Student    
Tommi-Juhana Lauronen Helsinki, Finland Been Vegan for about 4 years juhana.lauronen at

A student (among other things) The Finnish Vegan Society MILK IS MURDER!
Carmen Miller Fayetteville, Arkansas Vegetarian (1yr 4 mo) cjstill at Biologist, Educator, & Life Student   "Ignorance is Bliss!!"
Tim M. Miller Fayetteville, Arkansas Vegetarian (1 yr)   Project Engineer    
Kaley Lawer Conway, Arkansas Vegetarian=4 months now (Age 6 yrs old)       Because killing animals is wrong
Ken Seattle, WA Vegan

ken at

ending of cruelty to non-human animals, & taking occasional time off to shut down the WTO organization:

I try

chocolate chip cookies are good
Mary Ann Starr St Louis Missouri vegan (yippie!!!) since February 2000 maryann23_1977 at wife, mommy and homeschool teacher Charter Communications  
Michelle Gilliam Chicago Il. Vegetarian 7yrs.Jan.2000, Vegan Wanna-be I'm trying. email-veggieib at      
Gaia Veenis Santa Rosa, California vegetarian for nine years crveenis at I work at Macy's & full time student    
Stephanie Knox Pittsburgh vegetarian (5 years and running!)   I go to school at McGill University in Montreal    
desiree hernandez garden grove, california vegitarian        
Melissa J. Birch Illinois, USA vegetarian for 5 years, dairy-free for 2 mbirch at (Robert Cohen knows what he's talking
Asli Erdem Erdemgil TURKEY/Ankara vegetarian for 2 years erdemgil at      
Steve Best santa teresa, new mexico vegetarian for 15 years, and a vegan for 6 sbest1 at university professor of philosophy and humanities;   you don't have to pay federal income taxes!
Asli Erdem Erdemgil TURKEY/Ankara vegetarian for 2 years erdemgil at      
Timothy Buerger Tokyo, Japan vegan

English Teacher I would tell you, but then I'd have to kill you If looking at this web page is something that you are doing while contemplating going veggie, trust me, it's worth it.
Christine Andersen Montreal, Canada Vegetarian dersen at      
Jacqueline Donovan Morris   Vegetarian Jaclynlm at      
Kathryn Talbot Australia Vegetarian for 5 years
Almost vegan!
Cherry at Student    
Shley Tacheira Modesto, CA Newly-converted Vegan
Vegetarian for 6 years
Dave Godin   Vegetarian for 50 years come 2002, and vegan for the last two years       Am an ardent believer in animal rights, and my other passions in life are Blackamerican music, and film
Melody P Paul Aurora, Il USA Vegetarian for 10 years melody.paul at Assoc. Program Manager   Considering moving to Vegan diet
Any suggested resouces on the subject
are greatly appreciated
Clark Freifeld New Haven, CT Address:
Vegetarian 10 years, Vegan 5 years
clark at, Student VeganVoice Go vegans!
Maria Sweden vegetarian - 1 1/2 years mariiia84 at student    
Eric Wolff Rongotai, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND Vegetarian for 27 years wolff at, General Assistant at Wellington SPCA Inc Wellington SPCA;  Secretary at Wgton Branch - NZ Vegetarian Soc; NZ Vegan Soc; Animal Action; Save Animals From Exploitation My very own semi-famous quote:"Vegetarianism may not have been a threat to the meat industry in the past, but it will be once people wake up and smell the blood."
Amanda Bruce Lumberton, NC; New Orleans, LA; Sydney, Australia; Philadelphia, PA Vegetarian for 5 years! (Working on Vegan)   PETA Living beings are numberless. I vow to save them all.
samantha Seattle, WA vegetarian-3 years, vegan 2 months as of july 2000(im only 15) vegansamantha at      
Niki (Portis) Guelph Ontario Canada I've been Vegetarian since I was 13 and vegan on and off for the past year Check out my stuff at: :) 16 year old student
I recycle thrown away jeans no one wants and make wicked baggy pants for ravers, urbans, and skaters . I also sell hemp jewery.
  "For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love."
Pythagoras (6th century BC)
Roselene   Vegan/Vegetarian since 1979 Glcanoltvk at

