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Welcome to the SoyStache Project!

A unique project to promote an awareness of the many benefits of a plant-based (vegan) diet.

Serving the greater planet Earth!


Hello and Welcome!

This web site is the result of a project recently begun by Bill Amey and myself. There is a lot of advertising suggesting that dairy products are good for the body, and an important "food". Although not well publicized, there have been studies, suggesting the opposite is true. Cow's milk has been touted as a good source of calcium. As you can see, if you look at our nutrion table on calcium content , cow's milk is not only NOT in the top ten, it's not even in the top 40 (the first cow's milk listed is #41 on the list!) [How can the U.S.A., or any country for that matter, allow a product ranked at least #41 (I may have missed some plant-based foods) to be promoted as a "good source of calcium?] There has also been much promotion for the consumption of "flesh foods". Most of us in the US have been raised eating various meats. When we stop and look at the actual effects on our health and the environment, as well as on the lives of the animals themselves, we begin to wonder why we are doing this. When we look seriously at our own experiences we can see how our health is better when we avoid meat and dairy products. Bill and I are dietary vegans; We eat only plant-based foods. In addition, we make purchases with the environment and animal rights in mind (no leather, etc). There are a growing number of people who are opting for plant-based diets.

There are a variety of reasons why people choose these diets. Many, like myself, have originally chosen a plant-based diet because of health. As we listen to our own bodies, and take notice of the effects of dairy and meats on our bodies, we decrease, and eventually eliminate, these "foods". If everyone paid closer attention to this "cause and effect" relationship of food and its effect on the body, I believe there would not be many flesh-eating humans left. When we look at our own physical anatomy, we find we are not even meant to be ingesting flesh foods!

Many people choose to stop eating animal flesh out of their concern for animal rights. This is a natural step because of their love and respect of animals. Many say we have authority over animals and can do with them what we wish. This "authority", I believe, is actually meant to be a guardianship. As the dominant species on this planet, we have an inherent responsibility to take care of our fellow creatures. This does not mean inhumanely raising animals in cruel conditions for eventual slaughter. These animals are, by nature, kind and gentle, and in no way deserve this kind of life.

Another reason people turn away from meats and dairy is out of concern for our environment. Our planet is greatly affected by the consumption of these products. Other pages on this web site will show you startling statistics on these effects on our world. Albert Einstein once said: "Nothing will benefit human health or increase the chances for survival of life on earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."

Many people also choose a plant-based diet because of their spiritual and/or religious beliefs.

The project we have begun could have a great impact on our world. With widespread health challenges, such as cancer; diabetes; hypertension; and cardiovascular diseases, as well as environmental challenges, we could greatly benefit from an increase in plant-based diets. This is what our project will help facilitate.

Our project will help bring an awareness of the health and environmental benefits, as well as the popularity, of a plant-based diet. We know that people choose this lifestyle for a variety of reasons: health, animal rights, the environment, and spiritual reasons. All are affected positively by this lifestyle. Our project origionally intended creating a book including photos of celebrity vegetarians and short bios for each. Their bios would include their reasons for choosing a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, their health benefits, favorite snacks and recipes, favorite quotes, etc. The photos would be of the celebrity sporting a plant-based mustache [although, as the dairy industry has given a bad name to white (pus) mustaches, we are leaning towards non-mustache photos! Our name and logo reflect the original idea]. We wanted a book full of special people dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, that we, and others like us, could relate to, a book that would attract a mass audience, educate them, and compel them to moooove to a healthier way of life. The book would also contain facts and information on health, the environment and animal rights.

In 1999 we created this website to help communicate to the world details of our project. The website has taken on a life of its own. With hundreds of thousands of hits per year, our pages attract a great deal of interest from people looking for more information on healthy lifestyles. Our focus shifted from the book to providing free information through our website.

In September of 2005 we accepted our first advertising in order to help support the project. Not only has the project required thousands of hours of effort, but it has also required thousands of dollars to get it to this point. As one of our intentions for the celebrity interviews for the book was to raise money for vegetarian charities, we will be donating a percentage of revenues from the online celebrity interviews to the vegetarian charity of the individual celebrity's choice.

People love to follow celebrities and are influenced by them. It would be wonderful for this influence to be used in a positive way, to help people improve their own health, as well as the health of the environment and the impact on the lives of the animals.

The two of us have a dream, a dream of a better world. Some simple changes in lifestyle can greatly change our world. This project can help bring this change into fruition. We are only two people. With your help, and the help of other concerned vegetarians, we will make a difference.

If you are a celebrity vegetarian and are interested in being a part of this project, please contact us. If you know celebrity vegetarians, please share with them our project and direct them to this site. If you like this site, please share it with your friends. If you have comments or ideas you wish to share, please email us.

Veganism does the body good!

Thank you for visiting us!

Jeff Rogers


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According to WWWebster's Dictionary:

Vegetarianism is: the theory or practice of living on a diet made up of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and sometimes eggs or dairy products

A vegan is: a strict vegetarian who consumes no animal food or dairy products; also : one who abstains from using animal products (as leather)


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