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This is one of the web's most extensive list of vegetarian links, and vegan links, including evnironmental and animal links.
SoyStache is a unique project to promote an awareness of the many benefits of a plant-based (vegan) diet.

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These extensive vegan and vegetarian-related links are provided for the benefit of our visitors. We are not responsible for their content.
We hope you find them informative! Please feel free to inform us of similar vegetarian links not listed here.

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Take a look at these physicians who are advocating a vegetarian diet!:

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM): A non-profit organization advocating a vegan diet supported by over 5,000 physicians and 100,000 laypersons. Excellant source of information.

Neal Barnard, M.D. - An advocate for health, nutrition, and higher standards in research!

Michael Greger, M.D. - A passionate and intriguing physician advocating a healthier lifestyle!.

William Harris, MD: The Scientific Basis for Vegetarianism.

Michael Klaper, M.D.: Institute of Nutrition Education and Research

John McDougall, M.D.: McDougall Wellness Center.



Vegetarianism and Health:

Dr. Neal Pinckney, Healing Heart Foundation - You can prevent or reverse heart disease by changing your lifestyle: What you eat, how you exercise and how you manage stress. Changing to a low fat vegetarian diet and practicing regular aerobic exercise is vital to reversing heart disease. Common Plant Sources of Calcium

Leaves of Life is a voluntary health promotion organization, which endeavors to bring its members and friends, the best in vegetarian/ vegan whole food cookery and health seminars.

NutriSpeak - Welcome to the Website of Vesanto Melina, Registered Dietitian, author, consultant and speaker, specializing in Vegetarian Nutrition and Foods.

What People Are (unfortunately) Eating, a resource for physicians and laypeople with questions and concerns about high-protein diets. This Web site offers the latest news and information about these diets, as well as a registry where dieters can record any health complications they've experienced.

Brendan Brazier is a professional Ironman triathlete who has successfully adopted a vegan diet. Brendan provides a reason and a solution for the most common problems active people experience when adopting a plant-based diet.


Health Retreats

Angel's Health Food Institute - What happens when the holistic wisdom of Hippocrates Meets and combines the natural health science and technology of today?
PO Box 858
Gold Hill, OR 97525 USA

Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute - Our healing center sits on the edge of the sea in the coastal village of Aguada, Puerto Rico. Here we offer two week detox programs where we teach the living foods/raw foods lifestyle. Discover the bliss of a raw vegan diet and yoga by the sea.
Carretera 115, Km. 20
Calle Moret, Bo. Guayabo
Puerto Rico 00602

Cedar Springs offers participants a spiritual and physical renewing experience, bringing together exercise, juicing for health and raw food organic cleansing on 50 idyllic acres in the beautiful Cascade foothills (WA).
31459 Barben Road
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284 USA

Creative Health Institute - The Dr. Ann Wigmore Hippocrates Institute of the Midwest. A natural health learning center which provides a natural program of body purification, nutrition and rejuvenation.
112 West Union City Road
Union City, MI 49094 USA

Dharma Healing International - An Educational Fasting and Detox Spiritual Retreat Experience in Thailand
63 Moo Tee 1
Ang Thong, Koh Samui
Surat Thani 84140

The Farm - Through our Prevention, Recovery and Wellness Programs, we provide the environment, guidance and support you need to realize your maximum human potential.
119 Barangay Tipakan
Batangas, The Philippines

Hippocrates Health Institute - has been the premiere leader in the field of natural and alternative health care and education since 1956
1443 Palmdale Court
West Palm Beach, FL 33411 USA

New Life Retreat
RR 4, 453 Dobbie Rd
Lanark, Ontario K0G 1K0 Canada

Optimum Health Institute San Diego & Austin
OHI San Diego
6970 Central Avenue
Lemon Grove, CA  91945 USA

OHI Austin
265 Cedar Lane
Cedar Creek, TX  78612 USA

Sunfired House of Life - Lifestyle Transformation Retreat
Coyaba River Gardens
Ocho Rios

Tanglewood Wellness Center - supervised fasting, nutrition/wellness counseling, Reiki, seminars, workshops, raw food prep classes, internships, bed and breakfast, all organic, vegan, living foods.
Correos Bejuco
Entrenga General
Rep. de Panama

The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is your time to refresh and re-source yourself. Avail yourself of the health-affirming events and activities or simply take rest. Either way you will be surrounded by the majestic beauty of the high Arizona mesa and dine on some of the best 100% organic vegetarian, live-foods cuisine in America.
PO Box 778
Patagonia, AZ, 85624 USA

Ubud Sari Health Resort - Raw Health Program, Eat live natural foods and feel alive!
35 Jl. Kajeng Ubud, Bali 80571

Vida Clara is a place for healing, growth and spiritual renewal on 40 pristine acres in Belize, Central America. We offer Fasting Retreats supervised by Dr. Robert Sniadach.


Nutrition Education

Vegetarian Nutrition: Food for Life - A college course taught completely online is now available for anyone interested in health and nutrition issues.

Veg Advantage - Tal Ronnen started the Veg Advantage program in 2004 to help food-service operators integrate vegetarian options into their daily operations. Whether you need menu suggestions, tips on working with new vegetarian foods, or sources for meat analogs and other vegetarian products, help is just a phone call away! (May to June 2008 Chef Tal helps Oprah Winfrey on her 21-day vegan cleanse!!!)


Sports and the vegetarian diet:

The first & only all-vegetarian cycling team!

The Veggie Sports Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of information related to Vegetarianism, Sports, and Vegetarian nutrition in sports.


The Other Dr. Ruth:

Ruth Heidrich, PhD: Author of "A Race For Life" and "The Race For Life Cookbook".