Favorite website : PCRM.Org

Allison Burgess Boston, USA vegetarian, 3 yrs pixikat1 at     VOTE FOR RALPH NADER!!!
Pierre Parent Kingston, Ontario, Canada vegetarian pparent1 at home Elementary School Teacher    
Rune Hoglund Varmland, Sweden Vegetarian 6 years   Lecturer   Animals are etichal objects
and must not be killed,
Crystal Gill savannah, GA vegetarian Rainbow_Stars2 at      
Gessika Los Angeles, California Vegetarian since Thanksgiving of 1995, and vegan since October 13th of 2000 Fav. veg websites: Soystache and vegsource Student   "It's not nice to eat your neighbor."
Paula Frederick, MD Vegetarian 10 years
Vegan 4 years
  Software Analyst    
kelsey clearwater,florida vegetarian xsassgirlx at or
pnkrockprincess at
  association:food not bombs  
David L. Fishman Owings Mills, Maryland, USA  I've been vegan for 7 years and "vegetarian" for 9 years DapperD72 at

.  My personal homepages are: Dave's Domain:

 Sweet Vegan Seeks Goddess aol://4344:2793.DA003647.29658561.602607482

I'm affiliated with Vegan Action, EarthSave Baltimore and United Poultry Concerns Go vegan for the animals, Mother Earth, starving humans in the 3rd World and your own health!

Love is never having to tell animals you're sorry.

"The animals of the world exist for their own purposes.  They were not made for humans any more than blacks were made for whites, or women for men." ---Alice Walker

Paul Secrest Rockville, MD Vegetarian 4 years Network Architect    
Peter Motykowski St Louis, Mo Vegetarian for 2 years, vegan for 4 years pete at Student/Unix Admin   "I don't understand ignorance"
Stephanie Baranowski St. Louis, MO Meat-free since age 9, VEGAN for life!!!! stephanie at

college student organization: professional SAD to veg*n converter Cook yummy veg*n food for your friends! Show them what veg*ns eat since they ask so often. Open the world of veg*n cooking up for them.
Maida Waldner Genser Royal Oak, Michigan, US   MI_vegn at

Vegetarian related web sites: International IPBN web
site is

JVNA web site is

computer programmer/analyst Vegetarian Organization affiliations:
Great Lakes Region of IPBN, Institute for Plant Based Nutrition, Michigan representative for JVNA, Jewish Vegetarians of North America
If you live in or near Michigan, please join
my vegetarian events and news mailing list by writing to me at MI_vegn at
Fabio At the moment I study in Montreal but I usually live in Germany. In addition to this I am Italian im vegetarian since 5 and a half years       I'm 19 years old and my hobbies are skateboarding and music, going out of course too.

Have a nice meatless day!

Leslee Reevesan I am 28 single and live in the DC burbs but
sooooooon I will be moving to Chicago
I have been a dietary vegan for 8 years   I work in the health food industry but will probably soon be giving
that up to afford the luxuries and scheduling of a 9-5 job.....the pay just isn't hackin it in retail
  Peace to all
Marlene Hindholm Naestved, Denmark Vegetarian for 4 years, almost vegan age 40 marlene_hindholm at

Favorite www:
Natural Hygienic and working as a Kinesiologist    
Dawn Mitchell Michigan I'm an eco-sensitive vegetarian aspiring to be a
vegan. I've been a vegetarian now about eight years and counting
      Go Green, and free Leonard Peltier by calling the Washington comments hotline at 202-456-1111!!
Christanna M Iowa, USA Vegetarian since March 2000

