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Quotes of Interest

From the NotMilk column 4/11/10

“Hospitals are filled with Americans who have eaten too much dietary animal protein. It is nearly impossible to live in America and not satisfy your protein needs.”

"Osteoporosis is caused by a number of things, one of the most important being too much dietary protein." Science 1986;233(4763)

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Recent articles of interest found in the media.

Stop Fighting Veganism, It Has Already Won

by Damien Clarkson
February 6, 2017

We live in a time of tremendous environmental and social decay. Veganism affords us the opportunity to slow down climate change. Additionally, scientists have found that vegetarians and vegans generally live longer healthier lives. It’s a way to live a kinder life, and one not contributing to the 150 billion animals killed each year for food.

Raw flavors draw foodies to Vegan Cafe

by Vickie Jurkowski
January 12, 2017

If eating healthier is a new year's resolution or trying something new is your thing, the Vegan Café in downtown Lockport will hit the spot.

And if you like businesses that give to charity, the café will more than satisfy you there, too.

Carcinogens and cooking

by Vesanto Melina
March 2010 (2/28/10)

Have you ever thought of going mainly or entirely raw? You’d likely shed a few pounds. And that’s not all. Some of our favourite tastes are linked to by-products of cooking that are bad, bad, bad for us. When food is cooked, especially at high temperatures, by-products can form that pose a threat to health. Among the most notorious are heterocyclic amines (HCAs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) and acrylamide. Let’s see what’s cooking.

Ani's Raw Food Essentials: Durian

Ani Phyo, Raw Food Author
February 21, 2010

My love for this strange, spiked, aromatic fruit took me on a journey across the globe to Bali, Indonesia, where durian season is only during the months of January and February, and sometimes early March.

This fruit is a fatty fruit, like avocado, is rich and smooth in texture, similar to a custard, and is rich in sulfur, which gives it a scent some people find offensive. I think it smells sweet and delicious. But, don't even think about bringing it on a subway in Singapore, or you'll be fined.

Food, Virtuous Food

By: Jane Kokernak
February 15, 2010

My friend Betsy and I weren’t looking for redemption — we’re grownups who work hard to make the world better than we found it, take both vitamins and good advice, and are not given to debauchery — and yet we found it.

At a restaurant.

Grezzo, a warm and intimate place in Boston’s foodie and famous North End, specializes in raw food cuisine. It’s no salad bar, however. On a cold February night, we sampled the chef’s lively tasting menu that featured Mushroom Tea Soup, Gnocchi Carbonara, Greek Pizza, and a Chocolate Torte, among other treats. There was not a leaf of lettuce in sight.

Established by Alissa Cohen, a raw food expert, Grezzo Restaurant presents a health-based menu of vegan foods that are pressed, pureed, chopped, fermented, sliced, dehydrated, slightly warmed (not above 112 degrees), and chilled but never heated, cooked, or roasted. Cohen and her staff believe that a raw, vegan diet increases energy and youthfulness and alleviates illness, even chronic ones like arthritis, migraines, and diabetes.

Going vegan: A life-long carnivore gives up meat, eggs, dairy

By Grant Butler, The Oregonian
February 01, 2010, 12:01AM

Oregonian file photoA future full of fresh veggies: Going vegan means carrots are my new best friend.Meat has always been a part of my life. I grew up eating steaks and burgers, and at least once a week my mom made a seriously good tuna casserole. As an adult, I've spent years exploring Portland's dining scene, digging into the city's pork-centric kitchens while becoming a barbecue enthusiast at home.

But no more. I've gone vegan ... for a while, at least.

The Value of Eating Raw Foods

Thursday, February 04, 2010

When you think of eating a raw food diet, the thought of raw eggs and meat may come to mind, however, Beth Aldrich, the Green Mom and Healthy Lifestyle Expert, has a different take on it. She shares some interesting information about raw foods as well as a couple of recipes that will leave you asking for more.

Raw foods workshop demos cooking meals without the stove

By Katie Freeman - Lifestyle & Arts Reporter
Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Raw food is expensive, takes ample time to prepare, and is difficult to find on-the-go, but for über health food eaters, it’s the Mount Everest of diets.