Vegan Pregnancy:


Vegetarian Diets During Pregnancy, Lactation, and Infancy


Celebrity Vegetarian Interviews:

Celebrity Vegetarian Interviews - SoyStache/Celebrities for Health

Celebrity Interviews (interviewed by June Bird)


Tons of reasons NOT to consume milk and dairy... along with great articles:


Milk Sucks!

NOTMILK Times Newsletters – “The whole story on cow's milk and dairy!” - Milk. It's not all it's cracked up to be. If you think your kids need milk to grow strong bones, it's time for a second opinion.

Test Cows Now is a campaign from EarthSave Int'l to raise public and governmental awareness about the serious issue of testing for mad cow disease in this country. With the testing of only 1 in 18,000 cows, testing in this country is basically non-existent. Mad Cow may already be here. With current practices, we may never know it. We encourage you to sign the online petition calling for action. EarthSave International will submit the collected petitions to Congressional leaders and USDA representatives on your behalf.


Dairy Alternatives

Alternatives to animal Milk and Dairy


Soy Information:


Vegetarian Email Lists & Message Boards:

Minoesj: The Vegetarian Voice. The idea of this Website is to listen and talk to each other. To discuss vegetarian ideas and issues, to share and solve problems and to promote the vegetarian way of live.

* RegionalVeg This is an expanding group of mailing lists for the discussion of regional vegetarian topics and issues. The goal of the project is to create forums for the discussion of local interests which are not provided for by the larger veg resources on the net. This is a wonderful way to stay informed! On the main page, look for the lists with "VEG-"

VeggieBoards - Where friendships grow

Veggie Jews is an international organization dedicated to providing a support group for Jewish vegetarians and vegans and spreading vegetarian, vegan and animal rights consciousness into the Jewish community.

VMB - Vegan Message Board

Yahoo Groups - This is an enormous collection of email groups. Join one or start your own! From this link, do a search for "vegetarian", "vegan" or "raw food", etc. You can even add your city in the search for finding veg groups in your area.

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Interesting Articles:

Beyond Vegetarianism: How to Permanently Eliminate "Colds/Flus" by Simple Dietary Change - By Laurie Forti -

Scientific Arguments Against Eating Meat And Other Animal Products - By Laurie Forti -

For more information on the "Original Thanksgiving" please read The First Vegetarian Thanksgiving - by historian Rynn Berry.

Native Americans & Vegetarianism

VITAMIN B-12: Should You Worry? By Charles R. Attwood, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Vitamin B12: A Simple Solution

PCRM--Calcium in Plant-Based Diets

Calcium - Healing Heart Foundation

Organics: The Blurred Vision of ABC's 20/20, by J. Robert Hatherill, Ph.D, and Jeff Nelson

MILK, A CATCH-22: Calcium Without the Cow, By Charles R. Attwood, M.D., F.A.A.P.

PCRM--How can I get enough protein? The Protein Myth

Physical Immortality, by Joe Alexander -" Paradise health! That was the phrase Arnold Ehret used to describe the sense of heightened well-being that he experienced on the raw food diet. And it is this dramatic renewal of vitality, this heightened aliveness, this feeling of having received a new and much better life, that convices those who stick to the raw food diet strictly for at least a few months, that this is the only way to real health. ... Raw food eaters feel rejuvenated. They feel they have received a new lease on life, as if they have traded in a weary, deteriorating old body for a fresh and vigorous one, with much greater capacity to enjoy life and accomplish things."

Protein - Healing Heart Foundation

"Complete" Proteins? By Charles R. Attwood, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Health Now - Tips on obtaining health from Steve Adler

Can a Vegan Diet Cure Diabetes?

Vegan Values - Stanley M. Sapon, PhD sharing his thoughts and feelings about Vegan issues with a community of like-minded and like-spirited people. Includes "A Philosophy of Vegan Values" and other articles and essays.

Some Excellent Articles on Disease & Health (pdf) from


Guides to Vegetarian Dining:

Raw Food Restaurants Around the World! Find area raw food-friendly restaurants before travelling.

HappyCow: World vegetarian restaurant guide and directory of natural health food stores. - your online guide to vegetarian restaurants around the world.

Vegetarian Guide! - vegetarian dining guide.

VegSource is offering an advisory service as part of its policy of promoting a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. They will help you to find vegetarian dining and health food stores, etc. at your perspective destination.

World Guide To Vegetarianism: Still awaiting the new site construction (several years).WAS a great way to find vegetarian friendly restaurants and stores when traveling!

City Search - This may not be specifically a vegan site, but does offer a search of restaurants by cuisine. So... select the city of your choice, then Restaurants "by Cuisine," then select "Vegan" or "Vegetarian."


Vegetarian Television Cooking Shows:

Alive & Well with Michelle Harris is the #1 healthy lifestyle series on national television, airing five episodes weekly on GoodLife TV Network.

Delicious TV - A new cooking and lifestyle series featuring host Toni Fiore. Produced in Portland, Maine and available nationwide, the show is lively, colorful, and upbeat.

Vegetarian Country is a cooking and entertainment TV show, currently on cable television. Our show and web site are intended as an entertaining vehicle to demonstrate methods for the pursuit of the physical, psychological, and social benefits of vegetarian cuisine.


Some Great Vegetarian Sites:

*101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian

All Creatures.Org We are dedicated to cruelty-free living through a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle according to Judeo-Christian ethics.

All4Vegans – Includes many pages for vegans such as Vegans In Motion, VegiKids, Vegan Singles Club, and Vegan Couples Club.