Gr8katspaw at

Senior in HS   Tofu is *way* better than I thought!
Lila Lobdell Saranac Lake, NY, USA     student    
Monique Haertjens i'm 37 years old and i live in Zelzate (Belgium) Vegetarian for 16 years and, thanks to Bryan Adams, I have become a vegan 6 months ago       I hope the list of vegans keeps growing until NOBODY want to eat animals anymore! Keep up the good work
Calmen 15 1/2 years old, live in Southern Connecticut, vegan for 3 years, I've always been a vegetarian   I am a revolutionary artist/activist   I love being a vegan
Bunny Parsons Palatine, Illinois Vegetarian since April 2000, who LOVES to shock her 'meat-loving' friends with vegetarian delights like Chili, Tacos and Sloppy Joes! <giggle> ParsonsBun at      
Amy NJ vegetarian        
Hi, my name's Lauren. (My nickname is LOZ)   I'm a 16 year old vegetarian. U can email me at 95laurenba at or chocolategirlloz at I am in the sixth form at a good school. Hello to all the veggies out there! I know becoming veggie is difficult sometimes, but u CAN do it! Believe me! I was practically a T-rex before, then my love of animals took over, and I stopped eating meat! I'm not even properly there yet! I've still got to stop myself from eating certain sweets and Jelly. But I know I'll make it in the end. You all will. Good luck, and happy eating!
Natalie Large' Tulsa, Oklahoma     5 years vegetarian natalielarge at      
Chris Large' Tulsa, Oklahoma     5 years vegetarian        
Hi! I'm Janie Thomas I live in Chillicothe, Ohio I've been a vegetarian for 10 and a half years and a vegan for three years        
Dawn James Lynnwood, WA Vegetarian 17 years
vegan 1 year
Michael Medill Portland, Oregon & Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica vegan for over 15 years
vegetarian for over 35 years
michaelm at

Was--Organic Foods Distributor, Store and Restaurant Owner, Beekeeper, and Welding Instructor

Presently--Mercedes Restoration and Parts Distribution, Pool Cue Distributor & Instructor, On-Line Auction Seller, and Eco-Tourism Lodges Owner

Always have been--Revolutionary, Eco and Human Rights Activist, Organic Farmer, and Natural Healer

Organization/ Memberships:
Eco Tourism Society,
Oregon Natural Resources Council,
Amnesty International,
Green Peace,
The Carter Center
Habitat for Humanity,
Northwest Medical Teams International,
MB Club of America
Would you put cheap gas in your Luxury Car? 
Would you put cheap food into your body?

You can do anything you want!
What do you want to do?

How about changing the world?
It only takes one voice to be heard.

Pekky Marquez Venezuelan living in Charleston, South Carolina Vegetarian, but aspiring to be vegan djpekky at College Student, Philosopher, Writer, Internet Columnist, Future Journalist, Animal Rights Activist, Human Rights Activist, Pro-Life activist, Women Rights Activist, Interested in Children Issues, Queer-Friendly, and some more. So far: Trident Technical College, PETA, Amnesty International,, Puertas,, Humankind tends to think that the planet belong to them. But actually we belong to the Earth. We are not here to own the Earth but to share it with those living creatures who live with us in it
Giselle Tolson Los Angeles, CA Vegan for 8 mo.s, vegetarian for 3 years (Young, too,
I'm 13)
Cats883532 at Student   Mooooo!
Theresa Lopez Salisbury, MD, USA Vegetarian- 8 years, Vegan- 3 months Favorite websites:  
Student PETA, PCRM Become a vegan for the animals, for yourself, and for the world.
Read Animal Liberation by Peter Singer
Stefano Bigi Milan, Italy Vegetarian for 2 years lerxst at      
Susan Cara Belmont, CA Vegetarian 4 years susan at
self-employed, San Francisco
Vegetarian Society
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mahatma Gandhi
celeste chattanooga, TN i've been vegetarian for 25 years(all my life), pretty much vegan i'm a mother who works at home making crafts and cosmicthreadz (clothing: mostly phatty pants) when i was about 4 or 5 my mom told me that other people killed and ate animals...i was absolutely HORRIFIED! i still am! i think that is severly sick, twisted, barbaric, satanic, inhumane, and 100% disgusting.
"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."-Albert Einstein
My name is Marcia Oldfield   Been vegetarian for 30 years        
Stacey Abingdon, Maryland - USA Vegetarian - trying to go vegan. Have any advice? Please email me. - Thx sac103 at
Have A Heart For Animals ~ Helping People Help Animals
be sure to visit my site to learn what you can do!