On Jan. 30, the Elk Grove Library in Old Town hosted a Raw Foods workshop in the Community Room.

Lori Easterwood and Jessica Zaker, programming librarians for the Sacramento Public Library, prepared raw foods for sampling and hosted a group discussion.

Eating vegetarian, vegan raw

By Janice De Jesus, Correspondent

in the raw

PLEASANT HILL — Sisters Carol Brotman and Valerie Brotman-Loe have worked side by side in the kitchen almost since childhood.

Raised in Chicago and Las Vegas, the sisters grew up around the herbs, spices and rich sauces that were part of the Italian cuisine served in their father's Italian restaurant.

"We have been cooking and chopping garlic our whole lives," said Brotman-Loe.

While they garnered daily experience in the restaurant business, the siblings didn't particularly care for the heavy, meat dishes. Instead, a love of animals and the environment inspired the siblings to turn to a vegetarian lifestyle and the rest, as they say, is history — Planet Raw history, that is.

"We combined Mom's healthy, homemade style of cuisine with Dad's herbs and spices," said Brotman-Loe. "We've always wanted to open a healthy, vegetarian restaurant in Contra Costa County."

Taking the lead from their brother, Juliano, whose reputation earned him a place in the pantheon of the vegetarian raw food movement by catering to such celebrities as Cybill Shepherd and Lisa Marie Presley, the Brotman sisters opened a Pleasant Hill branch of their brother's popular Santa Monica restaurant.

Some like it cooked, they like their food raw: Kalamazoo food group meets to share recipes, learn from each other

By Channon Mondoux, Special to the Kalamazoo Gazette
July 26, 2010

KALAMAZOO — For him it started as a menu item where he worked. For her it was a deviation from the Standard American Diet (SAD) she grew up on. But for the both of them it soon became a passion and a way of life.

Matthew Kurzava and Sarah Kozminske are raw food chefs in Kalamazoo.

Raw-food Fridays come to D.C.

By Jane Black
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For 22 years, Washington caterer Elizabeth Petty has been serving elegant dishes such as lamb carpaccio with goat cheese and herb-grilled poussin with spinach custard and morels. Until last year, one of the perks was getting to taste them all.

In April 2009, Petty, then 49, learned she had breast cancer. By August, she put herself on a strict raw-food diet that meant no meat, dairy, caffeine, processed sugar and alcohol, or even fruits and vegetables with high levels of natural sugar. What was still permitted could not be heated above 105 degrees.

Petty didn't especially miss those foods; the subsequent treatment took away most of her appetite. But, she says, "I had to change my whole psyche. So many people live to eat. I was eating to live."

Farmers’ Market offers raw vegan delights

By Farah Dosani, Contributing Writer
July 22, 2010 at 12:30 pm

Seated on a picnic table bordering Grand Avenue, Jude Diaz takes a bite of the ice cream he purchased a few feet away. His eyes widen and light up.

“You need to try this- it’s made out of nuts,” he tells his wife Rachel, shoving the cup in her face. “No dairy!”

“No dairy?” she asks.

No dairy. Like many other food products sold at the Coconut Grove Farmers Market, it’s also raw vegan and organic. Foods considered ‘raw vegan’ have no trace of animal origin and have not been cooked at more than 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

Each Saturday, about 1,000 people attend the farmers market, which USA Today named as one of the best in the nation. The market sells organic produce, raw vegan concoctions, and other rare food products of this nature that can solely be found at this venue.

Raw foods become a way of life for mother, daughter

By Cailley Hammel of the Journal Sentinel
Posted: July 6, 2010

Diets come and go, but the followers of one diet claim it has existed since the beginning of time. That would be the raw food diet, built around uncooked meals consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, grains and sprouts.

For raw foodists Caroline Carter and Shenita Ray, it's not just a diet - it's a way of life.

The mother-daughter duo owns Eden's Market, a line of food products (most of them raw) including crackers, granola, dips and smoothies that are wheat-, gluten- and dairy-free. And now, as hosts of a new MPTV show titled "Cooking Raw," the pair aspires to spread the message of raw food and its benefits throughout Milwaukee and, eventually, beyond.