American Vegetarians

Animal Liberation site on Vegetarianism

Artistic Living: Vegetarianism / Veganism: - A wonderful site from Verónica Muñoz with an inspirational story of her journey to a raw vegan diet. - What's wrong with leather? This site tells you why. - A roadmap for vegans, with extensive pointers to: vegetarianism; becoming and staying vegan; eating veg*n (at home and while traveling); cruelty-free shopping; and finding support (organizations, on-line communities, and companionship)

Gail Davis An informative site with info about her book: “So, Now What Do I Eat?”

*EarthSave Advocates of a vegan diet. Include monthly dine-out evenings, membership potluck dinners, The Taste of Health

EarthSave Canada

EarthSave Australia - promotes food choices that are healthy for people and the planet. We educate, inspire and empower people to shift towards a plant based diet and to take compassionate action for all life on earth. - . What do Drew Barrymore and Leonardo Da Vinci have in common? What unites Steve Jobs and Fiona Apple? What do "Natural Born Killer" Woody Harrelson and Mickey Mouse's boss, Michael Eisner, share? They're all vegetarians. Whether you want to make the switch to benefit animals, protect your own health, or preserve the Earth, please give it a try, on us!

EATVEG.COM is dedicated to educating people on why an organic plant-based diet is best for personal health, the animals and the earth.

Ethical Consumption - for People, Animals and the Planet - This site helps to demonstrate the widespread popularity of vegetarianism around the world.

Food for Life A unique project for bringing food and life to the needy of the world through the liberal distribution of karma-free vegetarian meals.

The FRESH Network, An international network to exchange information, ideas and personal experiences so that individuals can change their diet and life-style with help and support from others, to suit their own personal set of ever changing needs and circumstances.

Gentle World - Non-Profit Educational Organization & Vegan Community dedicated to the prevention & alleviation of human & animal suffering, specifically by educating the public as to the health, environmental, ethical & spiritual benefits of the Vegan diet and lifestyle.

How to win an argument with a meat eater

Howard Lyman, Voice for a Viable Future - Site includes information and suggested reading for beginning vegetarians, as well as info on the “Veggie Libel” trial with Oprah Winfrey.

The Institute for Plant Based Nutrition

London Vegans - London Vegans exists to promote veganism in the London area. We have various social events, such as monthly meetings, restaurant visits and walks .

McSPOTLIGHT, The McLibel Trial

Natural Land - Award-Winning Natural Living Supersite, includes health articles, recipes, and links

Nature's First Law - The web's largest source of raw foods, as well as related equipment and products.

New Century Nutrition

Soy Happy continues to open doors and facilitate the addition of popular vegetarian items to concession fare...not only for baseball parks, but for all mainstream venues!

Towards Freedom - (The organization that brings us "WorldFest"!) "Life is a quest to be free. We seek freedom to discover our gifts, to be of service, to honour this beautiful planet and her creatures, to make our contribution in the book of eternity. Look into the eyes of others and see that all are on the same path ... Towards Freedom"

Upperworld society (in French) is an animal and environmental friendly French Canadian media from Montreal promoting veganism, animal rights, alternative energies and health through videos, guides and actual articles.

Veg Advantage - Tal Ronnen started the Veg Advantage program in 2004 to help food-service operators integrate vegetarian options into their daily operations. Whether you need menu suggestions, tips on working with new vegetarian foods, or sources for meat analogs and other vegetarian products, help is just a phone call away! (May to June 2008 Chef Tal helps Oprah Winfrey on her 21-day vegan cleanse!!!)

Veg World - Information and advice for new vegetarians and vegans, and for those thinking of making the switch to a meat-free diet.

Vegan Action - Our mission is to enhance public awareness about the many benefits of a vegan diet and lifestyle, and to work to improve the availability of vegan foods. - Run Gina Run... The Zombies are coming! Germany sees the first vegan tv commercial - Gina Wild and The Zombies line up to bring the vegan message to the world - on national German TV networks and on the web!

Vegan Militant Movement - MEAT: A Euphemism for Murder

Vegan Outreach - is an international 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to furthering awareness and understanding in order to bring about fundamental change in our physical well-being, our treatment of others, and our interaction with our environment.

Veganpeace - Striving towards peacefully sharing our earth. Includes a forum, e-cards and information about veganism, sweatshops, parenting, gay issues, cookbook reviews and ingredient definitions. http://www.veganpeace

VeganSpeak - A site with articles and vegetarian merchandise.

Vegan Street, Created to spread the message of veganism, of compassion, creativity and hope

Vegan Village

Vegan Voice: Food for thought. News for vegans. Things everyone should know.

Vegan World Order is concerned with nothing other than the economic reality that vegans want food tailored to their lifestyle. Here you will find recipes and restaurant listings that address these needs.

Vegan.Com - "The information source for all things vegan.

Veganet (Vegetarian Awareness Network) advance public awareness of the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle, promote healthful living, environmental healing, and respect for all life

Vegans For Life


Vegetarian Central

Vegetarian Cuisine - "THE starting place for exploring Vegetarian Cuisine, from your Guide"

Vegetarian facts

Vegetarian Foundation - Welcome! Vegetarian Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to help educate the public about vegetarianism. We assist individuals and groups, support public events and projects, and help encourage communication among people interested in vegetarianism throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Vegetarian Guide

Vegetarian Pages - The Vegetarian Pages is intended to be an independent, definitive Internet guide for vegetarians, vegans and others. The Vegetarian Pages hosts many valuable resources too! This site is overdue for updating. They are currently in the process. Check their NEW site periodically

The Vegetarian Site - Articles, recipes, shopping, and more., where you'll find vegetarian product reviews, recipes and great tips for both vegetarians and curious meateaters. Also check out our booklet "Easy Ways to Eat More Soy".

