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If you are interested in being listed here, please email us. Put "Not-So-Famous" in the subject field. Give us any information about yourself that you would like listed on this site. That could include: Name (first, last, and/or nickname), City, State (Province), Country, Occupation, Email, Vegetarian Organization you are affiliated with, personal web pages and vegetarian related web sites, and comments. Remember, this information will be available to anyone on the WWW. If you do not want to receive emails, then please do not list your email address!

We do ask that you state whether you are vegetarian, vegan (plant-based diet), or if you only eat Raw plant-basedfood.

Please only send us an entry for yourself to be shown on this page. To have an email address listed, we must receive the email from that address.

We reserve the right to edit for inappropriate content, etc. We will not be held responsible for content.

We hope this page will help to demonstrate the popularity of vegetarian diets. It may also help people to connect with other vegetarians. We hope you will take a moment and show your support and submit your request to be listed here (if you are vegetarian). If you are not vegetarian, please tell your vegetarian friends of this page so they may be listed here (and consider switching to a plant-based diet).

We will not give away or sell your email address to anyone! We will not add you to any mailing list! We just want to hep people show their pride in eating a vegetarian diet.

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Simply email us as mentioned above. In the text, clearly display what information you wish to be listed: EX: "Please list me as a Not-So-Famous" vegetarian as follows: (list the desired info for the site in the below format)

Suggestion: Instead of writing "vegan for 3 years" write "vegan since 2002."

Name Address Vegan or


Email &


Occupation Organizations Comments

Jeff Rogers

Seattle, WA Vegan since '97
Raw foodist since 12/31/00
Vegetarian Advocate
(OK, a hobby really),
Vegan Chef, Writer, etc., etc.
Misc. 9-5 jobs to pay the bills!
Vegan Food does the body good!
Vegan Raw Food does the body great!

Who's Next???
Joan NW Georgia, USA Vegetarian Tanglewood2c at business owner   Was a member of a vegetarian group but gave it up after a few years because the drive got to be too far away for their activities. It would be nice to hear from others and to hear how they deal with being a Veggie with no group to attend functions with. 
Pascale Methot Victoria, British Columbia vegan since I turned 23 in Dec/01       I do my best to read labels carefully to avoid chemicals and animal derived products, as well as high fat and high sodium foods. I will not buy any shoes, jacket or belt made of leather ever again.

Hoping I am making a change
Dave Noisy Victoria, BC Canada Hardcore vegan Independent recording and performing musician Too many to list! Fearing the day my shirt gets ripped off and i become famous...
Several of my songs have veg / AR themes, check 'em out!
Simon Jones London ,England vegetarian 15 yrs vegan the last 7 simonpjones at  musician/business   guess why the worlds in a mess none veggies
Lindsey Dakin England Vegetarian since 1999