Hold the heat: Raw-food fans tout health benefits

By Alexandra Nicolas, Globe Staff Writer
July 1, 2010

JOPLIN, Mo. — Their “spaghetti” is made from zucchini and the bowl that looks to be filled with french fries is actually filled with sliced jicama, a root vegetable, covered with cayenne.

None of it has been cooked.

Christa Tullis and her boyfriend David Burt have been on an almost entirely raw food diet since October 2009. To be considered a raw foodist, like Tullis and Burt, 80 percent or more of what one eats must be kept under 120 degrees. That means, for the most part, very little meat, no conventionally prepared breads, crackers or pasta, no coffee, no roasted nuts and no pasteurized dairy products. According to Tullis, the diet concentrates on not killing the natural enzymes in food through cooking.

Since starting the diet, both Tullis and Burt have lost weight, though that wasn’t their goal, and both say they feel better physically, mentally and have more energy.

Fighting fast food: How vegans, raw foodists survive in South Texas

Aprill Brandon
June 17, 2010

Driving down Navarro Street, it's easy to see why a recent study put Victoria County at almost 80 percent obese.

On every block, there is a fast food restaurant, sometimes two or three. Chain restaurants with high fat fare dot the landscape with almost as much frequency. Grocery stores have aisles upon aisles filled with highly processed, pre-made and pre-packaged meals.

Welcome to South Texas, the land of the fried and home of the barbecued.

But just like it is across the rest of the country, there is a movement afoot in the area where people are battling increasing waistlines and decreasing health, not through fad diets, but instead through a complete lifestyle change.

More girls are starting puberty at the age of nine

By Daily Mail Reporter
June 13, 2010

A Danish study has found that increasing numbers of girls are hitting puberty before the age of 10 (file picture)

Increasing numbers of girls are reaching puberty before the age of 10, leading to fears of more sexual activity in that age group.

The trend is thought to be linked to obesity or exposure to certain chemicals in food.

The changes in development are also exposing younger girls to a greater long-term risk of breast cancer, the Sunday Times reported.

A study by the Department of Growth and Reproduction at the University Hospital in Copenhagen has found that the breast development in a sample of 1,000 girls began on average at the age of nine years and 10 months.

A similar study in 1991 found the same developments taking place a year later.

Girls with a high meat diet more likely to start periods early AND increase risk of breast cancer and heart disease

By Daniel Martin
Last updated at 3:20 AM on 12th June 2010

Research: Girls who start puberty early are believed to be at higher risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and heart disease

A diet high in meat may put girls at higher risk of breast cancer and heart disease by bringing on early puberty, according to scientists.

A study of 3,000 girls found that girls with higher intakes of meat and protein were more likely to have started their periods by the time they were 12 and a half.

Eco Eatery Review: Saf

June 10, 2010

Nudged into action by a growing trend for sustainable dining, Londonist has embarked on an eco eating crawl...

As far as vegan, raw food eateries go, Saf is pretty swish. Absolutely guilty of stereotyping, when we think of such places we think hippy and wholesome rather than slick. But slick Saf is and we love it for that reason. This is a place to convert a sceptical someone to the more eco way of eating, with gourmet grub and potent but oh-so-inventive (and organic, of course) cocktails. Service is attentive and staff smart, the menu is suitably poetic and food presentation impeccable.

Life in the raw

By Sara Bunny - The Press

Karen Brown's morning ritual involves stuffing spinach, kale, dandelions and fruit into a blender, a concoction she swears is delicious.

When you first start, make it 60 per cent fruit - it makes it more palatable, she says.

Brown has followed a 95 per cent raw food diet for about three years and says the green smoothies are a mainstay of her daily menu.

Two years ago, she founded the Christchurch raw vegan group, and has since seen the diet gain momentum in the city. There are more than 100 names on the mailing list and her regular potluck dinners are popular social events for the diverse, all-ages group.

The raw food philosophy is built around the notion that food loses a lot of nutrients and enzymes during the cooking process, and that fresh, raw fruits and vegetables carry the highest benefits for health. Raw foodists believe uncooked food is easier for the body to process, and that nothing should be heated above 45 degrees Celsius.