Veggie Living - The Guide to Vegetarian and Vegan Information

VeggieheadOnline is an internet resource and forum for those who celebrate the meatless way of life.

Vegetarian Pages

Vegetarian Resource Center: For a strong, dynamic, effective, cooperative vegetarian movement throughout the world

Vegetarian Resource Group - We have vegetarian and vegan recipes, vegetarian and vegan nutrition information, vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, Vegetarian Journal excerpts, vegetarian travel information, vegetarian and vegan brochures, and even a Vegetarian Game. Enjoy!

The Vegetarian Universe - The Vegetarian Universe is an information umbrella which embraces you and any art,science,or entertainment that communicates the message that food choices found at the end of your fork are the single most powerful force effecting your internal ecology and our external ecology.

Vegetarian World - To set up a traditional annual forum of vegetarians of Russia and other countries and ? showcase of vegetarian foodstuffs and services.

Vegetarische Initiative (Germany) (not English)

The Veggie Place, Our goal is to provide information resources to assist us to maintain and improve our health through a healthy vegetarian diet

Veggieland Airport & The UK vegetarian visitor Travel Centre

Veggies Anonymous - a resource web site for vegetarians and vegans old and new alike. I hope you'll return in the future for lots of useful information about vegetarianism and veganism... including information about health matters, environmental issues, veggie cooking, book lists, organizations, and of course, links to cool veggie sites on the Web.

The Veggie Table - All Info About Vegetarianism - This is a free resource for all kinds of vegetarians as well as anyone interested in healthy eating, animal rights, or the environment.

Veggies Unite! - Guide to healthy vegetarian/vegan living. Over 3,500 recipes, animal rights info and more!

VegRussia - Through this web site we aim to increase the amount of information available to Russian and Russophile vegetarians and vegans, living in Russia or abroad.

VegSource - Your Friendly Vegetarian & Vegan Resource! Valuable resources for vegetarians and those interested in learning more about the lifestyle. - we are creating an "alternative" network, combining cutting edge media technology with cutting edge attitudes on nutrition, exercise, the environment and relationships.

The Whole SoyIndex – An extensive list of links to soy-related sites.

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Vegetarian Sites for Families:

Compassionate Spirit - This is a web site for people interested in simple living, nonviolence, vegetarianism, and spiritual issues.

The Vegan Family House - a Scottish vegan family's website

Vegetarian Baby and Toddler, Raising healthy babies the vegetarian way

VegFamily - The Online Resource For Vegan Families

VegFamily on vegan pregnancy


Vegetarian Sites for Youth:

Teen Vegetarian

Vegan Children: Happy and Healthy (peta) - Everything you wanted to know about veg teen life!

The Vegetarian Youth Network A grassroots, web-based organization run entirely by, and for, youth who support compassionate, healthy, globally-aware, vegetarian/vegan living.

What is a vegetarian? A cute little "ethical" book for very small children letting them know in a simple way why we do not eat meat. Hopefully instilling an idea to last their lifetime.


Vegetarian Charities:

The Nourish The World Mission - Develops and distributes the most nutrient-dense food products that satisfy both physical needs and cultural standards worldwide. All of the recipes are 100% vegetarian. The soups and entrees are made completely out of vegetables and grains, which cuts out unneeded fat, gives the food a longer shelf life and makes the food appropriate for a more diverse range of people.


Vegetarian Friendly Schools:

Early Childhood Education Academy at Puyallup, WA


Vegetarian Events: (separate page)


Eco-Friendly Event-Planning:

Karine Brighten Events is a full service event-planning firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in affordable eco-friendly/green events.


Vegetarian Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions -- The Vegetarian Resource Group

General Vegetarian Questions -- The Vegetarian Resource Group

FAQ - International Vegetarian Union (IVU)


Raw Food Sites: (separate page)


Fruitarian Sites: (separate page)



Foraging With the "Wildman" - Learn about edible and medicinal wild plants and mushrooms, nature, and ecology with New York's best-known naturalist "Wildman" Steve Brill


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Online Vegetarian Magazines:

Living Nutrition Magazine, “The World's only periodical dedicated to helping health seekers learn how to succeed with eating our natural diet”

Orbyss, An electronic communication and publishing service serving the environmental, vegetarian, and animal rights communities

SATYA, A Magazine of Vegetarianism, Environmentalism and Animal Advocacy

Vegan Voice Magazine (Australia) - The Vegan philosophy is to take a gentle path towards avoiding exploiting animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose, to avoid eating animal produce, and to have compassion for all living beings.

Vegetarian Journal The practical magazine for those interested in Vegetarian Health, Ecology, and Ethics

Vegetarian Organic Life - This free weekly e-mail newsletter is designed to give you bite size bits of helpful and relevant information about good food, balanced nutrition and healthy living.

Vegetarian Times: The Virtual Vegetarian.

Vegetarians in Paradise - A monthly non-profit, Los Angeles vegetarian web magazine

Veggie Life Magazine.

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Vegetarian/Vegan Societies and Organizations and event info:(separate page)

(Great places to meet fellow vegetarians and/or learn more about vegetarian/vegan/raw food diets)





Ingredient Lists:

Ingredient Definitions - From Vegan Peace, a list of common ingredients, color coded for quick classification (Animal ingredient, Vegan ingredient, or Ingredient exists in both animal and vegan versions.)

Ingredients Derived From Animals - Hundreds of ingredients from animal sources to help you read your labels

Is It Vegan? This website aims to be an easy-to-use and up-to-date store of information about which products are suitable for vegans. .Find out if your favorite goodies are vegan.