mick at

Student   Be vegetarian, save animals lives!
justin baker glendale, arizona vegetarian: 6 years // vegan: 2 years society41 at 
16 year old student food not bombs went vegetarian when i was 8 in a non-vegetarian household.
Ingrid   Vegetarian: 5 1/2 years ... pushing
forward to veganism.
Favorite website:     SAVE THE ANIMALS!!!!!
Dee Mancini Tokyo, Japan Vegan for two years and never felt better. sisvb at       
Jessica or Jessi Morristown indiana usa vegetarian jessicanichole03 at  I work at McDonalds unfortunely    
Abby Lucas Florida vegan       Animals are my friends, and I don't eat my friends.
Your site is awesome, keep up the good work! [Thanks!]
Atlee Fraser Salisbury Downs,
South Australia, Australia
vegetarian for over 20 years! abfraser at Retired Swimming Instructor    
Michelle NJ
Vegetarian slowly going vegan! Student I'm a proud member of People for the Ethical Treatment of
"I know I would not have the right to kill you, however painlessly, just because I liked your flavour, and I am not in a position to judge that your life is worth more to you than the animal's to it." -Brigid Brophy (British novelist). One of my best friends is also a vegetarian and we are both very happy about it.
Shannon.m.   i  have been a vegetarian for 2 years and still going lol
Daniel Guzman San Antonio, Texas Vegetarian since  Feb. 14, 1995  dannism at college student   I soon plan on becoming a vegan
Shirley McLean   Been a veggie for 26 years-animals rule o.k.!
(SMPRC) Music Company Consultant
Paul McCartney's LIPA project
Crissy Ford   19 yrs old
vegetatian for 14 yrs
Andre Boucher Toronto, Canada, but about to move to Brussels Belgium I have been a vegetarian for 5 years. It would have been 37 if I had known better when I was born!
aaboucher at     Let's hope others will eventually open their eyes!!!
Billie B Napa, California vegetarian roses at      
Amanda Worrad Canberra, Australia Very Happy Vegan   Wage slave The Vegan Society Eat food, not animals!
Angelus71 United Kingdom Animal loving Vegan for just over 1 year. Before that, Animal loving vegetarian for 13 years. angelus71 at
Computer Technician PeTA, Bolenowe Animal Sanctuary If a vegetarian eats veg, what does a humanitarian eat?. Love animals :), don't abuse them!
Jacqui Stangeland Calgary, Alberta, Canada   walkingzero at      
Lacy "Lacykitten" Slaunwhite Calgary, Alberta, Canada Vegan! Woo!

vegan at

Student, amateur website designer, advocate of veggie-ness and animal rights :)   Veganism is the answer to all the problems of the world. I'm sure of it! :)
Kerri & Steve Westland, New Zealand Kerri: Vegetarian 10 years, Vegan 1 year.
Steve: Vegetarian 2 months, Vegan 1 year.
  House Goddess & Scriptwriter   We have never enjoyed food so much as since becoming vegan. Cheese is an emotional addiction! Both a lot healthier now too, not clogged up with dairy crap.
Jean Coburn Seattle, WA USA Vegan baxterandchloe at Editor/ESL Teacher
I was a vegetarian for 18 years before going vegan. I've been a vegan for 1-1/2 years and I've never felt better. I wish I had made the switch sooner! A compassionate and healthy lifestyle is a good thing.
Hanne Kjersem Norway Vegetarian for 7 months (May, 2002) Possibly vegan in the future buffy_number1fan at
Barbara Bellino Wallingford CT. Vegan        
Ryan Travis Louisville, Kentucky vegetarian  ry1975 at     I am the only Republican vegetarian that I know.
Erica McWhorter Indianapolis, IN Vegetarian slowly becoming Vegan aryika76 at      
Mika Muukkonen Saramäentie 6, 20300 Turku, Finland Vegan 8 years
mika.muukkonen at
Computer Tech Support (macintosh) at Varimport Oy, Turku
My wife and kids are vegan. Go Vegan :-)
Danielle Fidnarick Long Island, NY Started off as a Vegetarian at age 12 then became a Vegan at 16 and now I'm 18 and Livin' it Up [6/02] LiveALittle919 at Student at CW Post University
Employee at Princeton Ski Shop
Soccer player, Snowboarder
  Peace, Love, and Happiness....Be kind to animals
Ashley Boyer Independence, Virginia vegetarian for 5 years and a vegan for one year
Cheng Hui Tay Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia Vegetarian since 1980 (at age of 13) huitay at
IT Professional   My wife and my children are all vegetarians.
Christi Joben Tx, USA Vegetarian since May 2001 Model for Fran Simon/Also a family business employee for Excel (a phone service). Please feel free to ask me for more info about Excel's excellent program if you're interested. Our current website is under construction and undergoing massive updating. Once it's finished I'll link it to my homepage for easy access and information on Excel's priceless benefits. Hope you stop by!) PETA Supporter "He who harms animals has not understood or renounced deeds of immorality...Those whose minds are at peace and who are free from passions do not desire to live at the expense of others." Spoken by: Acharanga Sutra
Sloan Dorr alpena mi veg head since june of 2001 Iknow its not to long, but hey i'm only 15!!.   student   I love to play soccer and i'm on the swim team!
stacey ontario, california vegetarian since 1997, turning vegan soon i think, haha my email is bagygrl at if anyone has any volunteer work or anything for vegetarianism, veganism, animal rights, or the enviornment :0)   volunteered for peta and some other stuff  
Neil Saunders Peterborough,Cambridgeshire England UK Vegan   Actor/Student/musician    
Lucia St. Clair Robson   vegetarian for 10 years (8/02)