Some of my favorite sites:

Data Entry Operator I became involved with animal rights in 1991 after learning that elephants were being poached for their ivory tusks in a National Geographic Magazine. As you can imagine, I was very disturbed and saddened by this - to see this magnificent animal murdered -- all in the name of $ money $ - what a waste of a life! Sometimes, I am ashamed to be a part of the human race.
In 1996, I discovered the internet and in 1998 I created my own website to help others help animals!

my name is julie buckley i'm from jamaica plain, mass. i have been vegetarian for 21 years, the last 5 vegan other vegetarians are welcome to contact me at jabuckley at
hope to hear from you soon!!!!!

My name is Michele Mielko I am a 22 year old female from Fair Lawn, New Jersey I made the transition into the world of vegetarianism 2 years ago, and I decided to go vegan a month and a half ago and I have never felt healthier in my life! featherstone2 at     I don't know any vegetarians so I am the one who is always hit with the questions about the vegetarian diet
Toni Wright England I am a vegan   I work in the main operating theatres    
Patrick Wright England vegan   state registered paramedic    
Jay Baker aka "Duke of Hard Rock"   Vegetarian for 13 years, since age 11 dukeofhardrock at
Traveller Viva! (Vegetarian International Voice
for Animals)
Lisa Luu Urbandale, Iowa Vegan but not perfect (7 years-eternity) Duxster at      
Maria Madison, Wisconsin (the state where eating dairy is almost the law.)
vegetarian, vegan wannabe (3 months)
amigosaqui at self-employable, wanna-work-at-home mom   "We must be the change we wish to see in the world." Mahatma Ghandi
Dawn New York 19 years old, I have been a Vegetarian for almost 7 years.   student It's not easy being a teenage vegetarian in a meat-eating world , but i enjoy being different and unlike some people, I have morals!
Michelle Hansen Bothell, Washington, USA Strict Vegetarian s4animallib at student, activist, yogi Students for Animal Liberation Live Simply, Love Generously, Speak Honestly, and learn in an uncontained manner.
Marie Ann (TsampaBarley) Chicago, Illinois I have been a vegetarian(ovo-lacto)
for 7 months nowI did my homework sometime ago.
Vegan (Next)
  Customer Serv. Rep. Supporter of the TIBET CENTER of Chicago I am also interested in a complete Vegan and Macrobiotic Diet and Lifestyle
I am also interested in Tibetan Culture, Tibetan Buddism (of which you should be a vegetarian) and the FREE TIBET ......CAMPAIGN
Katie Wilkinson Farnborough, Surrey in the uk Stopped eating meat when i was 12 then all flesh when i was 13     Despite what many meat eaters think, i do not miss meat one bit! i do not try to push my veiws onto other people, i dont beleive that you can change somebody's mind for them no matter how logical your arguement is, so i dont waste my time!
Brian Foster Mount Dora, Florida Vegetarian- 4 years
Vegan - 1 year
conceptionpoint at Payroll Manager, Artist   Animals don't have a voice, therefore I will be their voice.
Tamara Fernandes Canada pro-life ethical vegetarian (aspiring vegan)
Vegan Outreach
Vegetarians for Life
Pro-Life Animal Rights Alliance
interests include computers, philosophy, life, and music
Brian Dillard Lancaster, California Vegetarian for 10 years. Vegan for 2 Audio Engineer, Philosopher   The thought of eating meat for me is like not believing in Science. It just don't make sense!
Kristin Joseph   Vegetarian 1 year and a 1/2
New Vegan
      GO VEGAN!
Jen B London, England Vegetarian 2 years, working on switch to vegan!! fragglerock86 at student none affiliated, love them all!!! eat your vegetables!
shaun-2k strack Grand Ledge, Michigan vegan polirage at      
mark h Ontario, Canada Veg*n: vegetarian jr_vice_president at computer technician   vegetarian on and off all my life, finally made a concrete decision 4 months ago to BE VEGGIE
Cristina Romanello Cleveland, Ohio
United States of America
vegetarian for 11 years
vegan for 2 years
CristyR83 at   I feel so much healthier and I know I am making a difference in the world. To all the suffering and to all pain the animals have to go through.
Imola (Korossy) Romanello Cleveland, Ohio
United States of America
Gennaro Luigi Romanello Cleveland, Ohio
United States of America
Stefano Giovanni Romanello Cleveland, Ohio
United States of America
Renato Paolo Romanello Cleveland, Ohio
United States of America
Auntie Andie Portland, OR.
by August: Ashland, OR.
Vegetarian   Currently: An IVR/Telecommunications Account Manager.