Dining Out: The Green Boheme

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ordering at The Green Boheme is like entering an alternate universe. We split the tuna sandwich ($7.95) and the burger ($8.75). But neither contained meat, and neither was cooked.

But both still approximated their namesakes. The tuna was particularly good - whatever was in there really tasted like tuna. The bread was a kind of pressed nutty thing, almost like a kind of snack chip but softer. The burger was a sort of pressed vegetable protein thing with homemade ketchup and excellent Dijon mustard on it. It tasted far more like an actual burger than any cooked veggie burger I have ever had. And it came with these really tasty little onion ring things that were made with onion, but somehow without cooking.

I should explain, Green Boheme serves raw food. The raw food movement is a reaction to the over-processed, artificial nature of modern “food.” Part of the idea is that the mere act of refraining from cooking food pushes you in several healthier directions. For one thing, it forces you to eat things that are actually food in their most basic forms; you know, the whole “eat food, not too much, mostly plants” mantra. Veggies, grains and nuts are mainstays in this sort of diet. Many things - meat, pasta, bread and so forth - can be approximated with various combinations of ingredients cleverly mixed.

RAW REVIVAL: Chef preaches goodness of uncooked food

May 18, 2010 11:53 AM
Teresa Farney, The Gazette

Martine Purdy massages kale leaves when preparing them as an ingredient, soaks seeds and nuts before eating them, and instead of adding cheese to lasagna and pizza, she whips up red bell pepper-avocado-almond “cheese” or a creamy dill-avocado “cheese” as a substitute.

The thread that links these is that they’re raw foods and are part of a diet that stays away from processed or packaged food. And Purdy, owner of Chevy Lee Raw Foods, has become an expert at making uncooked food combinations at her business, which is just a few months old.

Go green at Cafe 118

By Brittni Johnson, Guest Reporter
May 13, 2010

A Winter Park restaurant hopes to not only serve up delicious food, but a healthier lifestyle choice, too.

Cafe 118, located right off Park Avenue, offers raw vegan cuisine. Nothing on the menu contains animal products, and true to the restaurant's name, nothing is heated above 118 degrees, which supporters of the diet say is the temperature at which the enzymes in food are broken down, reducing its nutritional value. Owner and raw vegan Joe Diaz's goal is to expose locals to a new, healthy way to eat.

Getting a Raw Meal: Is an Exclusive Diet of Uncooked Food Good for Personal--and Planetary--Health?

Although humans have been eating raw foods since they first began foraging for their sustenance, the diet really began to catch on in recent years when some high-profile celebrities began touting its health- and weight-maintenance benefits

May 12, 2010

Dear EarthTalk: A friend with many minor health problems recently switched to a diet of only raw plant foods and reports feeling much better. She also insists her new eating habits are better for the environment. Does this make sense or is the strange diet making her crazy?

EarthTalk: Raw Foods Diet

A raw-foods diet typically consists of unprocessed foods that are not heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve nutrients otherwise lost during cooking.

Proponents claim that besides losing weight and feeling more energetic, they are also avoiding the carcinogens introduced into foods by cooking, and protecting the environment from drug and chemical dependent, water-wasting big-business agriculture.

Continued next collumn...

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'Grace': PETA's Banned Thanksgiving Ad
This Thanksgiving, one honest little girl tells it like it really is—for turkeys—when she is asked to say grace around her family's dinner table.

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Weight-Loss Ads are Big Dairy’s Latest Way to Trick Consumers

by Neal D. Barnard, M.D, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

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Raw food diet gains in popularity

Proponents say dietary regimen has nutritional advantages
By Carol Sorgen

Cooked Food Effects
by Wes Peterson

During the past few decades there has been much research done in the area of nutrition. Some of this research casts light on some important insights regarding the foods which Mother Nature offers to us in its whole, raw state, and what happens when we tamper with it.

* What's Wrong with Dairy Products?
(from PCRM)

Many Americans, including some vegetarians, still consume large amounts of dairy products. Here are eight great reasons to eliminate dairy products from your diet.

Go Organic to Help Avoid Parkinson's Disease (from: VegSource)

"New research adds to previous evidence that pesticides may cause Parkinson's disease"

"The results of a study to be published in the December issue of the journal Nature Neuroscience add weight to previous studies implicating pesticides as a cause of or contributor to Parkinson's disease."