The mention of alligator tail in my tongue-in-cheek bio there refers to the dark ages before I went meatless.
I've been a novelist for 20 years. My seventh
book, GHOST WARRIOR, has just been published by Forge
Yvette Nixon Detroit, Michigan (USA) vegetarian since 1986 and vegan since 2000     Interested in starting a Vegetarian Organization here in Detroit.  
Jason Pope Mt. Pleasant, SC Vegan   Student PETA Everyone should become a vegan for a better planet.
Loraine Hill Tampa, FL
Vegan since April 7, 2002
Currently unemployed, part/time activist (thank God for the hubby!)
PETA, Ideals Work, Last Chance for Animals, Int'l Vegetarian Society, My husband and I are relativlely new, but very devoted, laabel-reading vegans who hope to make a difference. BTW, remember the 80's glam band Poison? Check out (Rikki was the drummer). Click on the "Animals" link and go to Last chance for Animals. Rikki is a vegan who can really put together an interesting, helpful, informative site!
jason, amber, and our three kids sumner, washington vegans        
Eric POB 1139 Orleans, MA 02653   Vegan Enlightenment Center
cbus999 at
nominated poet of the year for the years 2001 and 2002 founder/director
Vegan Enlightenment Center
Curtis Taylor Eugene, Oregon vegan cooldude_72_98 at   PETA Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment
Veronica Davitt El Paso, TX Went Vegetarian in '97 at age 15, but I'm having vegan urges urbiv0re at occupation: free spirit   Living life the way I want to live it! I've been sXe since about '99
Emily Queensland Australia Have been vegetarian for most of my life. Now a vegan - have never felt better!!
Its the way to go! Feel free to email too!
e8980 at      
Dennis Kaufmann Frankfurt, Germany vegetarian since i was seven thom.kaufmann at Student, 16 years old   I think it is wrong to eat animals!!!!!!!
:) Do not eat meat!!!
Let love rule the world!
Anna Davis Houston, MS vegetarian since 1995, when I was in the 7th grade I am now a sophomore in college. (10/02) i live in NE Mississippi, it would be way to hard to find edible food to become a vegan, I know I've tried lisa_DOB_ben at College Student   If anyone has any easy recipes that could be done in a dorm (without oven, toaster, etc.) Please email.
Josephine Bagcal Bronx, NY Vegetarian krazykalika at 19 years old, former student of New York University, will transfer to another university soon    
Mihaela Romania I'm vegetarian for 5 years. (11/02)        
selena des moines, iowa; vegetarian since age 14, vegan 1.5 years after (11/02)   student   Although people *will* fight you back each step of the way, just keep going. Those people will be forced to give in and listen eventually. Plus, you never know who you can change along your journey. One of my friends went vegetarian because of my arguments, and him along with another friend are considering veganism now; another friend is beginning her journey to true realization of her meat eating ways and impact. It is possible!
Seth Lipscher New York, NY, USA vegetarian   IT Manager Without Organization  
Laura K. Lawless American living in Casablanca, Morocco Ova-lacto vegetarian since 1989      
Shay Brown Georgia, USA I am a Fruitarian/Vegan. I am not perfect, but eat only fruits. FruitVegFriend at College Student/Vet.MD I belong to the Fruitarian Foundation. Thou SHalt Not Murder.
Chris X Philadelphia, PA, USA Vegan XBobaFettX at anti-work, anti-capitalist,
self reliant
  Veg since '97, feel free to contact me for any me or IM me XSuicidalXVeganX
Yogi Morjaria Vegetarian all my life, i am 40 years old (12/02)     I own a famous Veg Restaurant in Kingsbury London NW9 9HN    
Wayne K Annapolis, MD Vegetarian since 1991 wtolson at (Spring 03)