Religious & Spiritual Aspects of Vegetarianism:

The Advantages of Becoming Vegetarian: Religion (essay)

Ahimsa Peace is the future for humankind, and from the world's faiths, the common heritage. (This site has references to many world religions regarding the consumption of animals)

A Buddhist Perspective on Vegetarianism (essay)

Was Christ a Vegetarian? (essay)

The Christian Argument for Vegetarianism (essay)

Christian Vegetarian Association - An international, ecumenical association of Christians promoting vegetarianism.

Christian Vegetarian Association - Encouraging godly stewardship as Christ's ambassadors for the reconciliation of all Creation

Hallelujah Acres Online: A Biblical perspective of vegetarianism and home of the Hallelujah Diet.

*Home of the Essene Teachings: Fascinating text of Jesus speaking of vegetarianism. See the sections on “Jesus on the Eating of Animals”

I s l a m V e g . c o m - This Web site shows how vegetarianism and Islam are compatible and how the switch to a vegetarian diet can help the animals, the Earth, and your own health.

Jesus was a vegetarian

Jesus was a Raw-Foodist! - Ancient text quote Jesus teaching we should eat a raw vegetarian diet!

Jewish Veg

The Jewish Vegan Lifestyle - The purpose of "The Jewish Vegan Lifestyle" is to promote the practice of a vegan lifestyle within the TORAH laws, both written and oral.

Judaism and Vegetarianism (essay)

Judaism's Ideal Diet by Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D.(essay)

The Schwartz Collection on Judaism, Vegetarianism, and Animal Rights

The Universal Equalitarian Church - Welcome to the House of God, where all Species are created equally. When the Earth was Created, God created the Earth for all Species: Man, Woman, and Animal. Equalitarianism believes that all of us created equally, regardless of skin, culture, intelligence, or speciesm. P.O. Box 364x, Lamar, Missouri 64759 (417) 398-2800

Vegetarianism in the Bible

Why Hindus Don't Eat Meat (essay)

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Anti-Meat sites :

(Educating consumers of the consequences of meat consumption) is a public interest website intended to educate consumers about the deleterious consequences of intensive animal agriculture.

Meat.Org - The site the meat industry wish vegetarians didn't own

Meat Stinks

MeatFreeZone (MFZ) A campaign to label "Meat-Free Zones"! - Videos of the slaughter of animals. Warning: Contains graphic video exists to educate consumers about animal suffering and other deleterious consequences of the poultry industry. - Paul and Linda McCartney once wrote: "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian." Their words have inspired Robert Cohen to build an internet slaughterhouse with hidden cameras.

Tax Meat

Test Cows Now is a campaign from EarthSave Int'l to raise public and governmental awareness about the serious issue of testing for mad cow disease in this country. With the testing of only 1 in 18,000 cows, testing in this country is basically non-existent. Mad Cow may already be here. With current practices, we may never know it. We encourage you to sign the online petition calling for action. EarthSave International will submit the collected petitions to Congressional leaders and USDA representatives on your behalf.


Anti-Fast Food

SuperSize Me! - Winner, Best Director, Sundance Film Festival 2004 'a film of epic portions'. During the course of the film, Morgan, puts himself on a McDonalds diet. This means that he is not allowed to eat anything that is not on the McDonalds menu. As you can imagine the effects are quite adverse to his mental and physical health. This documentary covers many issues such as, nutritional school lunches and the American obesity epidemic, in clever and startling way.


Recipes and More:

SoyStache vegan Recipes

Ashy's on-line vegetarian cookbook - Easy vegetarian recipes from around the world plus stories, cartoons, and photos. None of the recipes require eggs and most are suitable for vegans.

Christa's Vegan CookeryWebsite!

EarthSave Canada Recipes

Even Sven's Vegetarian Recipe Exchange

FATFREE: The Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive

The Kitchen Link - Vegetarian Cooking (an extensive list of links to vegetarian recipes

Living and Raw Foods recipes

Marie Oser is the Veggie Chef! - Changing the World, one meal at a time.

Recipes Around the World from the International Vegetarian Union (IVU) - 1,769 vegan recipes - so far - in English. Lots more in other languages. Includes a search for recipes!

Savory vegetarian and vegan meals (Thrive Online)

Simple Vegan Recipes - Vegan recipes that are easy to follow, tasty and healthy was designed to provide simple recipes that taste great and contain ingredients that can be found in your local grocery or health food store. Some of our recipes have even fooled the most discriminating meat eaters.

Veggie Heaven

Vegetarians in Paradise - Recipe Index

Vegetarian Journal Extensive recipes

Vegetarian Kitchen

Vegetarian Recipes – Recipes, Web Site Links, Health News and More! -

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Vegan Cooking Classes:

Brook Haven Manor

We offer Vegan cooking classes in a home environment complete with hands on experience in shopping and preparation of all meals. Learn the biology and philosophy of 100% vegetarian eating the diet. We have a new 10 bedroom home with large kitchen and dinning room for vegan cooking classes; We have a great view of Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake in northern Utah. We have great shopping and the 2002 Olympic winter games in February


Vegetarian Books, etc. list of veg*n books


Food Products: (see also Organic Produce)

ABC Vegetarian Online Store - Recipes, Food, News & More!

Allison's Gourmet is committed to using organics, unrefined sweeteners, and animal-free ingredients in her delectable cookies and brownies.

Baking For Health offers a variety of wonderfully delicious vegan baked goods as well as live food snacks. All of our products are organic and free of wheat, dairy, sugar and animal products.

Cascadian Farm

Chocolate Decadence - Delicious Gourmet Dairy Free Chocolates For Gift Giving To Chocolate Lovers. Dairy-Free ~ Lactose Free ~ Casein Free ~ Gluten Free ~ Vegan!