Future: An owner of a national chain of vegetarian restaurants
I plan to change the way the general consumer considers vegetarian food.

I will make vegetarian food mainstream.

I will foster a change to the American diet that is so pervasive we will all look back at the end of our days and say "Hey, that was a good idea!" :-)
Watch for us in 2002!
Sarath Kao   turned vegan in April of 2001 for animal rights purpose. You can e-mail her at: Kooleechik at regarding any questions you might have. If you have any current events or news that you think she might be interested in, e-mail them to her please   She is dedicated to protecting and advocating animal rights
Jean duGal Vancouver Island, Canada vegetarian Author site:
Organization site:
writer, activist, caregiver Affliation: Lush Valley Food Action Society Are you weaned yet?
Barbra Montreal, Canada Vegetarian for about 1 year! I am proud of it and will stick to it. I am doing it for myself as a personal choice and due to cruelty to animals.      
Eric Scott Farris Seattle, WA Vegetarian since birth (July '73), vegan since summer '87, 100% raw-food vegan since Dec 2000 webmaster at webmaster Seattle Raw Foods Community Raw food lives! Change the world--start with yourself.
Corinne The Hague, Netherlands
New York, NY, USA
Vegan CorinneNL at

Editor in Chief Consumer Organization If it ain't Dutch, it ain't Much! Please visit my site, I want to move to the FAMOUS Vegetarians list soon!
Forest Alberta, Canada I was a vegetarian my first year and went vegan the following year. I have been vegan almost 7 years. veganpower at Environmental Regulatory Specialist Vegetarians of Alberta
Voice For Animals
I used to love the taste of meat, dairy and eggs- so what? My tastebuds do not rule me. I went veggie the day my brain reconciled the following 3 facts: 1. I do not need animal foods in my diet to be healthy, 2. I love animals, and 3. The production of animal based foods contributes greatly to environmental damage.
Kaz Sephton (female) San Antonio, Texas. Originally from Manchester, England veggie for 21 years (aged 34) vegan as I can be for  3-4 years     President of the San Antonio Vegetarian Society, Texas Single!
Dj Sandison Mississauga, ON, Canada Proud to be a vegan of 12 years at the young age of 30!!! jewelleo at     Why doesn't everyone get it????
Edward Hammerbeck Louisville, KY Vegetarian since March 2000 novasoy at -- spam me and I'll put you in my composter
Computer programmer EarthSave Louisville Vegan one day.
Amanda Anderson Fairfax, VA Vegetarian for 4 months, and loving it! [as of 8/1/01] mandianderson2000 at Financial Cost Analyst Primus Telecommunications, Inc. Respecting one's environment is respecting oneself!
Rainer Turku, Finland Vegetarian (Vegan to be) rkschroder at     Too old to rock'n'roll, too young to die!
Sally Crocker Sydney, Australia Vegetarian for about 10 years, but its only been in the last four years that I've stopped eating cheese and made the switch to soy products   I'm a Nutrition Assistant at Hornsby Hospital and am relieved more people are becoming vegan/vegetarian    
Jen H Nanaimo, BC [Canada] Vegetarian (3 years) eilanrhiannon at      
Amanda "Christalena"
New Jersey, USA Vegetarian, working on being a Vegan Sugaskaqt3 at