Web Designer PEACE (People to End Animal Cruelty and Exploitation) Working on creating a website for Animal rights groups to use as a point of contact with free pages for posting events, mission statements, area, local causes, etc. Started PEACE in 1997 to help the cause in Maryland
Nofar and Rachel   We are vegetarians!     . ....
Tracey Glaub   Vegetarian since 1998        
Robert a Westerholt 14855 S Grass Valley rd . . Winnemucca
Nevada 89445
Vegan for 6 yrs   Raw Food Singer/Cook    
Chris L. DeLeon St. Joseph, MO (USA) Vegan
18 Years old (1/03)
  Freelance webdesigner
Vegan athlete (varsity high school wrestling)
No affiliation with any vegetarian organizations - yet  
Wendell O'Brien Kentucky, USA Vegetarian since 1980 (for ethical reasons) wmo at professor   I love animals
  Orlando, FL (USA) I have been a vegetarian for 10 years. Now I've been 3 years a vegetarian and the latter 7 I've been a vegan.   I have been an Elem teacher for 5 years. I also have a minor in music.   I think our government should promote the health and mental benefits from eating naturally. They are not educating the people enough. They are all brainwashed into buying their massed produced carcasses (meat). What is that teaching our society about animal rights?
Brad   Vegetarian since spring of 2000 and a vegan since January of 2002 mbg253 at      
Sara   I have been a vegan since September of 2002. sarasmail_99 at or sksmr2 at      
joann   vegetarian off and on since late 50's.......and a wannabe (almost) vegan jvja733 at     .......66 years old and healthy as a horse........
Daharja Veitch
Victoria, Australia Vegan since 1998 I'm the proud WebMistress and Moderator of the grassroots non-profit VeganForLife website and egroup    
Amanda Mars hill, Me USA veggie for 8 years wiccafollower at     I feel so much better and healthier when i eat a veggie diet.
Jeanine California (USA) I am a life long vegetarian and a vegan since about 1993. I am 45 years old (2/03)     I have had much better health since I became a vegan. More energy, more strength, more endurance, better resistance to colds and flu. I lost 25 lbs when I became a vegan. I feel younger than I did 20 years ago.
Helen G. California (USA) I have been vegetarian all my life (born 1928) but a vegan since about 1995       I have lost weight since I became a vegan and my health has improved. I don't miss the dairy products.
Howard California (USA) Vegetarian since we married (1951) and became a vegan about 1995. I
was born in 1923
      I have more energy and better health now then I did years ago. I don't miss the meat. I walk 2+ miles a day and my varicose veins have shunk. I don't get leg cramps any more. I am healthier than my Dr. I don't use sugar, caffiene, alcohol or drugs. I eat whole foods, I enjoy life and am very active. Not ready for a nursing home here.
Jay Kershner Squeaker's at 175 N Main St Bowling Green, OH 43402 Vegan   Owner of a not-so-famous vegan cafe' and health food store called "Squeaker's"    
Heather Andre Squeaker's at 601 N Main St Findlay, OH 45840 Vegan   Owner of Squeaker's    
Stacie Gibson Pickens, South Carolina, USA.   tacie450 at I am a secretary   I am just getting started on trying to become a vegetarian and would love more comments or any advice or support anyone could give me on becoming a vegetarian. Thank you!
Zane Lamberte Riga, Latvia Vegetarian from June 2002 adrielsa at I`m study astrology and learning english.   My life changed when i became a vegetarian! And now i realy like my life, my body, my duties... Happy, proud and healty to be vegetarian (in future - maybe vegan)! I trust - you can do it too!
The Talifero's   Raw Vegan Living Food Family for 10 years,
info at
Running a Raw School
phone: 805-458-4442
Ketchy Perla Miami, Florida (USA) Vegetarian Since 1995        
Sally Miller Flemington, New Jersey USA I have been a vegetarian for almost 7 years, and I aspire to be a vegan (I am, most of the time, but do have occasional egg and cheese). Sally at

I am not really strict, in any aspect of my life.
writer, natural healer Central Jersey Vegetarian Group

I have prevented a recurrence of ovarian cancer with this diet (and no chemo/radiation). I've written a cookbook for people who aspire to have a healthier diet but aren't sure where to begin. "Good Eats At Sally's" shows how to substitute in recipes and change ingredients to vegan. I'm not a big proponent of meat substitutes; I believe we need to change over to a plant-based diet.