Crum Creek Mills has one purpose in life...Nourishing the world towards health. Our soy protein products aim to feed the mind, body and spirit in a simple, economical and convenient way.

Delicious Choices - We pride ourselves on making delicious dairy free cheesecakes that use no dairy products or any other animal product and have all the palate pleasing taste of traditional cheesecakes.

Dixie Diners' Club Meat alternatives and other vegetarian foods

Eden Foods, Inc. "The Highest Quality Natural Food" - Goal - To provide the highest quality, life supporting food, and to disseminate accurate information about these foods, their uses and benefits

Fantastic Foods

Field Roast Grain Meat Co. The original maker of vegan grain meats.

The Fitness Gourmethealthful approach to menu planning, cooking and catering. – good food and catering that's good for you --

Follow Your Heart - Great Tasting, all natural Vegan cheese that really melts!

Fresh Hemp Foods Ltd. - Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils

Friendly Foods Inc - "Good For You. Good For the Earth." "Friendly Food are foods that are friendly to our bodies, pocket books, busy schedules, taste buds and environment."

Frontier Organics - We're dedicated to producing quality products that enhance people's lives and sustain the environment for future generations.



Happy Planet Foods - Mission: Produce the most nutritions, flavourful, natural juices in the world, supporting sustainable family farming and a healthy environment.

Henry's Tempeh Inc.

Kosher Vitamin Express - You can shop here for high quality Natural Kosher Certified Vitamins. They also carry non-certified products that are Vegetarian suitable.

La Dolce Vegan - Sinfully delicious cookies made without any animal products

Land of Rella - Rella Good Cheese Company

Lumen Foods - World class maker of healthy meat & dairy replacement products

The Lundberg Family Farms Homepage

The Mail Order Catalog for Healthy Eating

Muir Glen Organic Tomato Products - Organically grown and processed. We never use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or growth regulators. - The place where you will find available virtually every manufactured meat substitute item available

Sammi's Best Soymilk

Soyfee! - Stress-Free, Caffeine-Free, Delicious. Unlike coffee, Soyfee provides important isoflavones, genistein and daidzein as well as calcium and iron without any of the caffeine.

SOYTOY - Make fresh soymilk from dried beans, quickly and easily for just 4 cents per quart using this soymilk maker!

South River Miso Company - We strive to produce and distribute the highest quality organic, unpasteurized miso and other traditional foods with the conviction that wholesome food can be our best medicine.

Spice of Life Co.

Tofu Press.Net - Natural presses for making your own tofu.

Turtle Island Foods brings you the finest in vegetarian food, Vegetarian Feasts for everyday eating.

Vegan Alternatives - Food

Vegan Sweeteners


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Vegan Pets: - Proud distributors of the finest vegan foods, natural supplements, and environmentally friendly products for your companion animals.

Vegan Pet Food - Austalia's own all-vegan pet food company


Environmentally & Socially Responsible Shopping:

The Alternative Directory and Information Resource - A great way to locate alternative businesses including natural food stores and vegetarian restaurants

Coconut Coast Natural Products - Handmade natural vegetable soap and bath salts. All natural bath products handcrafted in Hawaii with Aloha. Experience the handmade soap difference! - features cruelty-free, vegan, and vegetarian merchants and much more!

Co-op America - The online version of Co-op America's popular National Green Pages directory of thousands of socially and environmentally responsible businesses, products and services.

EnvironGentle - Environmentally friendly shopping!

Grass Roots Natural Goods - We specialize in natural hemp clothing, bags, jewelry, footwear, household and body care products. We also carry a variety of organic cotton apparel and household items.

Green Pages Store - The most ecological and socially responsible businesses on Earth - GreenPeople Directory of businesses owned by the environmentally minded.

Heartland - A mail order company specializing in non-leather shoes and apparel (Including a Non-Leather baseball/ Softball Fielders Glove).

North American Naturals - we produce all natural vegetable and glycerin Bath & Beauty Bars

Third Coast Herbals - Here you will find handmade soaps containing only natural ingredients, are completely vegetarian, and are formulated to be especially kind to your body

Vegan Mercantile - A partnership of vegan owned businesses.

VillageOrganics is a family owned business commited to bringing you the best quality products with the most organically grown and processed ingredients possible - our mission is to provide goods that are vegan and environmentally friendly!


Animal Friendly Shopping:

*LAS Screenprints - Vegan & Environmental Sayings from the heart on shirts, bags, buttons, & more to come...

AESOP: The Leather Alternative

Animal Aid shop (UK) - cruelty-free shopping

A Different Daisy - Vegan Shopping Made EASY! You can donate a percentage of your purchase to the organization of your choice.

Heavenly Soles (have some vegetarian shoes)

Hemp Sisters Inc. Back to the Future Naturally with hemp clothing and accessories. Offering a full line of hemp clothing, accessories, and all natural earth-friendly products.

Hempy's Eco-Technology Clothing Brand is the premier manufacturer of intelligent clothes for intelligent minds. We are a "future clothing technology company".

MOOSHOES-Alternatives to leather. 207 E.26th Street, NY 10012 New York

North American Hemp Company (NAHEMPCO)

Pangea Vegan Products "The Vegan Store"

Planet V Clothing (UK)- mail order leather free fashion

At, you can shop hundreds of amazing hemp, raw food, and organic cotton products in the Store,’read up on the why's and wherefore's of the rawganigque ( lifestyle in RawForLife e-zine, and discover a whole new world of gourmet un-cooking in Rawganique Recipes (it really is that good!).

A Shopper's Guide To Leather Alternatives – With a good introduction about leather vs non-leather


Slim Pawn - Lovely handmade 100% vegan handbags and accessories for women and girls.

