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Raw Food Information!

The raw food diet, or raw/living food lifestyle, is believed to be the fastest growing segment of food service,
as well as type of diet. Here are some things to consider...

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'Vegan Ice Cream'
Recipes for
ice cream!

Direct from the author

Things to consider:

Of the millions of species of living organisms on the planet Earth, how many of them cook their food??? Answer: 1 (one)

Animals in nature do not experience problems with obesity, as well as so many other diseases common among humans.

If the very first known fireplace was discovered to be from around 2,000,000 years ago and most early fires were around 400-800 thousand years ago, then we would not have begun cooking foods till some time after that.( Probably long after that!) That was the first evidence of a fire, not the first evidence of cooking. Most likely, the predominant motivating factor to use fire, was for warmth. We likely would not have cooked food immediately and would have made that transition, once we discovered "cooking", very gradually and would have continued eating a majority of raw foods, if available. If the first evidence of humans was from at least 35 million years ago, then cooked food would have been only a very tiny part of our evolution, especially considering we would have been on raw foods long before the "first evidence of humans!" As our "evolution" began perhaps over 400 million years ago, the time we have been consuming cooked food is insignificant when compared to our overall time consuming raw foods.

When we look at our anatomy in terms of signs of our ability to catch and kill animals without the use of weapons or tools, we see that we do not have the natural tools, such as claws and sharp teeth, for killing the animals humans now commonly eat. Our anatomy seems to not be designed for such activities. While animals in nature, which actively kill animals for food, have sharp teeth, hinged jaws, acidic saliva, very strong stomach acid, and short intestines, humans have none of these. Our teeth are designed for grinding, our jaw is hinged and does not lock like those of animals which kill and eat animals in nature, we have alkaline saliva, very weak stomach acid compared to carnivorous animals, and we have very long intestines. Prior to our discovering weapons and tools, if we consumed any animals at all, they likely would have been small, slow, or injured (or dead) animals, and only on rare occasion as long as we had a supply of plant-based foods available. When there is food natural for humans available, then there is no need to look "outside" our natural diet.

Our bodies produce their own cholesterol. There is no need to consume "dietary" cholesterol, which means there is no need for us to consume animal products! If our bodies need more cholesterol, they will produce more! If we choose to go outside our natural diet and consume animal products, our bodies may then have too much cholesterol, which becomes a burden. It's no wonder there is an epidemic of cardiovascular disease among westerners, who eat a large percentage of animal products.

When we look at true instincts, are we naturally drawn to animals for food? When hungry, do we instantly salivate at the sight of an animal? Do we instinctively want to catch or tackle that animal and take a bite of its flesh? Or suck its blood out? If people salivate at the thought of animal flesh, they are likely imagining a plate of food, already prepared: cooked, marinated, seasoned, with sides of other cooked seasoned foods. That has nothing to do with a human's natural diet.

If testimonials from raw foodists are any sign of the benefits of adopting a raw foods diet, then the diet may help people overcome health challenges from colds and flues to cancer and diabetes. Note to the overweight: One side-effect for the overweight seems to be weight loss! Many raw foodists claim they experienced weight loss without even trying!

Overcoming colds and flues seems to be a common effect of the diet. In theory, the symptoms of "colds" or "flues" are simply the body's way of cleaning and healing, which is increased when we eat improperly. Anything we put into the body that is foreign to the body, the body needs to purge! It's amazing (or, at least, seems to be) that all of a sudden, we can stop "catching" colds and flues, even when everyone around us is getting sick. I've watched "influenza" go round and round "the office". People believe it "spreads" from person to person. So, why then, does it skip over people who stopped eating cooked and artificial foods? It is my impression that, as long as I stick to the raw food (vegan and organic) diet, my body no longer needs to produce the cold and flu symptoms it used to. I certainly don't miss it! Years ago, I used to "catch" flues, including bronchitis, several times a year (3 to 4). I used to call in sick to work several times a year, as well. I haven't done that since January, 2001. I enjoy taking control of my health! Is it time for you to take control of yours?

No disease was ever caused by a lack of the medicine that is supposed to "cure" it: Ex: headaches are NOT caused by a lack of aspirin; cancer is NOT caused by a lack of chemotherapy or radiation; high blood pressure is NOT caused by a lack of blood pressure medication!. So WHY, then, do we give the body these "foods" (we "eat" the pills don't we? BTW, injections are another way of "eating" they just bypass the digestive system) when our bodies are suffering? They suffer from what we have already done to them, so why make it worse? Why not just stop feeding it what makes it suffer? How about we give the body a break and allow the body to heal itself and recover?


Find raw food groups near you through Meetup! Type in your zip code and search for "raw food".

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From Towards Freedom: (a must read!)

Cooked Food Effects

by Wes Peterson

During the past few decades there has been much research done in the area of nutrition. Some of this research casts light on some important insights regarding the foods which Mother Nature offers to us in its whole, raw state, and what happens when we tamper with it.

From Raw Health:

Living nutrition is the most health building and cost-effective health program available. The healing ability goes beyond regular Vegetarianism and Vegan diets, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and synthetic-drug dependency. Roll back the clock of aging and cultural "dis-ease". Take full responsibility of your" wellness program."

From The Living and Raw Foods Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone want to eat a raw and living foods diet?

There are many reasons why people eat a raw and living foods diet.

1.Health: Persons embracing this type of diet invariably experience improvements in their general physical and mental status, including more energy, better health, more energy <smile>, weight loss, detoxification, and a sturdier immune system that better resists and recovers from just about any kind of disease... and the list goes on...

Raw Food Personals/Raw Food Singles:

The living and raw food personals!

Nature's First Law Raw Personals

If you were my sister/brother, I'd encourage you to move towards a raw plant based diet!


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