As Dr.Joel Fuhrman says, we are a nation of diseases of nutritional stupidity!

John Hannam Clinton, WA (longest island in contiguous U.S.) Vegan
(the most health & environmental information I've ever seen. You can link to anything from here!)

Sheet metal artist IOOF  
John King Stockton-on-Tees, England Vegetarian since 1980 jraymond at      
Melanie Cheng Toronto, Canada vegetarian since about 7/02I am part vegan (I do not use leather)        
Nicole Schonert            
Deborah   56 and have been vegetarian since 1976,     I am am healthier now than I was as a teenager. I've taken no hormone replacement drugs and am on no medication of any kind. My health is excellent and no one takes me for a woman in her 50's. I do enjoy the occasional egg from a free, happy hen, but do very little dairy, finding that plant sources are sufficient.
Nichola Jones New Zealand Have been Vegan since 14th July 2003 (I do eat honey and don't know what ALL the numbers on labels mean, but am working towards numbers as well), Vegetarian since 1st July 2001

nichola.leonie at

Film maker, Actress, Writer, Artist Vegetarian Society NZ Becoming a Vegan was alot easier than I'd expected, all it took was the committment to do so, it's just getting used to not eating what we have been brought up to believe is "normal" that takes alot of determination to do so. Since being vegetarian I feel like my body is a lot cleaner and since being vegan I feel alot healthier and like I'm helping in the world, even if it is just a little bit, every animal I don't eat is another life saved. The only problem I have come across is other people in society thinking they know better than me, ASSUMING things about me and situations they haven't even bothered to try. People need to be alot more open and accepting of others and try something they might think they can't do before they comment on someone else doing it, our world needs more love and by becoming a Vegan I believe it is a start to a better world for ALL Creatures :)
Deoranie Mahase Queens, New York Veggie since 1997 going strong. sitamata at

favvvv. website: (all the way)

    True Love Is Forever
Geoffrey Berbary Texas, Florida, New York and Worldwide Vegetarian ... All my life ... 4th generation vegetarian since 1902! gmb1994 at      
Jean Marie McShea IL USA Vegetarian since 1997 Kat9482407 at Babysitter   Got Soy? Soy, the best stuff on Earth!
Dean Northeast, USA Vegetarian 15 +1/2 years (since 1988)   Academia   Live a non-violent lifestyle! Go veggie!
Marion Victoria,BC Canada vegan - completely for several months, started trying to be Aug. 2002, vegetarian - 4 yrs (since 1999) marion at

good websites:

Student PETA (member) become a PETA member for $35 or more and help end animal cruelty for good! e-mail me, i'd like to meet other vegatarians, vegans
Greg Obis   vegetarian for 4 years, and i'm 13       I'm also the son of the founder of the magazine "Vegatarian Times"!
Gena Combs   Vegitarian since 2000
takocos2000 at
Bryan Naumann Mechanicsville, Virginia. Vegetarian since 1998. My personal site:

I work in retail and play guitar in church.   I may not be a "typical" vegetarian. I am a spiritual person who believes in freedom of religion for all people, whatever thier beliefs.
Yet I do think it is okay for people to own guns if they want. And I don't believe that people can or should rely on government and social programs to take care of them. I believe in freedom, responsibility, and love as best as I can understand.
Marisol Colarte-Delgado
Miramar, FL Vegetarian since 1993   school teacher Supporter of PETA and Cat Network in Florida  
TruAsia Brooklyn, NY, USA Vegetarian since 2003, now dairy/egg-free (updated 9/04) Mgr4mcs at
Personal Webpage
Composer/Producer/ Songwriter Black Vegetarian Society of NY "The means we choose dictate the ends we achieve."
Devan Kelli Pander Atlanta, GA USA Vegetarian since 1987
Diligently working toward becoming vegan
xsyntrik at

  Founder of Humane Friends Rescue  
Cortney Rachele Warwick Stuttgart, Arkansas (1/10/04) vegan since January of 2003
I am now twenty years old. I've been vegetarian since I was 8 years old - long before I knew what a vegetarian was.
Anyone can email me at pentacleprincess at

my website is .