Vegan Mercantile - A wonderful vegan company representing a variety of companies offering vegan products.

Vegan and vegetarian shoes in the UK – with a long list with international links

Vegan Wares (Australia)- Animal free and environmentally responsible. Premium quality vegan shoes

Veganline mail order and wholesale (UK): vegan/vegetarian boots, shoes, hemp, jackets, wallets + belts

VeganStore your one-stop Vegan Shop

Vegetarian Image Products - Lapel pins, necklaces, key chains, window decals, t-shirts

Vegetarian Shoes (UK)- quality footwear without leather - We are one of the largest and most reliable online sources of vegetarian and vegan products on the Internet.

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Natural Food Stores - Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet


Vegetarian/Vegan Socializing:

Raw Food Singles - An email list for those singles interested in vegan raw foods.

Green Singles - "A contact network for members of the environmental, vegetarian, and animal rights community and others who love the outdoors, holistic living, personal growth and spirituality a place to meet and network for friendship, dating, romance and the exchange of information and ideas."

Sunfood Nutrition Raw Personals - Site includes an extensive section of personal ads from/for raw foodists from around the world!, We are the premier online searchable vegetarian dating service -- sponsored by GreenPeople (

Vegetarian Poetry:

Vegan Poems - Vegan and animal rights poems from a variety of authors

Metamorphosis, Poems to Inspire Transformation - a book by M. Butterflies Katz

Vegetarian Travel:

Abundance Vegan Holiday Retreat (UK)

he ANNAPURNA Retreat & Spa is a holistic healing Bed & Breakfast retreat in PortTownsend, WA. (Serving vegan live food)

Au Grand Bois: A Holistic, Heart Centered Camp Experience for Children, Grownups, and Families of all types

Bicycle Beano Vegetarian Cycle Tours - Sociable cycling holidays on the idyllic lanes of Wales and the Welsh Borders of England, with delicious vegetarian cuisine, mostly organic. Friendly non-macho groups. Relaxed atmosphere.

Brian & Julie's Vegan London - A great site with information on local shops, restaurants, and health food stores for vegans. There is even a list of guest houses for vegetarians.

Brook Haven Manor We offer Vegan cooking classes in a home environment complete with hands on experience in shopping and preparation of all meals. Learn the biology and philosophy of 100% vegetarian eating the diet. We have a new 10 bedroom home with large kitchen and dinning room for vegan cooking classes; We have a great view of Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake in northern Utah. We have great shopping and the 2002 Olympic winter games in February

Country House Montali Hotel and vegetarian restaurant

Green Earth Travel Vegetarian & Environmentally Friendly Travel

La Maison Du Vert - Vegetarian Hotel and Restaurant

Raw Food Vacations

Rio Chirripo Retreat - A small lodge near the trailhead of Costa Rica's tallest mountain, Chirripo. A natural setting for yoga, meditation, spiritual gatherings, raw food retreats and workshops.

Scotland The Green - Scottish Vegetarian, Vegan, Environmental Travel & Lifestyle Pages for Scotland with holiday accommodation, restaurant & visitor attraction travel guide, ethical info. news & views and lots more.

Sweet Onion Inn - Lodging with Vegetarian-Vegan Dining. In Hancock, Vermont.

Sweet Thyme Inn - Join us at the Sweet Thyme Inn year-round for comfortable lodging, delicious vegetarian fare, an abundance of enjoyable recreational activities and rural peacefulness.

Tanglewood Wellness Center - supervised fasting, nutrition/wellness counseling, Reiki, seminars, workshops, raw food prep classes, internships, bed and breakfast, all organic, vegan, living foods.

The Vegetarian Travel Guide™

Vegetarian Vacations: Worldwide directory of green tours, holidays, spas and courses offering vegetarian or vegan food.

VegiVentures - Amazing natural health holidays, in Britain, Turkey and Peru, with great vegetarian/vegan food cooked especially for the group.

The White Pig Bed and Breakfast at Briar Creek Farm - A Vegan Oasis in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia.



Vegetarian Pursuit: Vegetarian trivia game


Genetically Modified Foods:

The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods - Mission: "To create a national grassroots consumer campaign for the purpose of lobbying Congress and the President to pass legislation that will require the labeling of genetically engineered foods in the United States."


Organic Produce & Farming (Sustainable Agriculture):

The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods - Mission: "To create a national grassroots consumer campaign for the purpose of lobbying Congress and the President to pass legislation that will require the labeling of genetically engineered foods in the United States."

Center for Vegan Organic Education (CVOE) seeks to return people to their food source, in turn, reconnecting them to their health and their environment. We grow vegetables and herbs through organic and veganic methods. Veganic methods include growing food without the use of animal products.

* Farmer's Markets (not necessarily organic) listed by state (AMS at USDA)

Organic Alliance

The Organic Consultancy

Organic Consumers Association and BioDemocracy works to save organic standards and label genetically engineered food.

Organic Gardening -

Organic Farming Research Foundation - Mission: To sponsor research related to organic farming practices, to disseminate research results to organic farmers and to growers interested in adopting organic production systems, to educate the public and decision-makers about organic farming issues.

The Soil Association (UK) - We have been researching and promoting organic farming as the key to sustainable agriculture since 1946!Open

The Organic Trade Association - A national association representing the organic industry in Canada, the United States and Mexico: working to promote organic products in the marketplace and to protect the integrity of organic standards

Why Eat Organic?


Organic Products:

Maggies Functional Organics - Each item is as environmentally sustainable as we can make it.