  15 year old Vegetarian for over 2 years, working on being a Vegan[my parents don't approve]. I never liked meat since I was a small child. I don't do this for the "trend".
Jamie Shetz, 22 Philadelphia, Pa Have been a vegetarian for 3 years now!! jamieshetz at Student at Temple University, Phila. PA   My Motto "Anything with a face....just say no!!"
Biegun and Aurence vegetarian for 23 years!       We are 53, look 40, feel like 20 - and never get sick! Go vegetarian! We mean vegan. We don't eat eggs or dairy products.
Bridget Seboek     brees at      
yash khemani washington, dc lactovegetarian, all my life   systems administrator    
Candy Coons   Lacto-Vegetarian for 3 years now!        
Lisa Zeeben Michie, Tennessee Vegetarian
jozeeben at
Melissa M Blum Cleveland Ohio Vegan        
SummerAge:18 (19 in less than 2 months!) [posted 10/22/01] Tulsa, OK Almost vegan (getting closer everyday), dairy-free for 1 year now!      
Bob & LeeAnn Scales Southern Orange County, Ca. Vegan since June 1997 --vegan shirt makers --my Vegan recipes and info page
    We love
Kayleigh A-H Australia Im a Vegetarian, 14 years old, been a vegie for almost 2     If I can be vegetarian, so can you!  
Tonya Cline   I am approaching my second
anniversary of being a vegetarian
My e-mail is tcline at I am a high school administrator    
Mike & Lily Lutgen Jersey City, NJ VEGANS - 30 years noblegas at
Brian Arthur Block Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 8-year vegan   Attorney with the Nature Conservancy    
Sandi Agnes-Block Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 8-year vegan   Wildlife Rehabilitator    
Krista Allen Cambridge, MA & Wilder, VT USA vegan for 9 years, vegetarian for 15 years   nanny, ex-teacher, soon to be married & hopefully a mother! Disposable Aardvarks Inc. fan of Star Trek, Red Dwarf, Hello Kitty, and tomatoes!
Tara Thompson North Augusta, SC Vegetarian scveggie at      
Sheri Lucas Kingston, Ontario, Canada vegan since May, 2000 My outdated website: My resumé and book list are outdated, I've ditched the fancy blazer for a fuel-efficient car, and I no longer find the "poultry deboner" or Buddhist hotdog jokes entertaining.      
Matthew Harnaga   Vegan since October 2000, by philosophical imperative. 8mjh2 at      
Edward S. San Marcos, Tx. vegetarian my whole life, vegan 1 day (gimme time!)       no more dairy/aspartame for me!
Leesa "Ki" Dean NY, NY Vegetarian      
Natalie Forsyth Melbourne, Victoria, Australia My new years resolution for 2002 is to be vegan - to make this world a better place   I am 19 yrs old studying nursing/health promotion at Deakin University and I am a lifeguard partime.   It is only in the last few yrs of my life that I have begun to realise how unnecessary it is to use or eat animals. All creation has the same right to life...
Dirk Myers Madison, Alabama

I have been a vegetarian since 1987, but I am glad to announce that I have been a vegan since the beginning of 2006.

I am a vegetarian aspiring to be a vegan. (hard to give up cheese, but I know I should)

  I am a Software Engineer    
Carol Bullock Bellevue, Washington ethical vegan for 3 years garlic_queen at Northwest Animal Rights Network member    

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