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Raw Foods, Living Foods
& Fruitarian Links

A list of links to Raw Food, Living Food, and Fruitarian websites, events, and restaurants.

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'Vegan Ice Cream'
Recipes for
ice cream!

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Raw Food-Related
pages on this site:

Categories on this page:

Raw Catering and Instruction

Raw Food Sites

Fruitarian Sites

Raw Food Potlucks:

See also Vegetarian/Vegan Societies and Organizations (Raw Food groups too!)

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Raw Food Articles:

Raw Food Articles - Here is a page of links to articles from the media about raw foods.


Raw Health Retreats

Ann Wigmore Foundation - Located in a radiant oasis, high in the desert of enchanting New Mexico in the shadow of Mt. Taylor. Come for a quiet retreat and discover renewed vitality, emotional balance, and spiritual strength.

Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute - Our healing center sits on the edge of the sea in the coastal village of Aguada, Puerto Rico. Here we offer two week detox programs where we teach the living foods/raw foods lifestyle. Discover the bliss of a raw vegan diet and yoga by the sea.

Cedar Springs offers participants a spiritual and physical renewing experience, bringing together exercise, juicing for health and raw food organic cleansing on 50 idyllic acres in the beautiful Cascade foothills (WA).

Creative Health Institute- The Dr. Ann Wigmore Hippocrates Institute of the Midwest. A natural health learning center which provides a natural program of body purification, nutrition and rejuvenation.

Dharma Healing International - An Educational Fasting and Detox Spiritual Retreat Experience in Thailand

Hippocrates Health Institute - has been the premiere leader in the field of natural and alternative health care and education since 1956

New Life Retreat

Optimum Health Institute San Diego & Austin

Tanglewood Wellness Center - supervised fasting, nutrition/wellness counseling, Reiki, seminars, workshops, raw food prep classes, internships, bed and breakfast, all organic, vegan, living foods.

The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is your time to refresh and re-source yourself. Avail yourself of the health-affirming events and activities or simply take rest. Either way you will be surrounded by the majestic beauty of the high Arizona mesa and dine on some of the best 100% organic vegetarian, live-foods cuisine in America.

Ubud Sari Health Resort - Raw Health Program, Eat live natural foods and feel alive!

Raw Food Sites:

Alissa Cohen - The Raw and Living Food Diet

Alive and Raw - Dedicated to teaching the wonders of God's Living Foods.

All Raw Times Homepage

Ancient Sun Nutrition

The ANNAPURNA Retreat & Spa is a holistic healing Bed & Breakfast retreat in PortTownsend, WA. (Serving vegan live food)

Are you a "Durian Head"??? The "dangers" of over-consuming durian! (raw food humor)

Australia's largest raw food community

Awesome Rawsome Lifestyle

The Baltimore Live Foods Network began to sprout in 2001. Its purpose is to provide a network of people, information, and services in Live/raw foods, as well as support from other raw foodists.

Beautiful on Raw

BeauVega desserts

Before and after pic's of raw foodists-

Becoming Natural In An Unnatural World,

Beyond Vegetarianism: How to Permanently Eliminate "Colds/Flus" by Simple Dietary Change - By Laurie Forti -

Community Raw feasts around the country - From Raw Health

David Wolfe -- Foremost Promoter of the Raw Food Diet

Dr. Douglas Graham Author of "The High Energy Diet Recipe Guide" and "The 80/10/10 Diet, past member of the Board of Governors of the International Association of Professional Natural Hygienists, and on the Board of Advisors of Voice for a Viable Future. Here you will find the answers to improve your health, life style, performance, energy, appearance, and zest.

EatRaw Corporation - Raw food source for organic based diets and lifestyle.

Ecopolitan is a completely organic, vegan and raw restaurant and an ecological shop selling natural, non-toxic home and body goods. Minneapolis, MN 55405

Ekaya Institute of living food education: The Garden Diet! The raw-vegan (living foods) diet is fast becoming recognized and EXPERIENCED as by far the ultimate diet for health, longevity and vitality!

Essene Friutarianism of Jesus Christ

Farmer's Markets listed by state (AMS at USDA)

The Fresh Network is a unique organisation based in the UK, promoting a diet high in raw & living foods

Fresh Up North, - Europe's No 1 Raw Food Group

Foraging With the "Wildman" - Learn about edible and medicinal wild plants and mushrooms, nature, and ecology with New York's best-known naturalist

From SAD to Raw

Funky Raw Festival - August 15 - 18, 2008, Near Plymouth, Cornwall, UK

Gone Raw- a social recipe sharing website to help people find, compare, and enjoy raw food recipes from around the world

Hallelujah Acres Online: A Biblical perspective of a raw food and home of the Hallelujah Diet.

Healing For Bliss - HFB is a wholistic health organization focusing on education and health services in the areas of diet and lifestyle, and energetic and emotional healing. We intend for you to maximize your potential on every level .including live food education.