Test Cows Now! - A website with additional information and articles about Mad Cow disease, with an online petition to require widescale testing of US cows.

Amazing Vegan "Ice Cream" Recipe Book!!!

Vice Cream a wonderful book containing recipes for some amazing gourmet vegan "ice cream" should be in the kitchen of every vegetarian who loves "ice cream", as well as anyone loving ice cream, but not wanting to use dairy. The end result of these recipes are wonderful creamy "ice creams" better than anything we've found on the market. And they're made fresh!

Exploratory Data on Acrylamide in Food

Interesting information on acrylamide, found in cooked foods, which may cause a health risk when consumed. This is further evidence supporting the consumption of foods in their raw state.

Raw Vegan
Picnic Potluck

Enjoy a cruelty-free organic vegan picnic potluck in Seattle, with vibrant raw and living foods. Raw Organic Vegan Picnic Potluck

Fat, Sick, and Saved by Juice

May 6, 2010


Before the days of George Foreman grillers and deep fryers and man-made fire, way back when humankind was incapable of processing food, we ate it raw. Raw food is defined as food not heated above 112 degrees Fahrenheit (a temperature that some experts say is the point where healthy food enzymes die). Today, processed food is beyond plentiful. In many places, fresh foods are all but impossible to find among the mounds of packaged food products. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, only 33 percent of American adults eat enough fruit each day and only 27 percent eat the recommended amount of vegetables. Those numbers are even lower for high school students.

Raw passion
More people who want healthy, energy-filled meals are turning to raw food diets

Kirsten Harrington Correspondent
May 5, 2010 in Food

Rich in fresh, uncooked whole foods, the raw food diet is gaining popularity among those looking for better health and more energy.

“I love to entertain,” says Arelya Hadar, leading a visitor to a sumptuous lunch spread of creamy pesto fettuccine, rosemary crackers, avocado sandwiches and coconut almond cookies.

The most amazing part about the lunch? It’s all raw, meaning all of the dishes are made from uncooked whole foods. And it’s delicious.

Should you go raw?

NUTRISPEAK by Vesanto Melina
May 2010

Going raw is a big trend! Across North America, raw restaurants are serving up delicious versions of pizza, lasagna, wholesome burgers and desserts, along with their green smoothies. So before you rush out and buy a fancy, new kitchen range, consider that many folks are tossing out the microwave and covering their entire stovetop with a cutting board. This trend makes some sense. After all, plant foods are the healthiest foods in existence. And what can be better than eating them just as nature serves them up – raw?

Harrelson wants veggie choices in schools

Friday, April 30, 2010

Vegan actor Woody Harrelson is urging U.S. government officials to support a bill enforcing healthy eating in schools across America.

The "Cheers" star swears by his hardcore vegetarian diet and is known for providing his movie co-stars with alternatives to meat on set.

Now Harrelson and his wife Laura are appealing to Congress to bring similar practices into the lunchroom by backing the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010, which seeks to add vegetarian food and non-dairy beverages to cafeterias.

Book teaches how to go raw the right way

By Gail Johnson
April 29, 2010

Ask registered dietitian Vesanto Melina what some of her favourite dishes are right now and she’ll say coconut macaroons, pesto and sun-dried tomato pizza, and garden-vegetable soup. What makes them so appealing to the Vancouver resident isn’t just that they’re wholesome, but also that they fit right in with a raw-food diet.

Why cook food when it is better for you raw?
Victoria Boutenko explains why she believes a raw food diet is the lifestyle of the future

By Danielle Demetriou, Special to The Japan Times
Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sixteen years ago, the Boutenkos were a family in crisis. Mother Victoria was overweight and depressed. Her husband, Sergei, had arthritis. Their teenage son was battling diabetes, while their daughter suffered from asthma.

Fast-forward to 2010, and the Boutenko family is virtually unrecognizable: All four have been cured of their ailments and their family portrait dazzles with glowing skin, slimline physiques, sparkling eyes and energetic smiles that would not look out of place in an American toothpaste commercial.

The secret of their transformation? Forget medication, counseling or conventional dieting. Instead, the family claims to have turned itself around entirely by swapping traditional food habits for eating only raw food.