I am training to be a crypto-liguist analyst for the United States army.    
Deborah Mccall Montreal, Vancouver, Canada Vegan for almost 20 years (1/13/04)        
Kate Harper Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Vegetarian for 5 years, vegan for 3 months (and on and off for the last year) kharper at Student    
Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti Seattle, WA Vegan since March 10, 2003 at the age of 46 (I'm still not sure what took me so long!)        
Sharna   I am 26 years old and have been a vego for 4 years and Vegan for 4 years
kelly_harambura at - they are also vegans so if anyone is interested its a great site.

John Faul Amsterdam in the Netherlands vegan/macrobiotic since 1976        
kevUn Lima, Ohio I have been a vegan for ethnical reasons since 2000 vocalist for the punk band Far From Paradise    
Sarah Rudy Meatheadsville, Ohio (USA) Meatless since 1995
Egg and Dairyless since 2000      
sylvester Tampa FL I have recently become a vegan. I was a lacto-vegetarian for most of my life.        
Em Lesser north shore of Chicago, IL (I love chi-town!). 17 year old vegan I've been vegan for about 4 months and vegetarian for a little over 2 years
      Live and let Live!!!
Amanda Albarty Murphy, NC vegetarian since 1987 /vegan (imperfect) since 2002 amandaalbarty at student/waitress    
Maureen M. Moore Everett, WA Paris Vegetarian since 1969
Vegan (trying!)since August 2003
queenmaureen at BioPhotonic Scanner Operator
White Plume Productions
  "If in the turmoil of battle you lose sight of your banner, follow the white plume upon my casque. You will find it on the road to victory and honor."
Everything can be cured, there is an answer for everything.
Mariah aka Forensic Goddess Riverside and Orange Counties, So California Thank you Ironman triathlete Lance Muzslay for introducing me to the veggie world in 2001! Dietary vegan now OldDogsNeedLove2 at

Forensic Specialist & Doberman Rescue volunteer Orange County People for Animals, PETA The more I learned to cook, the more vegan my diet became - automatically. Millenium Cookbook, The Artful Vegan, The Candle Cafe Cookbook. It's freakin easy to be vegan with all that crazy delicious stuff. And wow - I turned out to be a pretty darn good chef! Get a food processor, a pressure cooker and a smoker - then V food is EASY!
Vegan -- Since 1999
susie at      
Mugsy Lunsford Richmond, VA, USA Vegetarian since: August, 1972 mugzee at mac dot com MacGeek Not particularly organized I'm a natural vegetarian; can't digest animal fat - and was weak & sickly until I realized this at age 13
Don Walker South Lyon, Michigan Vegan since 1999 coovegan4life at philosophy student this page cracks me up!
Pauline South San Francisco, CA Vegetarian trying to become vegan XFencers at Homemaker    
Ricky Tseng South San Francisco Vegetarian since 1997 rt3297 at Kumon instructor    
Ian Tseng South San Francisco, CA Vegetarian since birth Age 3 (as of 5/04)    
Kwaku N. Anakwa New York , NY Vegetarian - Since 1998 xnoybis2000 at Dentist   Hello my beautiful people, Love Q
"S.V." Finland lacto-ovo vegetarian since 2004, concidering, planning and hoping for change to something happier horsmaan at      
Jeremiah Mondello Cottage Grove, Oregon Grew up a vegetarian for 10 years tried the vegan thing for a year or so a real fan of the raw foods and organic diet as much as I can student    
Nathan Beast Florida Vegetarian w/ Vegan tendencies Wrestler/Hobo/Between Jobs   Moby's a pretty good musician, and an excellent person. He's Vegan! :D
Sacha Dowell Christchurch
New Zealand
vegan sad37 at Masters of Science student    
Paul Katz Long Island City, NY, USA Vegetarian since 1978, Vegan since 1994 paulcats02 at
Personal Trainer & Holistic Health Counselor    
Stephanie Taylor   vegetarian since 1984  purplemadperson'      
Matt Bennet Ocean County, NJ Vegetarian since 2003 (14 Months) Bendog012 at      
Laura Wright Staten Island, NY Vegetarian since 1987;
Vegan since 2000
A great website: (a great place to find non-leather clothing and shoes)