Organic Health and Beauty - All natural health and beauty products including organic/wildcrafted nutritional supplements and herbal preparations


Anti-Genetically Engineered Food Sites:

Mothers for Natural Law of the Natural Law Party - Information on genetically engineered foods, Consumer Right to Know - One Million Signature Campaign for labeling GE foods"



Amazing Environmental Organization WebDirectory! “Earth's Biggest Environment Search Engine” (Plenty of Links too)

The Care2 community includes the Green Lynx, with over 3,000 links to the best environmental sites on the internet, environmental trivia quizzes and polls, environmental non-profit action alerts and features, a global green event calendar, personal profiles, environmental feature stories, and discussion boards. - Connecting people with nature and the environment.

EarthBase Our mission at EarthBase is to raise the public's awareness of environmental and animal rights issues.

Earth Share - Now there's a way to help not just one, but all environmental issues affecting our world today. It's called Earth Share - the world's finest environmental and conservation charities working together.

Ed's World, the official website for Ed Begley Jr. and environmental resource center for the World Wide Web. As the environmental crisis deepens, there are two possible responses: forget it and hope government and corporations will figure it out, or take action yourself.

Education for a Sustainable Future A grass-roots activist organization with chapters across the globe; working to educate the public on matters related to ecological sustainability, how these issues effect their own communities and the global community as a whole, and what changes we can make in our own lives to help create a better, brighter future for the Earth and for ourselves.

The EnviroLink Network: Including an extensive list of organizations w/links

Ethical Consumption - The aim of this site is to help people make informed decisions about their consumption with the key issues of concern to the green consumer in mind.

Friends of the Earth is a national, non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the planet from environmental degradation


Woody Harrelson and Laura Louie's VoiceYourself - We believe all life on earth is sacred. VoiceYourself promotes and inspires individual action to create global momentum towards simple organic living and to restore balance and harmony to our planet.

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Animal Rights:

Action for Animals - Action for Animals operates under the simple principle that animals do not exist for humans to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) exists to promote humane principles, prevent cruelty, and alleviate fear, pain, and suffering in animals.

Animal Activists of Central Florida

Animal Liberation NSW, Australia

Animal Rights Online - "Website for Animal Rights Online. Contact for FREE newsletters"

Animal Rights Resource Site: A terrific site for animal rights

The Animals Voice - Animals Voice Online is an award-winning, independent, networking source of timely information, news, campaigns, boycotts, action alerts, and thought-provoking editorial and compelling photography about animal rights and its defenders.

The Animals' Agenda is a bimonthly news magazine dedicated to informing people about animal rights and cruelty-free living for the purpose of inspiring action for animals.

Campaign Against Factory Farming (C.A.F.F.)

*F.A.R.M. (Farm Animal Reform Movement) Promoting plant-based eating and humane treatment of farm animals since1976. FARM conducts seven national campaigns, including Great American Meatout, World Farm Animals Day, National Veal Ban Action, Letters from FARM, CHOICE (Consumers for Healthy Options in Children's Education), and Industry Watch

Farm Sanctuary - A U.S. based organization which operates farm animal sanctuaries and wages campaigns to stop the exploitation of animals raised for food.

Friends of Animals is an international animal rights and protection organization working to abolish animal abuse and to create a respectful ethic in all relations between animals and people.

The Fund for Animals was founded in 1967 by prominent author and animal advocate Cleveland Amory, and has spearheaded some of the most historic and significant events in the history of the animal protection movement.

The Gentle Barn is located at 6050 Corbin Ave in Tarzana California

International Fund for Animal Welfare - The International Fund for Animal Welfare works to improve the welfare of wild and domestic animals throughout the world by reducing commercial exploitation of animals, protecting wildlife habitats, and assisting animals in distress.

No, PETA's campaign targets both recreational and commercial fishing to stop the unnecessary torture of these animals by pointing out the cruelty of fishing and the health risks associated with eating fish.

The Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN) - formed in 1986 to actively promote the equal consideration of animals in the Pacific Northwest.

Orange County People for Animals - Compassion, health and peace for our planet.


Rhode Island Animal Rights Coalition

Rocky Mountain Animal Defense - works to help eliminate the human-imposed suffering of animals in the Rocky Mountain region. RMAD furthers its objective through public education, investigation and research, the legislative process, direct action, and appeals to reason and compassion.

Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE)

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - A non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) involved with the investigation and documentation of violations of international laws, regulations and treaties protecting marine wildlife species.

"Farm Sanctuary's Sentient Beings Campaign seeks to improve the status of farm animals in the United States and to achieve basic legal protections."

SHAC - Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty,

SHARK - SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness. "An Animal Abuser's Worst Nightmare"

SPEAK (Supporting and Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom) - A National Humane Education Speakers' Bureau

United Poultry Concerns, Inc. - Dedicated to the Compassionate and Respectful Treatment Of Domestic Fowl

Unitarian Universalists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - To encourage people to adopt a more humane lifestyle, focusing on ethical consumerism, vegetarianism, the use of cruelty-free roducts and the development of alternatives to the use of animals in research and products testing

Viva! Vegetarians International Voice for Animals

Wildlife Need Habitat/Off-Limits To Humans! - Michael J. Vandeman, Ph.D. A collection of lectures and letters. "All great truths begin as blasphemies." George Bernard Shaw

WWF - Taking Action for a Living Planet. WWF's mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.


Other Health & Vegetarian "Link" pages: - links to vegetarian, animal rights, nutrition and health sites.

Gourmet Food Directory - Vegetarian

Soul Healer - Helping People Rediscover Their Wholeness. This site includes links to vegetarian and alternative health sites.

Page of links to Vegan sites, with links to other Health Related categories.

Page of links to Vegetarian sites, with links to other Health Related categories.


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