Health Now, An essay by Steve Adler. This essay is written with those in mind who suffer from cancer and seek alternative treatments.

Hope4Health -

How to open a young coconut... Lear how to select and open a young (Thai) coconut.

HumaNature - Santa Barbara RAW FOODS Vacation Retreat - An experiential continuing education program in healthy living,. CLEANSE AND RE-GENERATE WHILE YOU LEARN HOW TO LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

Garden of Health - Living Foods Lifestyle

How to make fresh raw (and delicious) coconut milk! -

How to open a young coconut -

How to open a mature coconut -

"Inland Empire RAW" a raw/living food community in the Riverside/San Bernardino area of Southern California. We have monthly gatherings as well as raw food prep classes and group outings to other area events. Please phone or email me (909) 370-1271 if you would like to know about upcoming events.

Jesus was a Raw-Foodist! - Ancient text quote Jesus teaching we should eat a raw vegetarian diet!

Just Eat An Apple - "JEAA is the very best magazine on the subject of raw foods and natural living."

Karen Clarke, Live Food Chef Edmonston, MD (301) 887-1971

Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach is the UK’s most sought-after raw food expert and publishes "Successfully Raw"

Kristen's Raw – Living Foods, Longer Life - When eating food that is incomplete and lacking - is it possible that we are digging our own graves with our teeth? Is it possible that a certain powerful simple kind of nutrition can reveal the next step toward both our own health and a sustainable future for planet earth?

Living and Healing Raw

Living and Raw Foods: The largest community and source of information and recipes on the internet for the living and raw food vegetarian based diet."

Living Nutrition Magazine is the world's only periodical dedicated to teaching health seekers how to eat their natural diet of alive raw fruits and vegetables and build everlasting superb health in this modern, stress-filled world

Living Nutz

Lydia’s Lovin’ Foods

Miami-Live - Living-Food events and resources in South Florida - Promote a raw, vegan, organic diet, including Blessings™ Alive and Radiant Foods

Nature's First Law (Sunfood Nutrition™) - Source of raw foods, superfoods, raw books, appliances, events, and more.

Organic Avenue - raw snacks

Pure Joy Living Foods

Radical Health & Raw Food Diet

Raw and Juicy - Curing disease naturally with a raw food diet.

The Raw Auzzie

Raw & Living Food Survey

Raw Family - The official site of the Boutenko family.

Raw Food Information: Things to consider about diet and health...

Raw Foods News - offers the unique perspective of a seasoned journalist who's also a raw foods enthusiast. Our mission is to get more people interested in raw foods, to have fun, and to encourage more experimentation with recipes, restaurants, and community outreach, towards the day when raw foods will be a real force to reckon with!

Raw Food Living - Hundreds of raw and related links

Raw for Life - Provides training, personal chef and catering services and assistance in designing living lifestyles through "Raw Salon" hands-on dinners and workshops, support group meetings and private and group lessons.

* - Designed specifically to help people and support raw families or individuals in need. We are currently working on supporting a Florida couple, the Andressohns, who were unjustly treated for choosing a raw food lifestyle.

* [SoyStache Note: Before posting the above link, we spoke to the office of Rubin Ellis, the Andressohns' attorney, to verify that RawFriends was indeed helping the Andressohns through this ordeal. We spoke to Andrew Fields, an attorney from California, helping with the case. He spoke very highly of Willa and Steven, who run He also spoke highly of many others, such as Rubin Ellis, who are working together to help the Andressohns, donating legal help, transportation, and housing, etc.]

Raw From the Farm - source for farm-direct raw foods

Raw Health - Living foods are the most health building and cost-effective health program available. Their healing ability goes beyond regular Vegetarianism and Vegan diets, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and synthetic-drug dependency. Roll back the clock of aging and cultural "dis-ease". Take full responsibility of your" wellness program".

Raw Heaven is your gateway to anything and everything about Raw and Living Foods...the Ultimate Vegetarian Lifestyle.

The Raw Life - Information and resources to support the Raw food diet. The official Paul Nison web site.

Raw Living

Raw Passion - The Ultimate Raw Food Seminars

Raw Reform - Angela Stokes official site

Raw Sarasota (Florida)

Raw Toronto

Raw Vancouver

Raw This site has been created as an introduction to raw-foodism: the raw food diet. You will find free information, raw vegan recipes, FAQs on raw foods and vegetarian issues, and more.

Raw World - Experience Heaven on Earth. February 1 - 9, 2003. International Festival of Raw Food Enthusiasts. A healthy adventure retreat featuring raw organic vegetarian food, talks, music, and dance, on a beautiful beach in Costa Rica.

Raw DC Raw/living food resources in the Washington DC area

At, you can shop hundreds of amazing hemp, raw food, and organic cotton products in the Store,’read up on the why's and wherefore's of the rawganigque ( lifestyle in RawForLife e-zine, and discover a whole new world of gourmet un-cooking in Rawganique Recipes (it really is that good!).