llwright at
College English Professor, writer, animal rights activist   I'm going to make it into that famous list someday...
Rae Rodriguez New Jersey
  Vegan New Yorican Artist    
Andy Stockey Hammond, WI (Originally from Duluth, MN) Vegetarian: Since 1999 eoilersfan1 at     Meat is murder
Jason Sellers Staten Island, NY. Vegetarian since 1987;
vegan since 2000 PR specialist, vegan chef, martial artist    
Charley Korns Portland, Oregon Vegetarian since 1996 charley at
Laura Guimond Portland, Oregon Veg since 1978 laura at      
Mages Lingam Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia vegetarian since 1990
ag:e 33 yr old (11/30/04)
Stephy Tang Plattsburgh, New York, until 2000
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, currently
Vegetarian since 2001
Vegan since November 2004
  MH/MR Specialist Searching for a vegan organization in Pittsburgh "Man cannot pretend to be higher in ethics, spirituality, advancement, or civilization than other creatures, and at the same time live by lower standards than the vulture or hyena."
Jessica Thompson Australia lacto-ovo veg 4 years
going vegan sooooon
jessica120387 at student   Well done for going veg!
Aislinn Curley Belfast Ireland Vegan-1 year
(as of 1/2/05)
leo_gwen_382 at student   If everyone were a vegan there would be less suffering.
Sharron Woodward San Remo New South Wales Australia I have been for 21 years [1/05] .

sharron64 at

Cassie Danville Virginia I have been a vegetarion since Dec. 8th 2004        
Patrick Reilly Levittown PA Vegan for one month now since January 1st 2005 LuBudynastyking3 at student I'm thinking of joining PETA or a local group Well in this past month I've been vivid and alive. As if I was being reborn or cleansing my soul. I now speak to people and attempt to enlighten them to the ways of the vegan diet and why it should be pursued. Those imprisoned animals from the first day I learned the truth... I had to do something. This vegan diet is the way to (at least for myself) felt right thinking that I'm helping to save the poor animals trapped and crammed into their dark overcrowded cages. This is the best thing one can do for ones mind body and soul!
Tegan Harteveld York England uk 3yrs vegetarian not long but still


tegangreenleaf at At college Vegetarian society We don't have the right to kill animals as they don't have the right to kill us!
Marcia Oldfield Wales UK

been veggie for 36 years ( became veggie when i was 4 - veggie since 1969 )

  Full time Mother of three veggie kids ( 6, 2 and 8 months )   Veggie because i love animals
Ronnie and Margie Conner Cedar Lake, Michigan Margie - Life-long Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian.  Ronnie - Vegetarian since 1978. Both - Gradually Vegan (plus honey) since 2002 mconner at Ronnie - School Teacher for 36 yrs. Retires in 2005.  Odd Jobber.  Margie - Part time worker in a health food store, Roger's Natural Foods, Edmore, Michigan.  Vegan caterer.  Members of Seventh-day Adventist world-wide church which teaches vegetarianism for health's sake and to prepare us for eternity in a world where there is no death, hence no dead animals to eat! It is such a joy to be able to talk with people who come into the store and watch them change their lives for the better through diet.  People drag in and a month or so later they are different people with boundless energy.  Blessings!
Deadpan Rookie Toronto, Ontario, Canada VEGAN mashednanners at
artist crimethinc go vegan!


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