London’s Saf Restaurant

By Alex Bourke

The financial square mile has a gourmet vegan restaurant nestled amongst the cocktail bars and clubs of trendy Shoreditch, London's equivalent of the East Village. Saf's menu is 75-percent raw, but there are cooked dishes too, and more than 100 organic and biodynamic wines and cocktails.

Entering through the picture windows, you notice there is a bit of a chic edge to the décor, with abstract art hanging floor to ceiling, solid black tables, spot lighting, and long orange lanterns. The place is warm and welcoming and the music is refreshingly soft and simple, accompanied by the occasional hum of the juicer. Unlike a typical raw temple, a stainless steel bar runs half the length of the room. This swish restaurant is packed with mostly young people despite the recession—someone must really know what they're about.

Vegan chef opens eatery in Akron
Spelt flour waffles are specialty of woman who lost 125 pounds, mostly with raw foods

By Lisa Abraham
Wednesday, Apr 28, 2010

I often meet people who follow their dreams into a career in food.

In the case of Julie Costell, her career as a vegan chef came from following her God.

Costell, an Akron native and author of three vegan cookbooks, recently opened Ms. Julie's Kitchen at 1809 S. Main St., Akron.

She has been working with food for years, but it wasn't until 10 years ago that she adopted a vegan lifestyle.

Raw Food Dinner: Eating raw

Refresh Organic Bistro's organic, raw-vegan dinners delight

Angie Roos
Week of April 8, 2010

The concept of a raw-food diet may be interesting to some simply because it promotes eating healthy, fresh, unprocessed foods. A raw-vegan diet consists of eating foods in their most natural, uncooked and unprocessed state. It is based on a diet mainly of fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, sprouted legumes and grains, and dehydrated breads and crackers that have not been heated above 46 C. Proponents of the raw-food movement also generally believe that the greater percentage of raw food in the diet, the greater the health benefits because raw foods generally contain more nutrients and antioxidants and digestive enzymes. I was intrigued when I heard of Refresh Organic Bistro's five-course, raw-vegan dinner; it's the kind of food that I know I should be eating more of, but it just seems like a lot of work.

Fast food, frighteningly slow decay: Mother keeps McDonald's Happy Meal for a whole year... and it STILL hasn't gone off

By Daily Mail Reporter
March 24, 2010

Glancing at the two McDonald's Happy Meals pictured here, you may feel they look pretty much identical.

Astonishingly, however, this is the same meal, photographed 12 months apart.

Raw Food Diets

By EarthTalk
Mar 27, 2010 - 11:49:48 AM

( - A raw foods diet typically consists of unprocessed foods that are not heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit so as to preserve nutrients otherwise lost during cooking. Proponents claim that besides losing weight and feeling more energetic, they are also avoiding the carcinogens introduced into foods by cooking and protecting the environment from drug- and chemical-dependent, water-wasting big-business agriculture.

Some people do short spurts on the raw diet to cleanse their system of toxins, while others maintain a majority raw diet but do eat some cooked or processed foods. Diabetics can especially benefit from a raw foods diet, as shown in the film Simply Raw, which documents the trials and tribulations of six diabetes sufferers who go on a raw foods diet for one month and effectively cure themselves of their disease.

While humans have been eating raw foods since they first began foraging for their sustenance, the diet really began to catch on in recent years when some high-profile celebrities began touting its health and weight maintenance benefits. Carol Alt, Woody Harrelson, Uma Thurman, Sting and Demi Moore are just a few of the big names who swear by the raw foods diet—and now upwards of 100 raw foods restaurants are in operation across the U.S. For a list of raw food eateries by state, check out the SoyStache website.

Healthy Living

The Deal With Raw Food Diets

Posted by Julie Ryan Evans
on March 23, 2010 at 1:39 PM

From Gwyneth Paltrow to Amanda Seyfried, celebrities regularly tout the health and weight loss benefits of raw food diets.

Though I can't imagine giving up cooked food (pizza!), I am intrigued the more I hear. So I caught up with Ani Phyo, author of Ani's Raw Food Essentials (to be released in May), to talk about going raw.

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