RAWphoriaLIVE living vibrantly on nature's abundance

Rawtism - We offer raw and living food coaching, consultations, Certification classes, and also private and group classes.
We also offer seminars, coaching, and private and group classes on autism early intervention, autism and dietary strategies, and ADHD and dietary strategies.

RawVolution The healthiest meals you’ll ever love delivered to your door each week!

Real Raw Live

Rhio's Raw Energy - Author of Hooked on Raw. Website includes information on The Raw Energy Hotline.

Rio Chirripo Retreat - A small lodge near the trailhead of Costa Rica's tallest mountain, Chirripo. A natural setting for yoga, meditation, spiritual gatherings, raw food retreats and workshops.

Running Raw - The Future of Athletics Has Arrived!

SDC Living Foods - Vegetarian Raw Foods Support Group of San Diego County 619/260-6968 -- Loving and living a beautiful life in the raw

Shinui Living Foods Retreat and Learning Center - Dedicated to teaching and promoting the Living Foods lifestyle through classes, social events, consultation, and community

The Sprout Café and Shinui Living Food Learning Center

Sunfood Nutrition™ - Source of raw foods, superfoods, raw books, appliances, events, and more.

Sunfood Diet & Cuisine - This site is dedicated to the promotion of the raw food vegan way of life.

Sun=Food=Energy - This EatVeg webpage uses Kurlian photography to show the energy found in raw food.

Sun Raw is the premier Living Foods restaurant in the Pacific Northwest! Fusing nutritional principles for flawless health with revolutionary flavor concepts, Sun Raw will serve up exquisite dining experiences that both your tongue and your body will treasure. Raw Food Classes. - I decided to make this site to document my transition over to a raw foods vegan diet. - Raw testimonial and support from Roger Haeske

Two Moms in the RAW, LLC

Utah's Living Food Diet, Support and Education Website! Our mission is to bring together people who are interested in the raw food movement. - Everything you wanted to know about veg teen life!

Vital Creations™ - The online home of life-food artistry & Chef Chad Sarno!

Wonder Raw Retreat

Related articles:

Physical Immortality, by Joe Alexander

Why Raw? (NewVeg)

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Raw and Living foods

The Living Foods Institute is an educational training center devoted to teaching "The Living Foods Lifestyle." We promote wholistic healing of the body, mind, and spiritual connection using enzyme-rich LivingFoods.

Living Light Culinary Arts Institute - Offering Certification Courses in Raw Live Food Cuisine for Individuals, Chefs and Teachers.


Fruitarian Sites:

Fruitarian Fitness/Richard Blackman

Fruitarian site - The international meeting point for people who love to eat fruit. We eat raw fruit only…and we feel GREAT !!!!

Fruitarian Network

Fruitarian Vibes - Our foremost goal is to create an ever increasing awareness about the fruitarian diet and lifestyle throughout the world.

The Fruitarian Worldwide Network...linking you to the world's premier resources for the fruitarian raw food lifestyle

How To Become A Frutarian "The Original Fruitarian Guidebook. Free download. Personal experiences, advice, recipes."

Related articles:

The Jesus Diet - Essene Fruitarianism As A Dietary Practice Today, by Rev. Abba Nazariah, D.D. - RawHealth's "the Jesus-diet" A Step-by-Step Program in Three Phases


Raw Food Potlucks:

Raw Food Potlucks Across America

See also Vegetarian/Vegan Societies and Organizations (Raw Food groups too!)


Raw Catering & Instruction:

Chocolate In The Raw! A raw class sharing a variety of wonderful vegan chocolate treats!

Dandelion Bunch. Based in Philadelphia, PA, the Dandelion Bunch is dedicated to assisting you on your path of learning how to prepare nutritionally delicious plant based foods for a healthier lasting lifestyle.

Living and Healing Raw

Raw Chef Dan

Raw Food Cuisine - Classes are taught by Paul Yeoh, raw vegan advocate and certified associate chef & instructor from the Living Light Institute

The Raw Food School

Raw Healing: Raw Food Diet Coaching Services!

Raw-source - Want to go raw? Go to the source!™ On-sight, in-home, online classes, training, consultations, raw chef certification courses, individual and restaurant menu planning, kitchen design, and recipe development 877-661-8117

Sun Kitchen - Exquisite, affordable, eco-friendly, live food catering and event vending. 877-661-8117

The Naughty Vegan - Jeff Rogers specializes in Vice Cream™ gourmet vegan "ice cream", including raw Vice Cream™, a favorite at the International Raw & Living Foods Festival. Offers classes and individual instruction, as well as catering. 206-547-8224. Newest class: Chocolate in the Raw!

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Raw Testimonials:

From Nature's First Law:

Before and after pictures -

Living Foods Success Stories by Brenda Cobb


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